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Is it possible to actually start looking younger?  To reverse the effects of aging? To reverse the clock, not only on your skin, but on your actual ability to have optimal brain function?

These ideas sound like fairy tales or well-spun marketing ploys for the newest beauty product commercial.  And often we find ourselves chasing an impossible dream, trying product after product with little to no results.  Some even resort to surgeries or dangerous injections in order to try and recapture that youthful appearance.

Yet… is there really an answer?  A better way to uncover a more glowing complexion and younger appearance?

These aren’t the only questions we have surrounding the concept of aging, though.  Often, there is a fear many of us face. It’s the fear of losing our mind, of developing neurodegenerative diseases that incapacitate us and leave us with the inability to live well or enjoy life.  

We fear the thought that one day we will forget our loved ones and lose the ability to care for ourselves.  

And we live in suspense, knowing that we may end up with other people in charge of making decisions for our life, because we no longer have the capacity to fully function.  Alzheimer’s is an ominous threat to all of us and the rates of this disease continue to increase as time goes on.

But... is there hope for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s?  Is there a way to ensure that you could avoid losing your cognitive function?  Is there a way that you can keep your mind sharp all the way to the age of 80, 90, or even 100 years old?

Does what you eat matter, what you drink, what supplements you take, what activities you do?  Are there practices you can put into place that could actually prevent the damaging effects of aging or even reverse them?

These questions often run through the minds of many Americans and now we want to offer you solutions.  We want to show you the tips and lifestyle choices that can lead to a younger you, a healthier you, in mind and body.  

In the video above Dr. Ben Johnson and Dr. Michael Merzenich,  share new scientific insights on these aspects of aging. Also, Michelle Irwin shares the practices she has implemented in her life to keep a youthful, glow, in both mind and attitude.