Depression & Anxiety Live Q&A 3 – With Dr. Daniel Nuzum

This was our third live Question & Answer session within the 'Depression & Anxiety Secrets' program. In this power-packed session, our host, Jonathan Otto, spoke with the ever-knowledgeble Dr. Daniel Nuzum (he does have seven PhDs after all!). In this insightful session, we discussed mental health and practical tools for healing, such as bioactive carbon, humics, fulvics, parasitic cleansing, diet, lymphatic drainage, gut repair and other important supplements to consider. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:00:00 All right, there we go, just got to deal with the glare in the bald head of mine. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:00:26 Cool, [inaudible 00:00:27]

Nicole Shea: 00:00:27 Hey, John, can you help me real quick?

Jonathan Otto: 00:00:29 Yep.

Nicole Shea: 00:00:30 I'm going to sign off and come back on, so it shows my picture, I'll be right back.

Jonathan Otto: 00:00:33 Okay, no worries. All right, here we go. All right, fantastic, so what we're going to do here, everyone, is we're going to go through as many questions as possible, as we do, and we're going to go ahead and answer people's questions, and work through all of this. So we're looking forward to hearing your experience, and how things are going for you. I'll also share with you as well, doc Nuzum has also been working on different protocols, strategies. The majority of what we'll be sharing is in regards to all different kinds of holistic therapies you can do from home, foods you can eat, different ways we can have better detox diets. Then with the few things that we will recommend when it comes to different supplements that are available, they're going to be there, and they're things and tools that you can use, but also keep listening, because what we're going to do is we'll show people different ways.

Jonathan Otto: 00:01:36 For example, if somebody has the ability to, in they're somebody that's ready to do a coffee enema, then we'll advise that. Whereas, if somebody else is like, "I'm just not going to do that." Then we'll say, "Well, you may want to try a supplement that will do that, or do something that will have that kind of component. Here's one that doc Nuzum has personally had experience with, or one that he's formulated." Because doc Nuzum is a formulator, he has actually seven PhDs, and that is a really great, great tool that we have there, and they do that, they make things really affordable, and everything like that. The company that he's actually done a lot of the supplement formulation for, that really they actually made things available across the globe, and did a really great job of it, is called Organics. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:02:26 There's a couple things that, as we chat, that they will come up. Perhaps, unless we come through every case ... We feel like it doesn't need it, then we're not even going to recommend it. Then doc Nuzum knows about the usage of mimosa pudica seed, and anti-parasites. Everyone that's doing the microbe formula cleanse, then you can either decide whether you just want to keep going with that, and just do that exclusively, which is totally fine, and we're happy for you to do that. Other people that maybe, they're just getting started from scratch, and they like the sound of something that doctor Nuzum is talking about here, then go ahead and try that, or put different aspects together. We're going to leave some aspects open to your interpretation, to allow you to do what's right for you, and what makes sense to you, but we're just going to go with answering questions, and different things that can help with that. We'll talk about the core ingredients, so then you can shop around, and go to your local health foods store, or whatever, and find your local turmeric and so forth. Or we'll just make mention, here's one that doctor Nuzum has personally formulated. That's a really good gift for you guys, because then you know someone that's attached to the creation of it. So without any further ado, we're going to dive in, doc Nuzum's going to help answer some questions, we're going to dive in here, but I just wanted to make sure everyone's clear on that. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:03:38 We're going to look at core ingredients, core things we're going to be doing from diet. Eliminating wheat from the diet is not costing anyone anything, in fact, it's saving you money. A lot of emphasis is going to be on getting rid of triggers, and inflammatory factors. Then other aspects is going to be foods that you can buy from your supermarket and local farmers' markets that are going to help you with detoxing and cleansing. Then we're going to then talk about general things you can find, like I just saw a comment, just come up here, in diatomaceous earth. These are things that we have, that you can find anywhere, and go ahead, shop around for them, and we'll make recommendations there. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:04:13 Generally, we're going to hit all the answers to the questions, and where appropriate, we'll give some references to things that will work for us, but then use and choose whatever you like. We love for you guys to be empowered, we're an information source, an empowerment platform, and we like people going wherever, to do whatever they need to do, get the results they deserve. So, doc Nuzum, does that sound good to you?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:04:35 Perfect, sounds great to me, that's awesome. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:04:38 Awesome, thank you, I appreciate that, it's really great. We've got such a great community here, as you know, doc Nuzum, you were featured in the series, I'm sure you guys got some feedback from depression and anxiety secrets, and all the people that, right?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:04:52 Man, it's been great, lot of questions, lot of sharing information, lot of getting information out there, that's been great, it's great. You know, I haven't gone to school for all these years, to just stuff my head full of stuff.

Jonathan Otto: 00:05:09 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:05:10 It's to better empower me, to help direct, help be a better professor, be a better doctor, be a better practitioner, be a better formulator, all of the things that I do, I've gone to school to do all this, and I continue to go to school for all this, to improve my capacity. It's all about capacitating myself.

Jonathan Otto: 00:05:33 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:05:33 Which is [crosstalk 00:05:34] we're doing for other people here, through this platform. We're helping capacitate them to recover.

Jonathan Otto: 00:05:41 Yes, absolutely, no it's really fantastic, I appreciate what you're doing, doc Nuzum, it's great, it's been really helpful and effective with my own family, my own health, and it's great connecting with you. I really am proud to be a part of this mission, I'm glad we've joined forces, I think you enjoyed that Avengers image that we had, and we made you the Hulk.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:06:03 That was great. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:06:08 There was that, just everyone knows, we did a Q&A, and doc Nuzum said ... I said, "It's like the Avengers of health." And I'm not really that big a fan of the Avengers, I think there's some real mixed messages in the Avengers series, but the sentiment of defending the planet makes sense to me, I'm good with that part. Anyway, doc Nuzum said, "I claim incredible Hulk." So then he was incredible Hulk and I was ... Who was I? I was that guy [crosstalk 00:06:32]

Dr. Nuzum: 00:06:32 Doctor Watts, me and doctor Watts, we go back and forth about the Avengers all the time.

Jonathan Otto: 00:06:37 Yeah, that's so funny, like about conspiracies behind it? It's so interesting, that's awesome. All right, so here's first question this is Kitzy [inaudible 00:06:46], do you feel that in elimination diet ... And you can see them as well there, in the Q&A box, go ahead and drop questions into the question answer box guys, and we're just going to go through them, in this order. Then, and if time permits, we'll move over to the page that you [inaudible 00:07:03] on depression, anxiety series, [inaudible 00:07:06].com/protocol, which is where you came to this link, then it will go back over there, but the place is ... Because we really want to, in a sense, reward people for showing up here, because you guys are ... 

Jonathan Otto: 00:07:18 We're going there first, and we're going over the other one, and we, again, doing this each week. If you don't get your question answered today, hopefully it's answered by listening to somebody else, but then second to that, we'll be here next week, answering more questions, so here we go. So Kitzy asks, if you can see the question there as well, I'll read it out, though, do you feel that an elimination diet is necessary when starting a protocol to heal leaky gut, in order to reverse an autoimmune disease? I had some IG food sensitivity tests done, and showed high reactions to dairy, almonds, egg whites, and green beans, as well as moderate reactions to spinach, kidney beans, sesame, brewer's yeast, and a few others. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:08:01 My question is, can I still eat legumes, nuts, and seeds that I'm supposed to avoid during elimination diet, if I showed a low reaction to them? Do you think that the IGG tests are reliable? Thank you so much for your response.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:08:18 I would say, yes, that would be the first thing that I would do is 90 days. Cut these things out of your diet for 90 days, that's enough time for the IGG to come dropping back down, but if you ... Here's an example I give my [inaudible 00:08:35] ... If you had, let's say we scrub floors for a living, right? We both go rollerblading, we fall, we scrape our knees, right? If we fall and scrape our knees, it means every time we get down on our knees to scrub the floor, we're going to irritate our knees, right? We may crack them back open, might irritate them, okay? As long as our knees are injured like that, and we're on the floor, scrubbing the floor, when do our knees heal? 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:09:08 If you don't take the irritation away from the tissue, okay in this case, it would be food allergies. Okay, if you don't take the irritation away from the tissue, the inflammatory response is going to continue. Usually about 90 days off of something that you're sensitive to, or allergic to, especially if you're doing something to detoxify during that same period, is usually enough time to be able to reintroduce that back into your diet.

Jonathan Otto: 00:09:40 Great, and what I would say to just add onto that, Kitzy, is there are certain things that we, doc Nuzum, and all the other major experts in our series would say, that genetically modified foods are always going to be out of the diet, they're never going to be reintroduced in a healthy way. Same with wheat, because it falls under that category, and then even more so with people with autoimmunity, but then I would consider us the lucky ones, that are dealing with autoimmunity, because we're the ones that actually get it out, whereas people that don't think it's an issue, they're the ones that keep consuming these types of things. Then, I think the good news that we can all reflect on here is as well that, you will be able to eat these foods that you're allergic to now, which as doc Nuzum is saying, that back after 90 days, you'll be able to enjoy those foods once again, you're not going to be allergic to them all the time, if you get rid of parasites, and do this other healing that needs to happen, to heal the leaky gut. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:10:36 That's fantastic, and I look forward to your results, Kitzy. Tracy, is saying here my son, who's 28 years old, has been struggling with extremely bad eczema for several years. Between this and other stresses, two years ago, he lost all the hair on his head. He's been trying a vegan diet, which seems to be helping, but she says, what is usually the underlying issue with skin issues, and alopecia, hair loss?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:11:05 Well, with skin issues in general, okay, when your lymphatic system can't eliminate ... Okay, because your lymphatic system's a closed system, it's like a hydraulic system, all right? In that system, if it is not being filtered properly through the liver and kidneys, so if the liver and the kidneys aren't capable of filtering the lymphatic fluid properly, what is toxic in the lymphatic system will be thrown off through your skin, all right? Whatever's floating around in your lymphatic system, remember your lymphatic system is your body's sewer system. All the waste, all the garbage, all the toxins, everything that's coming out of your brain, out of your heart, out of your liver, out of your kidneys, out of your bones, out of your muscles, everywhere, all of that drains into your lymphatic system, then it drains into the bloodstream, and then it gets filtered through the kidneys and the liver. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:12:08 Well, if the kidneys and liver aren't able to keep up with the amount of waste that's coming into the general circulation, through your lymphatic system, the toxins and waste in the lymphatic system back up, and then the body will throw them, try to throw them off through the skin, and we call those rashes, and eczema, and autoimmune skin disorders, and all these different things. Really, it goes back to just a real messy, and backed up lymphatic system. Typically, for skin issues, I use detox programs, that's my go to for skin issues, always go back to detox programs. I have a 10 week detox program laid out in my book, Detox for Life. The microbe formulas, we've worked and put together a great detox program over there. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:13:12 There's a few of them that you can latch onto and get into, and ... If someone has never purged their system, okay, if they've never really detoxed their body, it's best to ease into it. Okay, especially if they're trying to be able to work, or raise a family, or these kinds of things. That's one thing to consider when you are detoxing, that you know, you're wanting to always jump in with two feet, because ... Depending on what your toxin, and intoxicated with, it may be better to slowly remove these things, than to just dump all of it at once. If you dump it all at once, you may get sick, or have Herx response, from Herxheimer response, from over detoxing. That would be where I would start, that's exactly if I were you, that's exactly what I would do.

Jonathan Otto: 00:14:16 Awesome, thank you so much, doc Nuzum. All right, fantastic, K, she's actually just the letter K, so could be any K, could be Karen, could be Kendall, anyway, she says, or he says, what options would you consider to treat a C. diff infection, showing up on a GI map test?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:14:41 My go to for C. diff is always saccharomyces boulardii. Saccharomyces boulardii is, it's actually a fungus, a yeast, that kills C. diff, it's very, very effective. It's a probiotic yeast that kills C. diff. That, in conjunction with the mimosa pudica is actually very, very good. I've seen great results with that.

Jonathan Otto: 00:15:12 Fantastic, all right, now Abby ... I'm actually not saying the last names, that's why I looked like I was about to, Abby, she says, hello, I was wondering once we go through the protocol, and she's talking about the microbe formula, or protocol, which again, for anyone that's not doing that, but they're trying to do it ... That, generically what we're talking about is opening their lymphatic drainage pathways, cleansing the kidney, and liver, and doc Nuzum can mention a couple of ways that you can do that naturally here on the call. If somebody's not using supplements, but she's referring to this, and she says once we go through the protocol, and get the body rid of the parasites and toxins, et cetera, how can we safeguard ourselves from these things becoming an issue in the future? Also, when using additional products, such as [inaudible 00:16:08] silver pulser, water ozonator, or the Hulda Clark zapper help the process along? Thank you for your time, and your wisdom.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:16:20 I don't know that we've talked about it before, but I interned under Hulda Clark, I don't know that we talked about that on here [crosstalk 00:16:28]

Jonathan Otto: 00:16:27 That's really cool, yeah, I think that we ... Yeah, who knows? But that's quite a [crosstalk 00:16:33]

Dr. Nuzum: 00:16:33 [crosstalk 00:16:33] better not, but [crosstalk 00:16:34]

Jonathan Otto: 00:16:34 Quiet amazing, there.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:16:36 She was amazing.

Jonathan Otto: 00:16:37 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:16:39 She couldn't have been, maybe with platform shoes, maybe five foot tall?

Jonathan Otto: 00:16:46 Yep.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:16:47 When I was working with her, every two days, she had different colored hair. She had big, bushy hair, kind of fro-like hair, and every two days, she had different color hair. Sometimes it was like, fluorescent purple, or hot pink, or blue, or orange, and then it was brown. She was studying different ways of making hair dyes that were non-toxic.

Jonathan Otto: 00:17:19 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:17:20 She would actually take the ... Put the hair dye on herself, and then test herself for toxicity.

Jonathan Otto: 00:17:28 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:17:29 It was pretty funny.

Jonathan Otto: 00:17:31 She was a professional lab rat, that's cool.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:17:34 She was 75?

Jonathan Otto: 00:17:37 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:17:38 I think 78, when I was interning under her. She'd been doing this for 40, 50 years at that point, it was amazing.

Jonathan Otto: 00:17:45 Yeah, awesome, yeah, she certainly brought to the world, a lot of understandings when it came to parasitic infection. What would you say about, should Abby be using the [inaudible 00:17:57] silver pulser, or water ozonator, or the Hulda Clark zapper, to help the process along? Or just not bother, what do you think?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:18:06 Okay, if you have all of these modalities at your disposal, the best way to utilize them is a 48 hour rotation. Okay, 48 hours you use one modality, stop, stop, and then you do another modality for 48 hours, and then stop. Don't do them all at the same time, unless you're doing that under guidance. Yeah, if you have a naturopath, or chiropractor, or a functional medicine doctor that's overseeing you, and you have these things you can mix and match, and everything, but what can happen is you can detox too fast. If you have these things at your disposal, using them as directed for about 48 hours, and then switching to another one for 48 hours, keep rotating ... 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:18:56 This is for if you're trying to kill off parasites, you're trying to kill off Lyme, or some other pathological microbe, okay? You use about every 48 hours, you hit it with something different. Doing that changes it up, okay, and that keeps the microbes from adapting to the modality. Okay, if you're doing that while you're also doing the detox program, you're going to speed things along quite a bit. Now ...

Jonathan Otto: 00:19:29 Go ahead.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:19:29 Go ahead.

Jonathan Otto: 00:19:32 I don't want to cut you off, do you want to finish that sentence so people don't feel like I ripped them off?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:19:37 Beyond this, okay, when you get past the detox program, and you've cleansed yourself, you've purged things from your system, that's where you need to look at ... Here very shortly, I'm letting the cat out of the bag here, here very shortly, at Organics, we're going to release my clinical protocols, using the Organics products. That's something that's coming very, very shortly, I think it's [crosstalk 00:20:07]

Jonathan Otto: 00:20:06 Right, fantastic.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:20:10 That's going to be really cool. Those are things you can do after you've cleansed, when you've finished these cleansing programs, you can go into those protocols, and rebuild your system. Okay, because you have to detoxify to create space for those nutrients. Once you've detoxified, you have to put the nutrients back in the system, otherwise you just have an empty hole, waiting to be filled with whatever. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:20:39 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:20:40 Very, very important.

Jonathan Otto: 00:20:42 Thank you, so Abby, in short, these other things that you have, doc Nuzum feels that they're going to helpful for you. For those that are listening, that just want to do something really basic, but just taking say mimosa pudica seed, and some other herbs in capsule form, then go ahead and do that, because you will get results both ways. But for those that really want to experiment, try some things, that's going to be fantastic for you as well. And perhaps do some things for you that would be advanced, and now the other good news is that when you strengthen your microbiome, through doing the things that we've been sharing in the series, that will be a safeguard, because sometimes the reason why the overgrowth has happened, is because of pesticide laden foods, and [inaudible 00:21:25], and genetically modified foods, and food sensitivities that are through foods that we shouldn't be eating, like wheat. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:21:32 Then these things will regulate themselves more, but doc Nuzum, doctor Watts, and doctor Davidson, we all do agree that people ought to come back each year to doing a parasite cleanse, and so that's an interesting philosophy. See, we don't necessarily believe that you'll ever really be fully safeguarded in that sense, but if something's not an issue, then why is that a problem? And if something's not expensive to get rid of, then why is that a problem? It's just balancing the system, recognizing the reality that we're in, and if you get results and you feel better by doing that, then go ahead and do that. Then, but certainly the first time you're doing it, we recommend at least three months, to actually stay on it for three months. Remember, with the ways that just the parasitic cleanse itself, it's really only about $70 through the things that we're recommending. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:22:20 You can find other things as well, each month. It's not expensive to do it, just there should be no excuses. Back to the rest of the questions, Eddie. Hear me? I used to be a a high school teacher, that high teacher comes out in me. There will be no excuses, the homework will be done. Yeah, it's good. Eddie says my wife has lots of acne, all over her back, shoulders, face, and she is in her late 30s. Has had lots of medical attention over the last 15 years with no results and change. Any recommendations on how to treat acne holistically, instead of all the pharmaceutical chemicals that don't solve the underlying problem? From Eddie, I'm looking forward to this answer, I'll let you do it, so I don't take your thunder here.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:23:10 Back to the previous person that had the psoriasis, or the eczema earlier, the reason things are coming out through the skin, is because the lymphatic system underneath the skin is toxic, and it's not being filtered properly. There's two things that we need to do, one, we need to cleanse the torso. That's including the gut, colon, intestines, right? Then also the liver, and kidneys. They need to be cleansed, purged, okay, so that they can ... The kidneys, let me put it to you in this ... Your colon is your body's trash can, all right? Colon is your body's trashcan. If it's full, there's no place for the filtration systems to dump the garbage. You have to cleanse that colon, you have to get things out of that colon. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:24:11 Think of this, your colon is anatomically a four-inch, round tube, that's 10 feet long, all right? As long as it's not swollen. If it's swollen, it can swell up to 16 inches round, that's huge. 10 foot long, 16 inch round tube, how much could you fit in that? Just think of sheer poundage, that's a lot of weight you could fit into a colon. All that waste can develop and accumulate in the gut. If that isn't removed, there's no place for the liver, which is your primary filter, okay, every drop of blood in your system gets filtered through your liver every three minutes. If that filter can't eliminate waste from itself, or has no place to dump the garbage, that waste goes back into your system. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:25:09 It ends up in your body's sewer system, okay, that's your lymphatic system, is your body's sewer system. If the sewer system gets plugged up, or backed up, or is holding too much waste, it will dump that waste through your skin. It'll send it right back out through the skin, and what'll happen ... Now, here's the case, this is what's different between eczema and acne, okay? With eczema, you get rash, and you get dry skin, you get this stuff that accumulates on the skin, right? In acne, the PH of the skin gets changed because of the toxic waste coming out through the skin, irritating the skin, leaving it open to infection. The skin gets inflamed from the toxic waste that's coming up through the lymphatic system. Coming out from inside of the body, okay? 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:26:08 Going up, into the skin, that irritates the skin, and then the skin gets little infections, we call those pimples, okay? And there's your process. We go back, cleanse the gut, cleanse the liver, kidneys, another good thing would be rebounding, and those types of things to get the lymphatic system moving once you start detoxifying. If you start doing that initially without the detoxing of the gut and the liver, and the kidneys, you may not feel well from doing minitramp work, or rebounding, and things like that. That actually may stir things up, and make you feel really bad. Detox first, after you get into maybe a month, six weeks of detoxing through one of these programs, then it'd be great to start doing some rebounding, get a minitramp, and that kind of thing. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:27:12 Or they have chi machine, they're like a wave machine that you can get. You can find them on Amazon for $100, something like that. That helps to move, and stimulate the lymphatic system to drain, and that'd be really helpful. Another thing is dry brushing, dry brushing's very beneficial for acne, that's what I would be general, just general recommendations. Something I would do. Once you get through a detox program, for a young lady like this, I would look at things that would help with hormones afterwards. Not while detoxing, but after detoxing. If you get through one of these programs, looking at things that may help with regulating hormones, because that could feed into the acne also. Those would be my general things I would do, if this was my daughter, this was my wife, or someone like that.

Jonathan Otto: 00:28:19 Love it, thanks doc Nuzum, that's excellent. Eddie, there's certainly hope, and I'm glad that you've found us here, and finally, I hope, and I'm sure that the answers that we're sharing here are finally making sense. Go ahead, and try some of these things we're chatting about, and from what Dr. Watts has been sharing recently, and Dr. Davidson, in line with what Dr. Nuzum is sharing, that issues like this are not necessarily specifically and only parasites, but certainly parasites can play such a huge underlying factor in the body's inability to heal from whatever issue it's going through, and as well as just surfacing, and having skin reactions. We've seen that a lot, right, doc Nuzum, with acne, and the parasitic connection? 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:07 Absolutely.

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:08 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:09 Again, those are part of what's toxic. See, if you have toxic buildup, okay. I just had this discussion with a patient today.

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:22 Yeah.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:23 She was arguing with me, that her bowel habits are regular. She has two bowel movements a week.

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:31 Yep.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:32 That's regular, right?

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:33 Yes.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:34 That's regular for her, maybe, but that's not physiologically regular. My question was, I said, "So do you eat twice a week?" She said, "No, I eat three times a day." I said, "So if you have two bowel movements a week, but you eat 21 meals, where's the other 19 meals?" 

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:52 Yep.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:54 They're accumulating in the gut.

Jonathan Otto: 00:29:56 Yep.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:29:57 Okay, now that is food inviting ... That's a smorgasbord inviting parasites to the table.

Jonathan Otto: 00:30:08 Yep, there you go, and then the things that are going to make that regularity happen for everyone that's listening is the inflammatory foods, like they are going to restrict regularity, and then the foods that are going to help increase regularity are actually a lot of foods that we're not eating enough of, but they're very delicious spices. I don't mean spicy foods, I mean like ginger, and turmeric, cayenne is the one that's more spicy, but some of these, in conjunction with parsley, and cilantro, and the herbs, and more leafy greens, more raw foods. Not all raw, but we're not eating raw, and more fruits, more vegetables, and then along with these other parasitic protocols. Eddie, that's you, Julian, we've got you here. Doctor Nuzum, I've been having dizziness with anxiety, and just before I keep going here, doc Nuzum, if we can keep trying to laser through, so we don't leave anyone out, we've got 40 questions to get through, so that gives us about a minute per question. So let's put our stopwatches on.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:31:10 Alright.

Jonathan Otto: 00:31:10 Okay, here we go. I'm going to read these as quick as I can, while making them still make sense. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:31:16 "Dr. Nuzum, I've been having dizziness, and with anxiety for three years. I feel it on the left side of my head and left eye is strained. And in different places under situations, both rise and/or lower."

Jonathan Otto: 00:31:33 Just kind of make of this what you will, because he's obviously just typing and we're all working quickly here. "I challenge myself. It's been difficult" ...

Jonathan Otto: 00:31:42 This keeps moving when people write new questions. Yeah, "it's been difficult" ... It's like trying to shoot a moving target, just even reading this ... "difficult to go back and work through to cope with my daily stresses. I challenge myself every day, and more recently, I've been taking lithium orotate, 5 mg every 12 hours, and things have been easier," which is showing that he's lacked the neurotransmitters or the ability to break down food into neurotransmitters.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:32:10 Right.

Jonathan Otto: 00:32:12 "What do you suspect is going on? All I know is the anxiety makes some dizziness. What do you recommend that I can take to further improve? Thank you."

Dr. Nuzum: 00:32:21 What I would start with ... Okay, if you're already on the lithium, that's great. What I would start with would be L-tryptophan, the amino acid L-tryptophan. 1500 mg twice a day is what I would take. I would also take the amino acid L-theanine. I would do probably 150 to 200 mg twice a day, and I would start taking probiotics. You may try the probiotics from Organixx or some good, well-rounded probiotic product. I have some at There's some at Organixx. There's quite a few different probiotic supplements you can get. I would definitely take the probiotics at the same time as the L-tryptophan and the L-theanine, and I would do it all on an empty stomach, personally. That's what I would do to start if you're already on the lithium.

Jonathan Otto: 00:33:22 Fantastic. There you go, Julian. The call is obviously recorded, so you can listen back to those ingredients, and they're available for everyone to take advantage of.

Jonathan Otto: 00:33:34 Now, okay. Eddie, which might be a different Eddie: "I have" ... Can you see this? ... "seborrheic dermatitis, the last ten plus years." I obviously don't know that particular type of dermatitis, but [inaudible 00:33:57]-

Jonathan Otto: 00:33:58 Dermatitis is related to the skin. You're familiar with it, obviously.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:34:02 [Seborrheic 00:34:02] dermatitis.

Jonathan Otto: 00:34:04 Yep. Thank you. "And cannot stay asleep for longer than two to three hours every night. I've tried a lot of different treatments with no results to fix either issue. When I get stressed, dealing with everyday life, raising three healthy young wonderful boys and my wife, these conditions worsen. Doctors cannot find a cure for either. Any suggestions? My wife and I are active and have great body mass indexes, great blood pressure, and other vitals. She suffers from Raynaud's disease-"

Dr. Nuzum: 00:34:36 Raynaud's.

Jonathan Otto: 00:34:37 "On her hands and feet, and this is where they turn white and cold, almost frostbitten, and we live in Southern California. Any suggestions? Many doctors have been seen with no results. Thank you for your help."

Dr. Nuzum: 00:34:51 Very good. Yes. First off, the things that we've discussed so far ... Remember the skin issues are a reflection of what's going on inside the body, okay? It's not just a topical issue. Typically, treating something like this topically is maybe marginally effective and maybe gives some relief but never really works is what I've noticed. I've been in practice for 22 years. I've seen that over and over again. This is because of something going on internally. Again, if the gut is not healthy, the liver and kidneys become overburdened with waste reabsorbing through the gut into the bloodstream. Those toxins bog down the filtration capacity of both the liver and the kidneys. When that happens, the waste being dumped into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system does not get filtered out of the bloodstream very well and gets dumped back into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system accumulates as much waste as it can handle, and then as soon as it can't handle any more waste, all that waste gets shot off to the skin. It goes out to the skin, everything ... The skin becomes what we call the third kidney. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:36:22 If you have a skin issue, and it's not responding to conventional treatment or to topical treatments, you have to work on it from the inside out. Again, let's go back to the detox programs that we have laid out. There's detox programs in my book, Detox For Life. There's detox programs at Organixx. There's detox programs with the Microbe Formulas. Excellent, all of them, very, very excellent programs. That has to happen in order to get ... You have to take the stress off your skin so your skin can heal. It's constantly getting waste dumped into it, and it's going to eliminate that waste. It has to do that to stay healthy. As long as it's being irritated from the inside out, it's always going to have these issues. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:37:15 For Raynaud's, something that ... It's not a treatment. I don't ... One of the things I tell people is I don't treat disease. I treat my wife. I treat her to dinner, to a movie, to coffee. Okay? I would never want to treat a disease. That being said, something that I've found very effective in vascular autoimmune issues, like Raynaud's, are the 7M+, Turmeric 3D, and the probiotics from Organixx. Those are three things that have been very, very helpful for many other people.

Jonathan Otto: 00:38:01 Fantastic. Everyone can tune into that, and it's a tool that other people can use. The 7M+ is one that I've used a lot, and we actually happen to use it a lot with my father-in-law to help increase his immunity and, importantly, to decrease inflammation. If everyone wants to just have a look there at the page, I'll show you here on the ... Have a look here on the main page that we've been on, which is where we accessed this call, which is You'll see there's three different links here. One is to 7M+, which is a medicinal supplement with Lion's Mane and Reishi mushroom and Cordyceps. It has a combination of seven major helpful medicinal mushrooms. Are you impressed that I learned a few of them off the top of my head there?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:38:52 You did good!

Jonathan Otto: 00:38:54 I was teasing my mother-in-law. "Do you know it's really good to eat Turkey Tail?" She goes, "Do turkeys even have tails that you can eat?" And then I'm saying, "And another fantastic thing to eat is Lion's Mane." "Can you even eat a lion's mane?" The best one of all, Monkey Head. [inaudible 00:39:12] She's like, "I'm not a barbaric person. I'm not going to eat a monkey's head." But these are all medicinal mushrooms that are really fantastic for you. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:39:21 So you can learn about that there and what's inside of that supplement. These are really actually very cost-effective supplements. They're not expensive, but you can read up about them and just see how much that feels right for you. Turmeric 3D is a fermented turmeric supplement with Vitamin D3 in it, so that's a really great combination and really effective. And then, the OrganiGreens. I think they're for all of us. Getting that green juice every day is something that we're just not doing, and it's actually very expensive to do it, which is fine, and I think we all ought to do it, but when we're in a rush and just ... to get good organic ingredients. The OrganiGreens is fantastic because it's a great green juice. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:40:03 There's three tools that everyone can add in. There's almost no one here that I would say, "Oh, these will be terrible for you," but Dr. Nuzum can clarify that, that these will be good for everyone, because everyone needs to boost their immune system, which you can do with 7M. Everyone needs to decrease inflammation, which you can do with Turmeric 3D. Everyone needs to increase their microbiome and use that OrganiGreens. So there are three tools. Take them or leave them, or use something like it, because they're great tools, if you like [them 00:40:34]. So they're there. Dr. Nuzum, if any condition you refer to is applicable, then you can mention that, but I think that that's very clear to everyone, so I'll stop there so we'll keep going through the questions.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:40:47 Excellent.

Jonathan Otto: 00:40:48 Fantastic. Okay, fantastic. Sacred Plant ... This is somebody that probably [learnt 00:40:59] through us through Sacred Plant. Great documentary series. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:41:03 "What is the cause of OCD--obsessive-compulsive disorder, that is--and the best treatment protocol for OCD?"

Dr. Nuzum: 00:41:15 As is the case with many mental quote-unquote "disorders," OCD has to do with balance of neurotransmitters, particularly the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Obsessive-compulsive, in my opinion, is just a type of anxiety. That's how ... Where I would lump that into is an anxiety issue, personally. That's just from my experience working with folks. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:41:52 Now, your body produces ... Your brain and nervous system produce about 15 to 20 percent of the total amount of serotonin and dopamine that you need on a daily basis. If you're running an imbalance in either of those, your body's capacity to create these things or produce these things is wavering. It may be able to produce some of ... enough of one for a little while, and then that weans. Then it can produce enough of the other, and then that weans. Then everything drops, and then it raises up a little bit, and so on, so forth. Very inconsistent. That's typically when only sufficient amounts of these neurotransmitter are being produced in the nervous system itself. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:42:48 Where our body produces a good two-thirds ... I'm sorry. A good 75 to 85 percent, actually, of the total amount of serotonin and dopamine that we need on a daily basis, that is produced in our gut. The gut has twice as many neurons as our brain. There's one billion ... I'm sorry, one hundred billion neurons in the brain, and there's two hundred billion neurons in the gut. The gut produces 80 percent or more of these vital, essential neurotransmitters. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:43:34 If there's this imbalance going on in the brain, we can only temporarily stabilize that with medication. We're going to have to go down to the gut, heal the gut, in order for the gut to be producing enough of these chemicals that our brain needs. So all of that goes back to gut health. Gut health starts with detox. You have to clean the gut up in order to heal it. It's kind of like the empty lot in the neighborhood that gets everything dumped into it. If you want to turn that into a garden, you're going to have to go in and clean it out first. You go in and clean that empty lot out, then you can plant a nice garden in there, but you first got to get all the trash out of it. That's kind of how the gut heals, so that would be the way to start.

Jonathan Otto: 00:44:31 Okay, fantastic. Now let's come over to [Sarah McCortney 00:44:39]: "Hi, Dr. Nuzum. I had an anxiety attack for the first time two months ago, out of the blue. I had weird negative thoughts pop into my head out of nowhere. Also, that is not normally how I think. This is so random and out of the blue for me. What's your best guess at what happened?"

Dr. Nuzum: 00:45:02 Let's talk microbially, okay? Let's talk microbial. Say, if you have certain microbes, we're talking parasites in particular. You get exposed to these things, they take up residence within your system. As they attach and connect with your body, they start transmitting some of their feelings, their sensations, their ... all these kind of things. And, the toxic waste that they are producing and excreting into your system, because they eat and then go to the bathroom, so that toxic waste that they produce going into your system can trigger all kinds of inflammatory responses. Sometimes those inflammatory responses are due to the fact ... Let me take a step back. Sometimes those inflammatory responses are experienced in our nervous system, because the toxins produced by the parasites are neurotoxic.

Jonathan Otto: 00:46:11 Okay. Fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Nuzum. Did I cut you off from something?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:46:16 No, no, no. That's-

Jonathan Otto: 00:46:17 Fantastic. Just adding to that, Sarah, I totally agree with Dr. Nuzum. I think it's a really great answer, and not one that you'll find going to 99.9 percent of psychiatrists, unfortunately, but hopefully that'll change. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:46:33 I think that one other thing to consider is food sensitivity. I just did an interview with Dr. Daniel Amen, who's known as the number one most popular brain health doctor in America, and he told me about this experiment they did on a patient that was suicidal. He wasn't consistently, but he had these, some reoccurring thoughts, and then they tried with three different major foods that are some of the most likely: corn, wheat, and dairy. They reintroduced wheat after taking him off it for some thirty days plus, and they reintroduced it for a week, and there was no major response right away. Not that that means it's okay for you, just because you don't get a response. Most people don't have a response from aspartame, doesn't mean it's good for you, right? But then they reintroduced dairy for about a week, and there was no real major change. Then they reintroduced corn, and within twenty minutes, he had a vision of putting a gun into his mouth. Right?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:47:32 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Otto: 00:47:35 With what Dr. Nuzum just said about microbiome and the interference when a food goes right into our bloodstream and the interference it has with our neurochemistry, then there's all kinds of things that are, in some sense, beyond exactly what we know, but what we do know is that this interference can make us think of things that we don't normally think about. If we've been exposed to any types of things, maybe even in movies or had some things that have ... just some thoughts or conversations or things, then we can get reminded of certain things, and we can access thoughts and memories. There's all these things that are kind of beyond us, in some sense, but it does make sense, when you think about it logically, how this interference could make us think of the worst possible reality, think about ending our lives, think about these things. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:48:28 I think one of the best things to think is exactly how you [want 00:48:30]. I'll give this as an encouragement to everyone: Don't assume that they're your thoughts, and that that's you and that's your true self and that you should follow that or any aspect of that. This is like an invader. Just because it's a thought doesn't mean it's you. This is like thought hygiene, which applies to ... Even when we have a clear body, sometimes we have not actually done thought hygiene, we have not learned to identify thoughts that are not good ones. Which is a slightly different topic, but yours is certainly health-related, I think, by the nature of the way you're referring to it and the oddity of it. I think that those two things, the parasites mixed in with the food sensitivity, are going to make a huge difference for you. I think with everyone here, just a really great reminder to be very careful with what we're putting in our body, because sometimes we think and we do things that are just out of character, but it's because of the things we've fueled our body with. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:49:23 Nancy. She says, "I feel like I've created the perfect storm by having my amalgam fillings removed improperly and then getting a flu shot while having leaky gut." That's a trifecta. "I also had an increased exposure to EMS, which is electromagnetic frequency or EMR, radiation, during this time. I ended up losing 50 pounds over three and a half months and turned gray and became very anxious and depressed. How do I start to heal from this, and how does having had gastric bi surgery affect my healing? Where do I start?"

Dr. Nuzum: 00:50:05 Getting the stomach back to functioning again would be part of the overall recovery in the future. In the interim, a lot of the things, like the different chemical binders that microbe formulas have ... Over at, there's things like my Black Brew, Equalizer, my iodine, the Super Fulvic Iodine, and those types of things, that would help with bonding and binding up all the mercury that you just were exposed to. You got exposed to massive amounts of mercury there. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:50:46 Mercury is a universal toxin. There's no benefit that it has in our body. It causes degeneration and decomposure of virtually everything that it touches. It's very, very caustic. Very, very oxidizing and damaging to anything it comes in contact with. It is a universal poison. It used to be used for syphilis because it would even kill syphilis. It was terribly, terribly abused in our past. Today it still is very much abused. It's abused in the dental industry, it's abused in the vaccine industry, and it's actually a far more common toxin than we realize. It's interesting. In the news just recently, there was a thermometer broke in a classroom, in a middle school, and they detained the children in the middle school for, I think, eighteen hours, testing all of them to see how much mercury exposure they each had. 

Dr. Nuzum: 00:52:09 Let me give you an example with mercury. If a mercury thermometer broke in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, okay? Everybody knows there's this tiny little thermometer, right? You get just a few drops of mercury out of that into an Olympic-sized swimming pool at, say, the local YMCA or some health center like that. They have to bring a HAZMAT team in to remove the water ... number one, to remove all of the water. Number two, to scrub down the pool to make sure they get all of the mercury off of the wall of the pool and the floor of the pool before they can put new water back in. They put new water back in, and that has to be tested for three to four days after the water has set in the pool for mercury content. If mercury wasn't toxic, why would they have to go through all of that to clean up just a couple little drops of mercury in a massive swimming pool like that?

Jonathan Otto: 00:53:19 Yep.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:53:20 So think about that.

Jonathan Otto: 00:53:21 Fantastic, Dr. Nuzum. When it comes to this particular challenge, where she's had this trifecta of exposures with the flu shot and the amalgam fillings and leaky gut, how can she ... She had a huge weight loss, which is not what she ... It's too much, obviously, too quickly, it looks like it from what she is saying, and very anxious and depressed. So the neurotransmitters are all out.

Dr. Nuzum: 00:53:43 Right.

Jonathan Otto: 00:53:44 And then she's also having a challenge with the fact that she's had a gastric bypass surgery, which has obviously limited some ability of her gut healing and her gut function, but is there hope for people that have had this bypass surgery? Obviously we're advising people not to do it, but is there hope for people?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:54:01 Yes.

Jonathan Otto: 00:54:01 Then how does she resolve those three assaults that she's got with the flu shot and the amalgam fillings and leaky gut? What would you tell her protocol-wise to do right now?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:54:11 Again, that's where I would be looking at ... For me, personally, the products that I have that I would be consuming would be my Super Earth Energy, Black Brew, Equalizer, and Super Fulvic Iodine. The fulvics are something that would be very beneficial, in her case, in resetting the pH of the gut. Without the stomach adding acid to the gut, your chemical digestion will only end in leaky gut. To get leaky gut, if you don't have the acid in your stomach, and a good low pH fulvic will help to add that acid back into your gut so that it actually hits the right pH for you to digest the food that you're consuming.

Jonathan Otto: 00:55:05 Great. Well, thank you. Go ahead and, Nancy, listen back to that. So you can listen to those, and they are some of the resources you can get. In case that you have already embarked on the Microbe Formulas, that they are also some humic, fulvics ... I'm not saying either/or, just whatever feels right for you. Then you'll find that all the blue bottles are all the parasite cleansers, and all the green bottles are the humic and fulvic acid cleansers, and they're going to be really effective. You can also email Microbe Formulas and-

Dr. Nuzum: 00:55:38 Excellent product.

Jonathan Otto: 00:55:40 Ask them how you would uniquely apply that. Thank you, Dr. Nuzum. Your products are excellent, and it's just a really great kind of team that we have. We actually share notes when we're creating some of these things, as well, to help try to work out what's working the best, which is really fantastic. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:55:55 So yes, there's absolutely hope for you. You obviously need to get these metals out. The flu shot is actually one that happens to have thimerosal in it, which is a derivative of mercury, so that's an assault. And the amalgam there ... You've just got a full-on mercury assault, so the humics and fulvics are going to pull it out. You have to be really consistent, and then you can support that with coffee enemas, if you can handle that, or chamomile enemas. Dr. Nuzum's nodding his head, but I'm not getting him to say it twice so we can keep lasering through. So you got that, you got the nod of approval from Dr. Nuzum, so we're good there. They are certainly going to be really helpful and effective for you with removing those exposures. 

Jonathan Otto: 00:56:39 And remember: while you had those amalgams ... Then you've got the parasitic issue to deal with, so that's true for everyone, but especially people that have higher levels of heavy metal toxicity, because their parasites actually come in, and they actually help your body deal with some of the assaults ... because I did a presentation. I want everyone to hear this. I did a presentation recently, and somebody was insulting me, which is fine. I like it. Like, "He doesn't know anything about parasites. He doesn't know that they're actually needful for humanity and evolution. We need parasites, and we need to be ingesting them." She actually did this, which is called helminthic therapy. You can look it up. She actually breeds the parasites, and she ingests them, and she ... Look at your face!

Jonathan Otto: 00:57:33 Here's what's amazing. I want everyone to think about this. It actually helps her pain relief. Why would it? Because she had MS, and it was ... So she was able to function as a janitor and walk around, just like most people wouldn't be able to, and she's right. So here's what's fascinating. I'm saying that it is better for her at this stage to her to do this helminthic therapy and use parasites to soften the blow of the heavy metals, but you know what's better than that again? To get rid of the parasites and the heavy metals. A good recommendation for everyone to remove the assault, and don't think that you can just do one or the other. There is a combination of factors here that are important for everyone to consider, because of the times we're living in and the exposures that we've all had. That's interesting, right, Dr. Nuzum? I won't stop you there, so we can keep going to the next one, but interesting, right?

Dr. Nuzum: 00:58:22 Yep. I've seen it.

Jonathan Otto: 00:58:25 Yeah, you've seen people doing helminthic therapy?

Jonathan Otto: 00:58:29 I mean, obviously, we would be getting people to do this if we-

Dr. Nuzum: 00:58:33 It's one of the ways ... See, the parasites produce such toxic materials that it's ... Let me give you an example. When you take an alcoholic off of alcohol, the first seventy-two hours after they stop consuming alcohol, their liver can go into failure. Because if an alcoholic has been alcoholic long enough, the liver doesn't function unless it gets that kick in the pants from the toxic alcohol that they're consuming. That toxin stimulates the liver to flush itself out, to clean, to detoxify, to go through the whole detox cascade of dealing with that alcohol. The moment they don't have the alcohol in their system, the liver stops functioning.

Jonathan Otto: 00:59:27 Yeah.

Jonathan Otto: 00:59:28 [crosstalk 00:59:28] stop functioning. They go through terrible, terrible withdrawals and very uncomfortable situations. In many cases, they come very close to death in those first seventy-two hours. After that, things ... the liver: "Oh, wait, yeah, I remember how to work without alcohol. Oh, yeah, yeah."

Jonathan Otto: 00:59:48 Yeah, exactly. Good recommendation here for everyone to think about their alcohol consumption, as well, because people think it's really fine to just drink every couple of weeks and to get drunk, but then when you think about the issue there, you've ... Detoxification is something that you can't do when you're getting intoxicated. There's a real conundrum there, so certainly ... I'm probably not talking to a lot of the demographic that do have that habitual getting drunk thing, but then if you have in the past, as well, you want to consider that in your need to remove the issues. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:00:22 Let's keep going with the questions here. Eddie says, "What do you think of Dr. Gundry and the Plant Paradox Diet, a plant-based low inflammation diet?" Eddie, I'll just answer this one quickly, and then if you can see the Q&A box, Dr. Nuzum, I'll look at [Carol Mona 01:00:36] and R.G. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:00:40 Eddie, I'll just say on this one that I think that it has a lot of great principles, and I think that he is on a similar page to what we're on. I think one of the things that's quite fascinating about what he does is that he does recommend a ketogenic diet as an intermediary, like as a transition diet. You would do it as an intervention for a certain period, like two months or so, and then you switch over to plant-based, and you live on that for most of your life or all of your life. I think that that's really quite interesting and helpful for people, because you can use animal products and things to help you heal in some capacity for some people, and then other people are fine just going straight plant-based.

Jonathan Otto: 01:01:28 But with what anyone's choosing to do, we're just encouraging everyone to lower their animal product intake longterm on their diets, because you can have a look at ... I just actually did some research today on past Egyptian cultures, and you can find that Egyptian cultures had identical diseases to what we have today, which is fascinating. Even Queen Hatshepsut, who was the surrogate mother of Moses from the Bible, actually happened to die of cancer, arthritis, obesity, and a couple other things, and tooth infections. There is some interesting factors where they didn't have guaya. They didn't have these things, but they did have this, what I would call diet of kings, and so they were eating an excess of animal products, which actually created the disease. It wasn't just the guaya fruit seed, it was, in fact, the proximity of these things. It wasn't just her, there was another 40 mummies that were autopsied with similar lifestyle diseases. So, Carol, would you want to answer this one?

Jonathan Otto: 01:02:30 Sure. Well let's see here. I have a client I'm working with more somatic, emotional, but I wanted to ask the following ... Okay, where-

Jonathan Otto: 01:02:44 It looks like the following questions got missed there.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:02:47 It's gone.

Jonathan Otto: 01:02:48 Carol will look for your question there. Mona, "Skin tags, are they also due to poor lymphatic drainage?"

Dr. Nuzum: 01:02:56 Here's the traditional thing, this is not conventional, this is more traditional. This is from oriental medicine and from old turn of the last century naturopathic medical thought. It's that skin tags are simply a sign of two things: parasitic infect and type two diabetes. Skin tags are a sign of hormone resistance and parasites. That's the old naturopathic view, and it's also the oriental medicine view of skin tags.

Jonathan Otto: 01:03:40 Fantastic. RG asks, "Recovering from a second sedef infection, lost 20 pounds, anxiety, what can I eat?"

Dr. Nuzum: 01:03:53 With coming off of that, you may think about bone broth, green foods, those types of things to kind of rebuild your gut, get your strength back quickly that way. Those would be things that I would be looking at.

Jonathan Otto: 01:04:16 Fantastic. Now, Laurie asks, "I'm in agreement that wheat is not good for us. I've been trying to cut it out, and I'm not totally there yet. I have had discussions with people who are celiac that seem to travel Europe, Italy, Greece, and they can eat bread and pasta without being effected. I know that wheat is processed differently. I've been told that pasta made in Italy would be okay. It can be purchased in the US, it's just more expensive. They also have double o flour, which also comes from Italy. What are your thoughts? I tried to go gluten free last year and got very sick. I would love to detox and not be sick during it. Is that possible?"

Dr. Nuzum: 01:04:52 Yes, it should be possible. Yes. I have noticed that also. I have never personally been to Europe. I'm planning on going to Europe a couple times next year, but I've had lots of patients that have been back and forth and celiac, full blown gluten allergies where they break out all over their skin with hives and everything. I had one lady, she was in Paris, and she was there for about a month. She had two pastries everyday, and she lost 10 pounds while she was there. It was ... Over here, she was having a heck of a time and had had celiac, had all of the issues, the autoimmune issues with the thyroid and the whole nine yards. Over there, she was almost able to come off the medication. Her medication, she had to cut it way back, her thyroid medication. It goes back to the way we handle food here in the United States is not how food is allowed to be handled elsewhere in the world.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:03 Yeah. Fantastic, thanks Doc Nuzum. I'm in agreement. The challenge here is being in America or another western country that the imports and knowing that you're getting something that's going to work and the fact that it's not universal in Italy. It's not like every place because you can actually look at the information there, and you can see lots of anecdotal reports where it's definitely source based. I would certainly say that, remember, wheat is not the only thing that you can eat when it comes to grains.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:40 Have a look at other grains that are helpful and healthful to the body, and one that I'll bring everyone's attention to is spelt, S-P-E-L-T. This was discovered in 700 BC, and it has not been altered since its discovery. Whereas wheat was semi-dwarf, high yield, changed in the '60s. It went through a process called chemical mutagenesis. It is only knee high. It yields eight times as much as what it did that day. It is a highly toxic, perhaps the most difficult or most inflammatory food on the planet. Why not just avoid that challenge and get the spelt flower.

Jonathan Otto: 01:07:17 A couple of others have had their comeback. Remember, these aren't actually gluten free. It's not the gluten versus non-gluten issue when you understand this at its deeper core in my opinion. The other one is einkorn. There's some others as well. You can look them up and go for it, try it out. I'm personally thinking it's odd that you got sick from going gluten free. I think you probably had some gluten free alternatives that were high in the canola oil, high in rice content, and sometimes the rice can have some issues.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:07:52 Also, soy. [crosstalk 01:07:54] soy.

Jonathan Otto: 01:07:56 There's no way, in my opinion, that you could've got sick from the fact that you weren't having enough wheat, in my opinion. Because you'll find, Dr. Nuzum will get people to go grain free for some time, even though he doesn't think it's bad for everyone all the time like spelt flour and these things, but it actually is good for almost everyone to do this, to get off grains for a little bit because it can help you with detox. Ann says, "My husband started taking the Phase 1 Detox," she's talking about the microbe formula protocol, "for one week. He's gradually stopped taking antidepressant meds for one week now. He has been feeling suicidal for the last 14 months, taking all kinds of meds. He is very sensitive." Make of that what you will. How would you answer this?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:08:47 I would be careful if you've been on medication for that long. It's kind of like putting a leg in a cast for that amount of time. What would happen to a leg in the cast for that amount of time? It wouldn't work very well by itself and needs to be rehabbed. If you've been on medications, especially medications that have stabilized your mind, be careful coming off of them. Come off them cautiously and very slowly because again, it's kind of like having a cast on the leg and then taking the cast off and trying to run. You could run into problems. Take it slow. If the anxiety and things really subside, then ... That's something I'd definitely work with a practitioner on, personally. That would be-

Jonathan Otto: 01:09:45 Yeah, thanks for that. Thanks for that. We're certainly not the people that say, "Go ahead and do this instead. Drop you meds and do this." We're saying that the drugs are a crutch.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:09:56 Sure.

Jonathan Otto: 01:09:58 Then if your leg is needing to heal, just don't throw the crutch out the door, but make sure you learn to live without the crutch over time. It sounds like a bit of cold turkey there, and if somebody does want to go cold turkey, it does sound like, ideally under a practitioner. Secondly, to do a bit more research on how to get off the meds. For example, taking high amounts of Omega-3 oil like fish oil to make sure you're feeding the brain, is one of the suggestions. Then again, slowing down that and consulting a medical professional on that subject because we want to make sure everyone's safe because of suicidal thinking.

Jonathan Otto: 01:10:47 Remember, with the suicidal tendencies and things like that, remember the inflammatory foods and how much of an issue they can be because we've had so many cases, even within our own platform of people that have come and shared with us the fact that they were suicidal, but then once they got off wheat, they were no longer suicidal. It's not all about the parasites. It's not all about these protocols and humic and folic acids. It's also about getting rid of the inflammatory foods.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:11:11 If you had a sliver in your food, and that sliver being an irritant caused inflammation in your foot, and then you got an infection in your foot. You go to the doctor. He gives you an antibiotic, an antiinflammatory, and an orthotic. Now you're walking with this orthotic. You're taking your antibiotic. You're taking your antiinflammatory. Then you go back to the doctor a week later because your back hurts terrible because you're walking around on this orthotic. Your knees hurt. Your back hurts. Your hips hurt. So he gives you a crutch. Then you go back to the doctor a week later because your back is really hurting now, so instead of a crutch he gives you a walker. My thought is, lets go back and pull the sliver out first. If there's an irritant, and you know it's an irritant. Remove that irritant and avoid it for awhile. Let your body heal from the onslaught of that irritant before you bring it back into your system again.

Jonathan Otto: 01:12:18 Yup.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:12:18 That makes sense. I hope that-

Jonathan Otto: 01:12:20 Yeah, no, absolutely. Absolutely. Mollie asked, "How would you detox from chemo?" Let's glaze it through. I'm not going to say anything except for the question, just your bullet answer on these topics.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:12:35 The detox program is laid out with the microbe formula detox program, the detox programs you can find in my book 'Detox for Life', the detox programs over at Organics, all excellent post-chemo detox programs for sure.

Jonathan Otto: 01:12:53 Perfect. Yup. Absolutely, thank you. Ann, the last five days he has not felt suicidal, however today he felt ... This is a reiteration of the other issue. Today he felt for a few hours what can he take right now, lithium orotate, Vitamin C and magnesium?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:13:14 All of those would be excellent. I would definitely-

Jonathan Otto: 01:13:22 Anything else?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:13:25 Again, I always ... This is personally with my patients, I always use L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine in any depression or anxiety issue. I always use those. Those always are my go to remedies that I use.

Jonathan Otto: 01:13:44 They're going to translate into which neurotransmitters? Serotonin and dopamine?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:13:47 Serotonin and dopamine. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Otto: 01:13:50 Great. Thank you. Fantastic. JB asked, "Can low levels of manganese cause malabsorption of fats and carbohydrates digestion? I'm not fat, but have had a hard time keeping the weight on. I'm doing microbe formula protocol and had two root canals removed. I have geographic tongue. Is this is a sign of malabsorption? Thank you."

Dr. Nuzum: 01:14:19 Yes. I would look at large doses of probiotics, would be where I would start with that first. Yes, you're correct, manganese is definitely ... Low manganese will disrupt your carbohydrate and fat metabolism and absorption. I would always go back to enzymes and probiotics first, then adding a mineral or something like that back into the system later if that didn't fix it.

Jonathan Otto: 01:14:53 Great. Does organic greens have any aspect of the probiotic, or is it something else?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:14:57 Yup, organic greens is excellent. Organic greens has enzymes, your greens, there's massive amounts of ingredients there. What we tried to do is make a supplement with as broad the nutrient spectrum as possible.

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:13 Right.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:15:14 You'd have the enzymes and the probiotics in there.

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:17 Fantastic. Billy Dawn Boback and Darryl Madison, it's actually Darryl I think, "Hello Dr. Nuzum, number one, thanks for the quinoa breakfast reminder on the series a few weeks back. I've been having many delicious quinoa and ancient grains flavors and combos in the past few weeks. You've been one of my favorite docs to listen to on the online Summit Studio. Down to earth explanations," I'm going to have to do some head reduction exercises to make sure your head can get through the door on the way out.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:15:46 Yeah.

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:50 "I'm sorry I didn't have pretty much the whole history down, but if," such and such, "I'm trained in the medical field, certified vet nurse, professor, professional massage therapist, certified peer specialist in the mental health field. I'm kind of a nerd about getting the full history lol. Number two, are there any contraindications that you can think of for multiple mental health issues, physical pain issues, coming off psych meds and pain meds after decades, and having a history of multiple endocrine issues such as ovarian cysts, hyperparathyroidism, high car and high kay with partial right parathyroidectomy and multiple 52 plus edoma removal 3/2005," I think it was on that date, "malignant right adrenal tumor cushings and removal in 2016 and doing the surgery?"

Jonathan Otto: 01:17:02 If someone had been on psych meds for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30, 35 years, is that what I read there?

Jonathan Otto: 01:17:15 Yeah, something like-

Dr. Nuzum: 01:17:17 Along decades. I'm sorry, decades.

Jonathan Otto: 01:17:20 Yeah, 22 years.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:17:23 22 years. That's a long time to be on these things. They've become part of the coping mechanism of your body. Before eliminating them entirely, you have to recreate another set of coping systems for your body. That goes back to adaptagens and things along those lines, lots and lots of enzymes and probiotics, lots of things to rebuild that gut. You've got to stabilize that gut, clean the gut out and stabilize that gut, rebuild the gut, fortify it. Those are thing that you have to do. Then along with this there's the endocrine disorders, there's the immunologic disorders with the different cancers and things here, if this was a patient, I would be looking at stabilizing the situation first with things that would ... Maybe the L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine enzymes, probiotics, probably the Organigreens would be something I would be definitely looking at. Things to kind of stabilize the system first before going into a detox program.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:18:49 Then these detox programs maybe after that, and if you're feeling well enough after that, that's when we would start diminishing the medications and things. That's the process that I would go through with a patient with that kind of history. We wouldn't come off the medications right away. I wouldn't do that.

Jonathan Otto: 01:19:15 Okay thank you. Coming back here, we have, " How do you know if you have high copa or Wilson's disease? Also, when detoxing, isn't there a specific way of doing this such as colon, lymph first, and then liver, kidney second, et cetera? Thank you." That was from Laura.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:19:50 Yes. Wilson's disease, there are lab tests for that. That's something you'll just need to talk to your doctor about. You can also have a heavy metal test done where they use DMSA and collect a urine sample and that kind of thing. Again, that'd be something you need to talk to your doctor about.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:20:21 Yes, detoxing, especially in someone that has an impaired detoxification system or detox capacity, you need to detox in steps. Creating a void in your system, if you have a dirty system and your garbage can's full. How are you going to clean up the rest of your kitchen if the garbage can's full? You have no place to put anymore garbage. You have to take the garbage out, create a void, an empty space in order to put garbage in that empty space. The body has a thing called a colon, and if you create empty space in that colon, the body will dump waste back into that empty space so it can be eliminated.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:21:12 If you do not create empty space in that colon, there's no space for your body to dump the garbage. If you don't take the garbage out, there's no place to put more garbage, right? You'll impair your detox capacity and your possibilities of having Herxheimer effect or having just toxins back up in your system if you don't start detoxing with the colon. You have to get that colon clear. Things have to empty. Creating that void, that empty space in the system by purging and cleansing the colon, that stimulates the drainage of the lymphatic system.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:22:05 Once you have the colon fairly well cleared, that's when you can go back and very effectively work on the liver and kidneys. They will respond much better if the colon has been cleansed first. As you clean the liver and kidneys, they will filter and cleanse the lymphatic system much more effectively.

Jonathan Otto: 01:22:28 Fantastic, thank you. Now come over to a different Laura, "I've been nauseous everyday for two years. No cause has been determined. I'm nauseous off and on throughout the day, and I see no pattern as to what's triggering it. I know that my gall bladder report says that I have a lot of gall stones, but since I don't have pain, that can't be identified as definitely being the cause. The GI doctor said that I have to have the gall bladder removed, and if I don't feel better, then I'll know that that wasn't the cause. Bleh!" Glad we've got a skeptical, not skeptical, but a patient that's educated. "Recommendations, consider a gall bladder cleanse, Epsom salt, olive oil, and grapefruit juice, but the doctor said it could stir the stones up and they could get stuck. Thanks for any help you can give me."

Dr. Nuzum: 01:23:30 That is true. He's right. That does happen periodically. I have seen it in the past. A lot of it depends on the size of the stones that you have. If your gall bladder is full of gravel, pretty safe. The bile duct will dilate and allow those types of things to come through. You get half an inch or more in size of stones in the gall bladder, and it's very difficult. There's a herbal medicine called Chanca Piedra. It's a stone breaker, collinsonia root is the name of that in English. Collinsonia root, with a C, C-O-L-L-I-S-O-N-I- A root, collinsonia root. Excellent, excellent remedy for stones, particularly kidney stones, but it works in stones in general, and it's something that I've found along with dandelion root to be very effective for gall stones. They don't go away right away. This is something you're talking about six months to a year on these things to get the stones broken down significantly so that they can be removed by a cleanse like you're talking about here.

Jonathan Otto: 01:25:18 Thank you. Now come over here to Sandy. Sandy says, "Hi Jonathan, my questions are at the bottom of the page. First off, my mom had the German measles during her pregnancy with me, and I was born with an overwhelming amount of SM and ID intestines. I suffer with constipation from birth, but it wasn't diagnosed until I was 13. I had minimal peristalsis due to the amount of redundant bowel. I've been on lactulose and sena and fleet enemas since my SPI area and L1 and L2, it's been more difficult. My food stays up high in my belly taking a long time to digest. I have a few IG hernias, and it's very painful when gas or stool move through them, even diarrhea. I've had many episodes of elias and obstructions requiring SM and IG resections. I'm concerned that the protocol could cause me harm.

Jonathan Otto: 01:26:29 I'm wondering if worms can come out of your urine. I sent some picture via messenger to you because it sure looks that way. I do have to do another kidney infection with last treatment and meropenem ending September 5. You can now see how fast they come. I started a product called Carvin Cleanse with Tibetan rhubarb, mascar, estrada, flak seek, peppermint, aloe, slippery elm, [inaudible 01:26:59], thyme, black cumin, clove, garlic, olive leaf, and sweet wormwood extract. I use oils too. Is it possible to see Dr. Nuzum or Dr. Watts at their clinics? If yes, where is it at?"

Jonathan Otto: 01:27:09 The answer is yes, you can look them both up. Just search their names. Not hard. "I do plan on doing the full protocol in January as my son is getting married in December, and I'm afraid of getting sicker before I get better and don't want to miss it. I wish I knew what I'm doing wrong as this is very disheartening and making me cry. I'm sorry."

Dr. Nuzum: 01:27:31 Here's some basic, basic things that I would do. Chemical digestion only a very small amount starts in the mouth, and the only chemical digestion that starts in the mouth is the amylase produced in your saliva that starts to break down the sugars in your food. You also have strep, the same thing that causes soar throat in the back of your throat that starts chemical digestion of proteins as you're consuming them, but the bulk, bulk meaning 95% or more of chemical digestion, begins in the stomach with stomach acid.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:28:25 Here's something for everyone out there to remember, the best way to get an autoimmune disorder is to raise the pH of your stomach. Lower the pH of your stomach, that's one of the keys, lowering the pH of your stomach is one of the keys to overcoming autoimmune disorders because bringing that stomach pH down will increase your capacity to digest everything that you're eating. You increase the pH of your stomach, you're going to decrease the capacity of your body to digest anything that you eat, period.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:29:08 If you're dealing with constipation, constipation is a symptom of low GI stomach acid production. Low stomach acid production will create more bulk that will soak up all the water in your gut and create a dam in your colon. By increasing the acidity of the stomach, that can help down lower, downstream. Personally, if I was in your situation, I would start with a folic acid supplement. I would use my equalizer. I would also use things like Organizymes. Those are two products. Organizymes you can get from organics. com. is where you can find the equalizer. The equalizer has a 2.5 pH and will help drop the pH of your stomach before you eat if you consume it before eating. It's very helpful. That would be where I would start. I would start with that probably before detoxifying. I would start on that real quick.

Jonathan Otto: 01:30:28 Thanks Doc Nuzum. Yaz asks, " I'm new to all of this and quite overwhelmed. I have two kiddos with autism, and another one with ADHD and anxiety. I feel like if I was to start with one thing, what would it be? There's so much information, I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions?"

Dr. Nuzum: 01:30:48 If you could start with two things, here's what I would do-

Jonathan Otto: 01:30:51 With those two kids with ADHD and anxiety and autism, one with one, one with the other.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:30:57 Here's where I would start. I would start with Organigreens and my product black brew. That's where I would start. These things will help heal the gut, but also help pull the toxins that are in their system irritating their nervous systems out of their systems. Both are very gentle. Black brew has almost no taste, and Organigreens actually tastes good. It's one of the only green food supplements I've ever had in my entire life, and I've been consuming green food supplements since I was weened from my mother. It's been forever. It's the best one I've ever tasted, number one. Number two on that it has your probiotics, it has enzymes, it has all the green foods, it has very broad nutrient based, not high in any particular nutrient which is extremely important. If you overload the system with one nutrient, you offset and create deficiencies in other nutrients. This would be a very gentle nutrition and many times very calming for these types of children.

Jonathan Otto: 01:32:23 Great. There you go Yaz. The equivalent for those listening that are using microbe formulas, the equivalent is bioactive carbon foundation with black brew and bioactive ... I'm sorry, it's called Biotox. It's in a green bottle. Biotox and Bioactive carbon foundation. Just those two bottles. You could grab those, and that's capsule form. Whereas, the other one is like a powder. You can choose there. Then the other thing that I would mention is something that would be certainly worth trying out, even though ... Kind of we're suggesting two or three things. You asked for one, but you're getting two or three is the parasite cleanse just to use them to help scrub the guts and get rid of some of those causative factors. And it'd be really interesting to see how the child with ADD and anxiety does with that and then even the child with autism because if there is a true correlation between the vaccine injury, which obviously there's a lot of people here that would see the prospect of that, but it does help in assessing that a potential issue because the metals in the vaccines could be part of the contributing factor and mixed in with the toxic food supply with the genetic and modified foods and so removing toxic metals is going to be really important and then removing parasitic infection is going to be really important. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:33:50 Whichever perspective you come from, those are going to have a lot of really great impacts and boosting their child's health through using a great green juice is just going to help add to their nutrition, to help them feel better, and just get some nutrients quickly without having to spend a guessing game in the store.

Jonathan Otto: 01:34:14 So, fantastic. We're getting to the tail here end because I've had [inaudible 01:34:19] here and I don't want him to say... I'm not going to back because you keep me for three hours, and I'll be like, "Look okay." Andy asks, "What do you think of Royal Tea as a cleanse?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:34:33 Royal Tea. I'm not familiar with that.

Jonathan Otto: 01:34:37 Yeah, there you go.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:34:39 Sorry.

Jonathan Otto: 01:34:40 Yeah, no worries. Andy your discretion, I think that if you have a gut feeling about it, and you've done the research, then see what you think. Certainly neither of us have any intel about any damaging effects of it. I'll probably do a little research while Doc Musen is talking in the next one. This one's been done. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:35:11 Verona, we are based in New Zealand and the website says that can't the the parasite product shipped here. Do you have an alternative for this particular herb that is just as good? We have liquid herbal product here containing wormwood, green walnut, clove oil, thymol, and others. Will that be sufficient to clear out the parasites?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:35:34 That is very similar to the Hulda Clark formulas that I've always used. I would say yes, that would probably work just as well. Mimosa has a different mode. Mimosa actually engulfs. It creates a gel substance that engulfs parasites and critters in the gut. And they get bound in this gel matrix and slide right out of the system. Whereas things like this other formula that you can get there literally poisons the parasites and they die. It's a little different mode of action there. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:36:20 Something I would say here, Verona, if you really love to do it, one thing I would say is, based one the [inaudible 01:36:29] company. But if somebody else say from Australia orders it, I don't know this for a fact, but you might be able to have somebody send it to you just as a gift and then it's not coming from a supplement company. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:36:45 There's no damaging aspect of it. It's not going to introduce any challenges into the country. But I prefer not to be on record saying that. But there you go. There might be another way for you to get it still if you want to push the needle on it. But otherwise you got some tools there and the proof is in the pudding ultimately.

Jonathan Otto: 01:37:04 There you go, so Sylvia since someone brought up skin, my daughter is dealing with hormonal cystic acne, mainly on her cheeks. Testosterone was measured high, we tried every herbal combination: probiotics, fish oils, and end up finally having her on spironolactone. But even on 100 mg, it's not getting much better and she's been eating extremely well for a college student. It's had a big impact on my depression, not to be able to resolve it, because it started my depression. That's what her daughter said. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:37:51 Detox process. One of these detox programs would be, where I would start personally. Another thing that I would do, is I would look at iodine. Iodine, large doses of iodine, in 40-50 mg range, is excellent for reducing polycystic ovaries. The cysts that grown on a woman's ovaries can be reduced very very effectively with iodine, but it takes a lot of iodine to do it. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:38:31 That would be something that I would look at. You probably want to be doing that under the guidance of a practitioner somewhere. Either get a hold of someone that knows about iodine and how to dose it in large doses and how to work with her. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:38:47 That can throw the hormones off initially, because at this point her body is used to having that testosterone. It's used to having the testosterone aromatizing in to more estrogen creating an estrogen dominant situation. It creates insulin resistance and just it all is on nasty cycle. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:39:11 So you get the insulin resistance that starts the cysts. The cysts then produce testosterone. Testosterone then reduces the insulin resistance, but it's converted into estrogen. Which creates estrogen predominance, suppresses the thyroid. And brings you back to insulin resistance again. It's a pretty nasty little circle there. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:39:33 Iodine is something that I've used in the past to break the cycle. It's been pretty effective. There's a nice, easy remedy. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:39:46 Fantastic, and actually [inaudible 01:39:49] Formulas has a bioactive iodine that could be use. So that would be effective. Thanks for that. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:39:57 So now come over two. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:40:06 Two more here. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:40:08 Thank you, that's going to be perfect. That'll allow use to get Micky here. She says, 'Hello, what can I do to aide missing gallbladder. I had it out two years. Since then I've done three detox full body cleanses, [inaudible 01:40:25] Dr. Musen. I use lots of organic products, water filtration system, organic foods. I now exercise too. I lost 50 pounds.' 

Jonathan Otto: 01:40:36 Congratulations Micky, that's excellent. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:40:37 Good job. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:40:37 I got to recognize my mother-in-law Dr. Musen, when she showed up here to visit, she lost 25 pounds. This is just the other day. Yeah it's awesome. I pulled prank on her, told here that I was at a different airport and then I was like sneaking up on her. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:40:57 I was like, 'Is this her? Right?' And so it's amazing to look at it that way. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:41:05 Feel great, but never been the same since I got my gallbladder out with my digestion. I've had no issue with bowel movements. All issues I have is burning below breast, burn middle, where the original gallbladder pain was when I eat. Also cured fibromyalgia with all the natural health actions. Good for you. So what do you think the burning is from and what do you think I can do to aide the missing gallbladder. I'm 50 years old and a female. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:41:42 Not having a gallbladder. What a gallbladder is, is it is a reservoir for the bile that comes out of the liver. The liver produces bile and the gallbladder stores it up so that when you have a meal with fat in it, with grease or fat or any type of oils, that bile that's reserved in that reservoir, called the gall bladder gets squeezed out and goes down into the small intestines and starts to emulsify or break down, scrub out the essential fatty acids in that fat. So it kind of breaks it up in to absorbable small molecules. When you don't have a gallbladder, your digestive tract gets a consistent drip if you will of bile. Because the liver doesn't have a reservoir to save that bile in. So it just consistently. The best thing really for that is small meals more frequently really is what works best. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:42:59 Doing things to drop the pH of your stomach, apple cider vinegar, my equalizer that I talked about earlier, a lot of the organics products have different fulvics in them. So do the micro formulas. We are all using fulvics and humics. Fulvics in particular will stimulate the stomach to produce more acid, which again that's paramount to healing the gut.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:43:32 If you have thyroid problems, you got to get the stomach producing more acid. If you have autoimmune issues you got to get the stomach producing more acid. If you have leaky gut, you got to get the stomach producing more acid. If you have chronic parasite infections, and have dealt with infestations of parasites, that will always be the case. They will always come back and you will always be dealing with the if you don't decrease the acidity or decrease the pH of your stomach. You got to get the stomach to be more acid and produce more acid.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:44:06 Without that, the pancreas doesn't produce the enzymes that are necessary to break your food down. You end up with more waste in the gut, which is smorgasbord for parasites. Again, stomach acid production is paramount to digestion. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:44:25 Amazing, alright, so I'm going to take my last question. I'm going to do it by combining two in to one. And the reason why I feel like I can do this is because they're both in regards to children. And so I'm going to get Sarah's question answered and Laura's question answered. I'm going to read them both now. I'm going to let you answer and go back and forth. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:44:50 So remember Sarah. Sarah's the one who has the son that has severe panic attacks and rage. When he has these panic attacks that we've observed foaming at the mouth. He had two preemptive rabies vaccines before traveling to a 3rd world country. How can we clear the vaccine out of his system. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:45:11 So put a pin in that one. And then we're going to come over to Sarah's question. Can severe rumination in the mind be related to rumination syndrome? My son has very sever rumination. As an infant he has severe reflux. What are your thoughts? What can we do to improve the ruminating thoughts?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:45:39 Okay. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:45:42 Answer how you will. So Sarah was the first one. Sorry Sarah was the second one that I just read out. And the earlier one, her name is, sorry do you remember it? I'm just finding it again. Was is Laura? No there is another one, it's not her. Let me find it so we can... Well I'll find it, but go ahead. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:46:01 For the first question, the detox programs. Either the detox programs laid out in my book, Detox for Life. Detox programs over at organics or the detox programs over at Micro Formulas. Those programs are all designed to go after toxic waste like what would be introduced in a Rabies vaccine. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:46:26 It's for detoxing all kinds of things including those types of things. Aright? That would be where I would start. If that was my child, if that was me personally, that's where I would start. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:46:40 The other lady would be-

Jonathan Otto: 01:46:43 They're both Sarah, and they might actually be the same Sarah. So there you go. But there's two Sarah's in the chat. So let us know Sarah, just be we don't mind, it's find. But go ahead. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:46:54 The second question, probiotics, enzymes, green foods. Okay here's one of the key things. If you ask any naturopath or and chiropractor, functional medicine doctor out there. You ask any acupuncturist that's in nutrition, you ask any nutritionist, you ask them what foods in general are the most alkalizing foods that you can consume. 99% of them are going to come back and tell you green foods. Here's something interesting about green foods. None of them are alkaline. Alright? 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:47:43 Cucumber for example is an extremely alkalizing food, extremely alkalinizing food. One of the best rehydrators, one of the best alkalizers of the body. Okay? Cucumber has a 4.5 pH interesting enough. Okay? 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:48:01 I'm going to give everybody a key here. Alright? Acidify, drop the pH of your gut and you'll increase the pH of your tissues. I'm going to say that again. Make your gut more acidic and your body will become more alkaline. Alright? 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:48:21 It goes back to that whole digestive process. Probiotics, enzymes, and green foods would be what I would be using for the second child. If that was my child, that's what the child would be on. If that was me personally, that's what I would be taking. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:48:41 Fantastic. And the humics and the fulvics, would they help with the vaccine? 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:48:45 Absolutely, if you have products that have all of those things, which again you can find those over at organics by the way. The probiotics with the double X, the oranozymes, and the organic greens have all of those things in them including the humics and fulvics. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:49:03 Yep. Great. And then with the... I think that we have got some fantastic answers for the people here and I think that what we can do there as well and remembering that the other things that people can use to increase their health with the organics, with the organic greens. And then the things that people can be using to decrease the inflammation, because the tumeric is obviously a very effective tool, the tumeric 3D. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:49:41 And then with the micro formulas, that's where we put a lot of emphasis when it comes to the humic and fulvic acid supplementation, which remember just look at the green bottles and they will have those humics and fulvics. And you can give those to children. And they do remove toxic heavy metals. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:50:03 And so remember just have a look, everyone look here at the chart that I'm about to give you. This is going to be quite mind-blowing here for you to see this. Remembering here on the depression and anxiety.

Jonathan Otto: 01:50:14 Look here at this chart. You'll see that the Bioactive Carbon Foundation is going after these viruses, and retro-viruses and radiation and these types of metals. Metchem is specifically going to target mercury, lead, aluminum, because remember when Phimerso got taken out of some vaccines, that aluminum got put in. So you want to take a supplement that can target the metals. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:50:44 This is a fantastic tool for people to refer to so you know what you're doing. And I appreciate that. Barium is something that for those that are in to conspiracies, that it's definitely true that some of the things are being sprayed is actually barium toxic metal. Along with aluminum, so these two together, people believe is contributing to the Alzheimer's epidemic. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:51:05 And it's being sprayed through these chem trails. And we see these trails in the sky. Look at Nuzum smirking. He thinks it's true. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:51:17 Let me give you one last tid bit here. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:51:20 Please. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:51:20 When looking at the nutrient profile of food or a plant or even a medication. If you look at the aluminum content, the aluminum content will tell you how bioactive that will be on the brain. Okay?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:51:41 Aluminum is a transport mechanism for anything you attach to it into the brain. It will traverse the blood-brain barrier without any resistance. So if you look at a food and you want to figure out... I'm talking lab stuff here guys. So this is the fun stuff that we do. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:52:07 If you look at a food and you want to figure out how bioactive it will be on the brain, first thing you look at is the aluminum content. Food, supplement, herb, everything, medications, you look at the aluminum content. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:52:27 And you're saying to make sure to avoid it? 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:52:29 Well my point is, is if aluminum will transport medications into the brain. If it will transport a bioactive compound from plants in to the brain, wouldn't it also transport other toxins in to the brain? Doesn't that make sense?

Jonathan Otto: 01:52:51 Mm-hmm (affirmative). 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:52:53 It's true, this is toxicology. That's exactly what it does. So when you attach barium, or mercury or lead, arsenic or these other heavy metals to aluminum. Guess where it takes it?

Jonathan Otto: 01:53:09 Yep, got it. That's the messenger. I appreciate it. So then, the take away for everyone is to avoid things that have metals in them. Like toxic metals because there's the good metals, you can look them up. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:53:26 That's going to sound crazy to people but they're actually called phytonutrient or phytochemicals. They're technically metals, because they're on the table of elements. And these would be like magnesium, potassium.

Dr. Nuzum: 01:53:42 Potassium, calcium, manganese, we talked about earlier. Those are all-

Jonathan Otto: 01:53:47 Chromium, even though it sounds bad, it's actually good. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:53:51 Right. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:53:53 So that's some great information for everyone to take away. I appreciate Doc Nuzum being so thoughtful helpful with your time. We got about 50 questions answered, that's no small feat. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:54:04 Wow. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:54:05 But for the handful of people or more that we haven't got their question answered, please show up next week, we will be answering each and every question and we will get through it. So just show up, go ahead and ask your question. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:54:21 Show up early, put your question in and we look forward to having that answered. Remember that whatever you're facing, whatever you're going through, there are solutions available to you. Don't give up hope and remember do what you know. Do that small thing that you know to do. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:54:35 Don't give up hope. Don't be afraid or overwhelmed because there's so many great tools for you. None of this exactly know, the very precise thing that we have. I think that the thing that Doc Nuzum knows exactly what to do. The thing is that he actually doesn't, nor do it. But we know the principles that work.

Jonathan Otto: 01:54:57 Same is true for you. You're never going to know the specific thing. Because we're not god and we don't have a crucible and we don't know the exact thing. But we have wisdom and we can impart that. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:55:07 Doc Nuzum and certainly has certain done that with us. But just remember we're empowering you so you can actually start to understand things and principles and know your body better than we know it. So that's when you become your own doctor. We are equipping you with that ability as well. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:55:22 That's why we're giving you all this education. So isn't that amazing and empowering? Do you agree with what I'm saying here Doc Nuzum?

Dr. Nuzum: 01:55:30 Exactly. Heres a departing tid bit for everybody. In order to become chronically ill, you're capacity to adapt has to be broken. In order to recover, you have to rebuild the capacity to adapt. If you restore your body's ability to adapt, it will recover. That's what it's designed to do. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:55:59 Awesome. And we see that when a leg breaks. The leg burn will heal. And if it didn't heal, you wouldn't think that that's normal. You would think that this is actually something abnormal. This is something preventing the bone from healing. So we need to understand that our bodies are designed to heal and they are for us, not against us. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:56:25 I've been trying to increase the awareness. I want to be respectful of your time. Thank you Doc Nuzum. Just as we sign off, I'm going to say a few words as a prayer for those that want to bowel their heads, so close their eyes, it's like a church. But the reason why I'm doing this is because I just want everyone to understand that those who have faith, that God is with you through this journey. For those that maybe don't have any affiliation with personal faith in that way, maybe see things from a different way, then certainly you can see the intent here. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:56:57 Its a blessing, just to get is in that place of peace. And also to ask for help and guidance. And so I just pray this blessing on everyone. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:57:05 Father God, I just want to thank you for being here with us. Thank you for giving Doc Nuzum these gifts and talents and his love for people and the patients that you put in his path. And for all the people that you've put in my path in his care. And the fact that he is taken the time to just give answers. Because he wants to see a better world and he wants to see lives better. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:57:29 Just bless him and help him to do anything that he needs to do to touch and bless and help more people and his family and his health. Everything that he needs in his life. We just pray for blessing for him Father. I pray for every single person on this call. The people that would listen to this. The people that are close to us. For our friends and family. And then for the world at large. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:57:53 And I pray that we find healing Father. And I pray that each person can know that you're with them and that you're close to them and that you love them and that you're guiding them. And helping them. And that you're always there. And you'll never give up on us. No matter mistakes we've made in our lives. Whatever things that we've failed at, done wrong in our lives. You don't judge us for that. You're just looking for our health. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:58:20 You're looking for our healing, our happiness. And you just love us. We're your children and you're our father. And we just thank you. You are the creator of all all things. You're the Creator of our body. And we ask you to help us find the solutions. And for the people who are hurting or suffering right now that finding it so hard to finding answers. And have felt so lost for so long and so hurt.

Jonathan Otto: 01:58:42 And have traumas and things that are health related. And family related. And other challenges. Father I pray for healing over the heart, over the body, over the mind. And over the relationship with you father. Because we have all had a broken relationship with you. That's part of this world and this journey. And I pray for healing and restoration and I just thank you for your love and I thank you for Jesus and his gifts. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:59:06 And it's in his name and his power. I pray this prayer and a blessing on every single person that you will have dominion and as the power of Jesus, is why he walked this earth in commanding disease to leave. We claim that same power here using these tools that are available to us. And then resting on you for all the things that are outside of our control. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:59:28 And just saying, we ask you to do the rest. We're doing what you've inspired us to do. And we're asking you do do the rest. And you will do it because the bible says when a child asks for a good thing, the father will not give him a scorpion. 

Jonathan Otto: 01:59:42 And how much more? Well our Father in Heaven gives good gifts to those that ask. And so we ask in the name of Jesus, and we ask for these gifts. In his name. And we trust and we celebrate with smiles on our faces and in our hearts. Amen. 

Dr. Nuzum: 01:59:59 Amen. One last thing. Remember yes, of course God sees everything you ever did, everything you ever do, and everything you ever think. He sees that because he loves you so much. He can't take his eyes off you.

Jonathan Otto: 02:00:17 That's awesome. That's awesome. Thanks Doc Nuzum. That was beautiful. 

Dr. Nuzum: 02:00:23 Absolutely, thank you. 

Jonathan Otto: 02:00:24 Alright. Catch ya.