Highlights from Jonathan Otto's interview with Dr. John Gray, for the Depression & Anxiety Series. 

John Gray - Interview 1

John: Okay. To heal ADHD, some supplements are there and that can be very helpful. Second thing, you can’t have them eating so much sugar. But the way you can manage that is by giving them more fats and that takes away sugar cravings. A nice little drink with some extra MCT oil in it would help. The most powerful thing I’ve seen for ADHD is to create the whey protein, casein protein, undenatured, not heat processed, add enzymes to it, and then add the powder, like powdered milk. You add enzymes to it and it has to be undenatured, not heat processed. You blend it up and then you leave it out in the air for 45 minutes.

You’ll see, it will bubble up and it digests itself. It goes right to the brain to produce the brain chemicals. Milk is better than anything. Why? Because milk is what we got as babies to make the brain. The milk has all the amino acids that your brain requires. Now, cows milk is not the same as mother’s milk. It has a different balance of proteins. Cows milk has 90 percent casein, which builds muscle mass by the way, it also makes dopamine, but it also has 10 percent whey protein which makes serotonin.

Well, what I know to be the case is studies have shown that mother’s milk, if she’s breastfeeding a boy, who needs more muscle mass because that’s, boys have 25 percent more muscle mass according to their genes. She’ll actually make more casein in her milk for the boy. For a girl, she’ll make more whey protein. Ironically, when protein produces the serotonin that helps stabilize emotions, and the emotional part of a woman’s brain is much bigger and more active than a man’s. Not that men can’t become emotional, but it is bigger in a woman.

Women do tend to run out of serotonin faster. Men tend to run out of dopamine faster. I wrote a whole book on all that. So what you do is you take the right balance, that’s about 60 percent casein for men, 40 percent whey protein for men. For women, it’s about 60 percent whey protein and about 40 percent casein protein. You mix those together. You’ve got your water. You put in your enzymes. You shake it up and you let it sit for 45 minutes, and it will be absorbed by your brain.

The research on this, that I’ve got on it, is that your brain absorbs at 92 percent. If you take normal protein shakes, it’s about 25 percent. 15 percent to 25 percent is actually utilized by the brain and the body because our bodies don’t digest it. If you’re an ADD person, autistic person, a depressed person, a Parkinson’s person, an Alzheimer’s person, you’re probably not digesting anything, because all those conditions have to do with gut dysbiosis, an inability to digest your food. You compound that by the level of stress this person experiences due to their condition, you know, like an autistic child.

For some ADD kids, they’re just under so much pressure and stress, they just can’t connect. The world’s not working right for them. That cortisol inhibits hydrochloric production to digest their food, so already they’re getting undigested foods that get down into their gut. That causes leaky gut syndrome. That causes autoinflammatory diseases. It’s just a big mess. And all of that can be immediately corrected on a symptomatic level by having predigested protein that’s live.

It’s not just some supplement over here. I’m not against taking tyrosine, phenylalanine, and different supplements, which are precursors. They’re amino acids. But why not get it real? That’s what works the best. So many cofactors are in there. And if you want to add, improve it, you could take some ... You know, I use the Bravo yogurt which has got 42 strains of probiotics. I make it homemade. I add a scoop of that into the shake and let it incubate with the shake, and it actually increases the potency of the probiotics more, because it all incubates together and digests together.

Just like having ... Actually have a healthy gut. Symbolically, you create everything you need here. You drink it. It goes right into the body. Nobody’s ever done this before. It’s just amazingly powerful. Now, for that to work you also need to have, besides good vitamins which I mentioned before, some good vitamin supplements, you need to have minerals. So that’s the third thing.

Okay. So, minerals; vitamins and some nutrients like grape seed extract, vitamin C, omega-3, that’s nutrients; proteins, digestive proteins. The next thing you need for ADD is minerals. Now this is so powerful. This it the thing. If you were to do one thing, of all those things, my experience over 25 years of promoting these ideas, the most powerful. When I’m standing in line for five hours signing books, half the people will say, “You saved our relationship.” Half the other people will say, “You saved my children. The supplements that you recommend have helped them so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I hear this again and again.

The most important thing is, I call them Super Minerals because they’re different from just normal minerals, but you can get them online. They’re minerals, alkalizing minerals that are bonded to orotic acid. Now, when we’re babies the mother’s milk is filled with orotic acid to bind with the minerals, to deliver the minerals into the brain of the baby. So you’re getting your breast milk. If the minerals that you’re getting from your mother are bonded to orotic acid because she has lots of orotic acid, then it crosses the blood-brain barrier to build your brain.

Now, if you take mineral supplements they don’t cross the blood-brain barrier. If your food is mineral rich then they do cross the blood-brain barrier. You can get minerals from food. The problem is food doesn’t have as much minerals as it used to have, A. And B, these particular minerals I’m about to mention are all depleted when you eat sugar. So once again we come up against high blood sugar. Our blood sugar spikes, anything that makes us feel really good, anything that makes us feel that big dopamine rush, that big excitement, you just lost minerals.

Okay. That’s why women, when they get married, it’s like this big huge thing and they get depressed afterwards. It’s like, “I married this guy. What happened?” And men, they don’t necessarily get depressed, they just get passive. They don’t have the same juice that they had before. It’s just they ran out of minerals. This big positive thing happens, people crash. What is the crash? It’s mineral deficiency. What are the minerals? The most important mineral is lithium.

Now lithium is so powerful that if you have bipolar and you’re schizophrenic, and you give someone lithium, it will take away all those symptoms. But it will have side effects because they’re using an inferior form of lithium. They’re using lithium carbonate. Lithium carbonate doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier, just like all mineral supplements, doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier unless you just give the body 100 to 500 times the dose that you need.

When you give your body 500 times the dose of anything you’re going to have problems. 500 times the dose of magnesium you’ll die of diarrhea. 500 times the dose of calcium you’ll have a heart attack. 500 times the dose of potassium, all these things would be toxic. Well, 500 times the dose of lithium is toxic. So people are all afraid of lithium. All this research online, look up lithium. “Dangerous, side effect, bad, bad, bad.” Well, yeah. What doctors give is bad, bad, bad, but it does take away these symptoms.

But Doctor Hans Nieper from Germany, he discovered take the right dose, very tough, 4.5 mg, that’s all. 4.5 to 25 mg, in that range, bond it to orotic acid, it becomes lithium orotate. Lithium orotate, you take it, immediately your brain works better. I’m talking kids who are hyper and doing all this whining and crying, they start doing this, they calm down. It doesn’t dull you in any way. It doesn’t take away creativity in any way. When you take lithium carbonate, it does dull you, it does calm you down but it dulls you, and it lowers your metabolism because it attacks your thyroid gland.

It’s a salt. Too much salt will attack your thyroid gland. Lithium orotate doesn’t. Magnesium orotate, also necessary in the brain. Calcium orotate, also necessary in the brain. Potassium orotate, also necessary in the brain. Zinc orotate, also necessary in the brain. These are your five most powerful, powerful minerals for the brain to function. I’ll give you a little summary of how your brain works.

You have to make dopamine and serotonin. You have to make choline, to feel good, and you have to make GABA. That’s all regulated by lithium. So think about, let’s simplify this down to serotonin calm us, dopamine accelerator. We want both those things being produced. How do they get produced is, here’s a neuron and every time ... And there’s trillions of neurons, right? You have to excite the neuron to produce dopamine. Calcium has to go into the neuron.

So it’s going in. Calcium stimulates and dopamine gets produced. Then calcium has to come out. If there’s magnesium in the cell then serotonin gets produced and you relax. So there’s excitement, relaxation, excitement, relaxation, excitement, relaxation. This is going on trillions of times in just a minute. It’s just, every little neuron’s doing this, with calcium going in to produce dopamine for alertness, for focus, for interest, well-being, happiness. Okay, so it comes out. Magnesium’s in there. This is happening all the time.

To get calcium in you need vitamin D. If you’re not getting enough sunshine calcium doesn’t get in there to stimulate the dopamine. We’re putting all this sunscreen on our bodies. You know, we need plenty of sunshine. Think about it. A long time ago people never even had clothes, you know. We were running around in the sun all the time. Their body was used to it. We don’t have to do that now, but we need to have ... The whiter your skin, the less time you need, but you’ve got to have a lot of vitamin D.

Anybody with ADHD, with depression problems, mental problems, they need high dose vitamin D, at least 10,000 IU of vitamin D. That puts the calcium in, but what brings the calcium out so you can make the serotonin? Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 would normally be in your salads, in your grasses. So people who are getting lots of sunshine were also eating the grasses and the salads and so forth and the greens. The greens have the K2, and also the butter from grass fed cows. One of the best things you can eat is the butter of grass fed cows.

Well, that butter has vitamin K2. If they’re not grass fed you don’t get the K2. The cows have to eat the grass and that makes the K2, and the people eat the dairy. So they get their K2. Now K2 is the vitamin that pulls calcium out. All arterial sclerosis is a deficiency of K2, and it’s from too much vitamin D or just too much calcium in your body. You’re not pulling it out. It’s got to go in and out, in and out, in and out.

So you need magnesium to be there. You need calcium to stimulate. You need magnesium to calm. You need vitamin D to go in. You need vitamin K2 to come out. So this is happening all the time. You need zinc. Okay, every cell has to have zinc. They all have a zinc receptor site and zinc protects the cell, activates the cell. What zinc does is when the dopamine and serotonin are produced, it controls the transport of these neurotransmitters. So in order to transmit, they have to move along like this through your brain, you need zinc for that to happen. When you don’t have enough zinc then the receptor sites for zinc grab mercury. This is the whole thing, why males are more vulnerable to autism. Five times more males with autism, three times more with ADD, at least double with learning difficulties. What that’s about is we have so much mercury toxicity today that, for a boy, his body’s making testosterone. When his body makes testosterone he runs out of zinc. So boys are more vulnerable to zinc deficiency. When you don’t have zinc in those receptor sites, those receptor sites absorb mercury and kill the neuron.

So you can see films of mercury getting into neurons and just, over 24 hours the connective tissue disappears and then the neurons die. That’s what mercury does. Now mercury doesn’t affect everybody the same. It depends upon how much zinc you’ve got in your brain. If your a boy you’re more vulnerable, because you’re going to have lower zinc because you’re making testosterone, if you’re not getting enough zinc in the food you’re eating and so forth, which we don’t get enough.

So the next thing with that is most people don’t know why these young children are so vulnerable to autism at such a young age. Well it turns out, and for boys mainly, boys in the first two years of their life actually make the testosterone levels of a grown man. They make a lot to make the male brain. So they’re going to easily way more at risk of running out of zinc. And of course if the mother doesn’t have enough zinc during pregnancy then it’s going to start from birth. A lot of kids, it’s after two years.

They are just at greater risk. They’re more vulnerable. Not that every child’s going to be zinc deficient. So you’ve got zinc orotate necessary for the functioning of the brain and to protect neurons. Potassium also helps the absorption of nutrients into the cells. So you’ve got your potassium, you’ve got your zinc. You’ve got your calcium. You’ve got your magnesium. And you’ve got this back and forth. What regulates the back and forth? Lithium. You’ve got to have lithium. It is the master brain chemical, brain mineral.

It is so powerful, and you don’t need very much. You just need the littlest tiny pill. And why doesn’t anybody hear about this? Why doesn’t your doctor know about this? Why do they go, “Oh, no lithium. Only extreme cases. Side effects bad.” That’s because that’s what they’re taught. They use lithium carbonate that doesn’t work to reduce symptoms without causing terrible side effects. So it’s bad, bad, bad. Don’t take lithium. Lithium orotate just by itself is the cheapest supplement you can buy online. It’s like about $8, $9 for a three month supply.

So nobody’s going to do all the big research on it. Nobody’s going to market it. Nobody’s going to put it out there. There’s no money in it. You can’t afford it, nothing to it. I’ve been promoting it for 18 years. This is such an amazing thing. All I see is great results. And what I saw is that usually anybody who takes it with ADHD type symptoms or depression will get relief, but it doesn’t always last because once you go to a higher level of functioning, then if you don’t have enough vitamin D and K2 then it doesn’t work. If you’re not also getting enough magnesium, and so many people with these conditions don’t have enough magnesium, or the calcium which is being utilized by the vitamin D.

So I just make sure that you do all of those minerals, those five minerals I mentioned, bonded to orotic acid. And that way they cross the blood-brain barrier. In very small amounts, you don’t need a lot. But if you experience a lot of stress, or you’re in a stressful state, that means you’re burning them off faster. Or, if you’re just happy. So you’ve gotten to take some happy drugs, or some really good things happen, or you won the lottery, or you fell in love, everything is great. Again, that’s all intensity. Intensity depletes your brain of these minerals and you will crash.

Instead of crashing and feeling bad, you relax and you rebuild. So for me, you know, I stand in front of an audience. It’s a big high. Let’s go relax. And I make sure that I have enough supplements so that my body can rebuild itself. But other people can’t just relax. High intensity, low intensity, they have to keep getting the high intensity because if they go into the low intensity they don’t feel alive because their body doesn’t have the mechanism supported through nutrition to rebuild, to support the up regulation of those neurons and the functioning of the brain. That’s why minerals are so important.

If I was to do one thing, it would be minerals. And then I would do amino acids from dairy proteins. And then the other one is I would take supplements along with it, and vitamins.