New Year’s Resolutions to Renew, Reflect, Resolve

New Year’s Resolutions to Renew, Reflect, Resolve As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the world collectively ushers in a new chapter, a blank canvas eagerly awaiting the strokes of our aspirations and dreams. It is a time when many of us engage in a century-old tradition, the…

Sweat It Out: Why Sweating is Good for the Human Body

Sweat It Out: Why Sweating is Good for You Welcome to our exploration of the incredible world of perspiration in “Sweat It Out.” In this journey, we’ll dive into the science behind sweating and shed light on why this natural process is not only good for you but an essential…

Understanding and Supporting Your Immune System

Understanding and Supporting Your Immune System During the everyday battle for optimal well-being, one silent hero plays a central role – our immune system. Often operating behind the scenes, it is the defender that shields our body from invaders and keeps us resilient in the face of countless challenges. As…

Low FODMAP Diet: A Comprehensive Guide

Low FODMAP Diet: A Comprehensive Guide Welcome to a comprehensive guide on navigating the Low-FODMAP diet. This is your go-to resource for understanding, implementing, and thriving on this dietary approach designed to reduce digestive discomfort. Whether you’re dealing with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or simply aiming for better digestive wellness,…

Gluten Sensitivity Unveiled: Understanding the Basics

Gluten Sensitivity Unveiled: Understanding the BasicsWelcome to a journey of unravelling the mysteries behind eating gluten and sensitivity. In a world where wheat seems to be a staple in almost every pantry, understanding the basics of gluten sensitivity becomes a necessity for many.In “Gluten Sensitivity Unveiled: Understanding the Basics,” we…

Natural Joint Pain Relief Solutions

Natural Joint Pain Relief Solutions Are stiff, achy, or painful joints making your daily activities more challenging than they should be? Whether you’re experiencing the discomfort of aging, the strains of an active lifestyle, or the effects of conditions like arthritis or joint pain, they can be a hindrance to…

Aromatic Therapy at Home

Aromatic Therapy at Home In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, moments of serenity and self-care can be scarce. However, the power to nurture your well-being, soothe your senses, and find balance is within your grasp, and it often begins right at home. Welcome to the world of…

Sweat Detox: How Infrared Saunas Help Cleanse Your Body

Infrared Saunas Help Cleanse Your Body In the age-old quest for well-being and vitality, the concept of detoxification has always loomed. We’ve heard about detox diets, juice cleanses, and various methods to rid our bodies of impurities. But have you ever considered harnessing the power of sweat for a deep,…

What is Brain Fog: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

What is Brain Fog: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions Imagine a day when your thoughts flow effortlessly, your focus is unwavering, and your mental clarity is like a crystal-clear stream. Now, contrast that with a day when your mind feels clouded, your thoughts are elusive, and concentration is an elusive dream.…

Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

Tips to Fall Asleep Faster Sleep is the cornerstone of our well-being, a time when our bodies and minds rejuvenate, repair, and prepare for the challenges of a new day. Yet, for many of us, the path to dreamland can be full of tossing and turning making it difficult to…

Otto is an investigative journalist, natural health researcher, documentary filmmaker, and humanitarian.

He has created several highly-acclaimed, groundbreaking docuseries — Vaccine Secrets, COVID Secrets, Unbreakable: Destined To Thrive, Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets, Autoimmune Secrets, Natural Medicine Secrets, Women’s Health Secrets, and Autoimmune Answers — covering innovative, effective natural remedies for autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health, cancer, and heart disease.

These docuseries — watched by millions around the world — represent Jonathan’s unceasing quest to discover the root causes of debilitating diseases by interviewing over 100 world-renowned natural medicine doctors, scientists, natural health experts, and patients.

In response to this life-saving knowledge, Jonathan created Well of Life, a line of doctor-formulated, 100% natural supplements specially designed to detox and fortify the body.

Jonathan’s greatest reward has been hearing the testimonials from people whose lives have literally been saved with the protocols he developed.

His work has been featured in international TV broadcasts, print media, national news, and radio broadcasts. He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year, by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support.

Jonathan and his wife, Lori, welcomed their first son, Asher, in January 2019 and their second son, Arthur, in May 2021.

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