Depression & Anxiety Live Q&A 2 – With Dr. Todd Watts

In this Live Q&A Session, we dug deep into the topics of depression, anxiety & overall health and wellness, with experienced Dr. Todd Watts. This was part 2 of our Depression & Anxiety Secrets program. We covered parasite removal protocols, protocols to improve sleep, depression, anxiety, bipolar, antibiotics alternatives, lithium orotate, fatigue, Epstein-Barr virus, diet, toxicity and much, much more. 

Dr Watts: 00:00:00 ... metals and toxins that'll make a huge difference in their health, along with let's get your diet refined. Let's get you eating properly, let's get you eating good, live food and healthy food.

Interviewer: 00:00:12 Awesome. Awesome.

Dr Watts: 00:00:16 [inaudible 00:00:16].

Interviewer: 00:00:17 Did you just hear yourself?

Dr Watts: 00:00:19 Oh, is that what that was?

Interviewer: 00:00:22 Mm-hmm (affirmative). Great. All right, so here we go. Great. Okay, so if anyone wants to just join us on our other page, then you're welcome to do that as well. And that is getting added to the page right now. And this will be the start of the call for those that are watching this now. So as we dive into looking at the best healing protocols available to us, let's remember to keep that mission intact of getting this information and help to the world. So what we want to remember here is as we learn, continue to teach others. And the reason why I strongly recommend and believe that that's essential is because that's how we learn, and it's also how we help people to catch up to, you know, what they need to know.

Interviewer: 00:01:16 So I do believe with information and knowledge comes responsibility and that's why I'm always making that encouragement. Sometimes we need that push because there are many loved ones that we all have that simply don't want to hear this from us and it's very contentious and a lot of us face these types of things. So what I'm going to encourage you all to do is push through that, continue to share this message because it's absolutely essential and people definitely and desperately need it. And just quickly Dr Watts, before we start there, you don't happen to have any other camera there filming as well, do you? Or is it just straight onto the computer?

Dr Watts: 00:01:56 Just straight on the computer.

Interviewer: 00:01:57 That's fine. Yeah, that's fine. No worries. Perfect. All right. So what we're going to do right now is going to start going, there's one question that we'll answer first here from [Laurie 00:02:09] and we will answer this one and then we're going to go back into the page that you got onto this link from, Dr Watts, and scroll down to the questions that have been pouring in since this morning. So, and my goal is to get through as many as possible. So let's see if we can hit a hundred questions in the next hour and a half. So that's going to take some, some pushing through and I'll do my best not to take us often in the other direction, just to keep us there and answering the question, next one, next one, next one and go through them all. Okay.

Interviewer: 00:02:44 So what we'll do is quickly read this chat here from Laurie and then you can just raise your hand if you can hear me fine right now. Go ahead and just raise your hand if you can hear and everything's working fine. Awesome. Also raise your hand if you think Dr Todd Watts is an awesome guy and you think he's really cool. Definitely raise your hand for that. And bam, hands are going up in the house. Thank you guys. So that's perfect. All right. So here's what we're going to do. Let's start with these questions here. So Laurie's asked a question here. It's not my wife. A different spelling.

Interviewer: 00:03:24 "Can you go over the protocol again and let us know how we, if we need to stay on phase one, two, or three longer than a month? Dr [Jay 00:03:33] mentioned, some people are on mimosa pudica for three to six months. I'm dealing with autoimmune inflammation, [surgeons 00:03:40], Lyme, and Epstein Barr virus. I use essential oils and I've tried to do gut repair, eating mostly whole foods. I've done it many cleanses over the years. I want to get to the bottom of this and become fully whole and free of all of this. I have a family member dealing with anxiety and depression that I think could also be helped by this. Is there any discount on the protocol if you're ordering in multiple quantities? Thanks for what you're doing. I am loving the information."

Interviewer: 00:04:09 So, Dr. Watts?

Dr Watts: 00:04:11 So let's start with the last question and that is if there's any discounts on a protocol. So I'm not involved in that, but what I would suggest is that you click on the link and make your order and when you do that, I would then call into customer service and see if there's anything else that they can help. Depends on probably how many protocols you're ordering. But I know the guys there are good-hearted, so.

Interviewer: 00:04:34 Yeah, that's awesome. [crosstalk 00:04:36] But we can tell everyone right now-

Dr Watts: 00:04:38 There is a discount.

Interviewer: 00:04:39 Yes, absolutely. It's actually 30%. So that's a lot-

Dr Watts: 00:04:41 That's a lot.

Interviewer: 00:04:43 On the protocol because you guys at Microbe have dropped 20% off the whole protocol when someone is ordering it upfront and then you've given to my group here, if you put in that code SECRETS2018, it's there on the page that you got to this video on, or if you simply click on the links there, it should automatically apply that coupon which drops another 10% off, so it's 30% off, which saves literally just short of $500, right? So that's excellent. Excellent saving. And so yeah, absolutely. So, but now to answer that question Dr Watts?

Dr Watts: 00:05:20 Yeah, so the protocol, it's a great question, so it's going to be individually based as you well know, Laurie, but how long do you need to stay on that? Part of the staying on this phase one or two, it depends on how sensitive you are to things. If you're very highly sensitive and react to things, then you may just take things at a slower pace than the four month process. So you may have to stretch it out further depending on how sensitive you are. If you can handle products easily, then you'll probably go through them in four months. So if you're draining well you're not overreacting to things, then you can move on through phase one. If you are having a tough time and moving through that part, then go slower and go longer on that phase.

Dr Watts: 00:06:06 Phase two introduces the parasites, so when you're dealing with the parasites, that's when you're really getting a probably a breakthrough that you didn't receive on phase one, but you have new issues that you might be coming up against. So just to let you know, you might have some bloating, might have some stomach stuff happening, but hopefully you're passing parasites, whether you see them or not is dependent on what's happening there. Dr. Jay's mentioned 70% parasites we don't see by the eye and 30% we can. So just really push through that.

Dr Watts: 00:06:38 The other thing is the mimosa pudica is going to really help to cleanse out that gut. Now you know, you set it up to six months. I've had a gal on mimosa pudica for four and a half, almost five years now. And she loves to stay on it because this helps her. She takes one capsule a day. So I've seen people on for a year or two at a time because there's so many deep, deep issues that it takes time to get through to clear them out. But it completely changes their lives. They went from depressed, anxiety, complete total fatigue, pain all over, all kinds of problems to where they were able to actually eat again and metabolize, have energy and get their lives back. So-

Interviewer: 00:07:19 A quick little piece of help, there, sorry, Dr Watts and please finish your thought there, but a quick little thought there, just so you can understand. The bottle has 120 caps, the ones that these guys have, and it's $35. So one bottle will, a $35 will last, if you're doing one capsule a day and this is maintenance, will actually last four months. Right? So that four months for $35, it's really like literally almost, almost nothing. Just, but back to you said don't let like, "oh no, I've got, do I have to eat, do I have to keep taking this for the rest of my life?? You don't. And you can take things in certain moderations if you like, just like you would eat something healthy or something like that. But thankfully these things are not expensive things like medications and things like that, which are expensive. So please finish that thought and then we can go into-

Dr Watts: 00:08:08 Exactly. And what some of those people, I've tried to get them to go off of it, and they go off for a few days and they're like, "you know, I just feel better being on it." So that's what they, it's their thing that they really like.

Interviewer: 00:08:18 Awesome.

Dr Watts: 00:08:19 But in regards to all these autoimmune diseases that you have listed here, you definitely have to spend time on probably the parasite area and then into the heavy metals, which is the phase three, quite extensively in that. The other thing is, is the viruses.

Dr Watts: 00:08:38 So viruses that you have, Lyme, Epstein-Barr, I bet you there's some retroviruses and things in there that's also affecting you, Laurie, that is causing your [inaudible 00:08:47] to not be able to deal with these other infections. And so that's what I would consider looking at is, is like, "okay, hey, what do I need to do to get better?" It's going to be a journey. It's not a four month cleanse that you're going to need to do. You may need to do the protocol over again or you may need to stick with some phases that you have there for awhile, you know. Stick with phase two for a while, move on to phase three. And adjust that according to your own needs. And this is what I want people to help, to understand is that "hey look, you may need to extend this, this could be a year long that you go through this process, but if it gets your life back and you feel good again and you have energy and you're not depressed anymore, it's so worth it." 

Interviewer: 00:09:32 Awesome. And then what Dr. Watts is saying is also true on the other side, where let's say if you are in a situation where you're chronically ill, like we have some case studies on Laura [Kesselman 00:09:48] was in fact sick and bedridden for three months and she had the chronic condition five years before it was diagnosed, and three weeks, two weeks in she felt like 65% better. And then for five weeks in she reported having zero symptoms. So there are these really radical cases where people have [crosstalk 00:10:10] diseases for years, even decades, and they actually see it go into remission in a matter of weeks. A couple of weeks, right? So these things happen on the other side, but loving yourself enough to not make that the issue. And then just being happy for where the cards fall is certainly, you know, an amazing thing. Just like you would if you really love somebody and you were willing to kind of pursue them for some time before they finally said yes and marry you because you thought they were worth it, do the same with your body.

Dr Watts: 00:10:45 Yes.

Interviewer: 00:10:45 I had to ask my wife a few times before she said yes to me. So I kind of, I'm one that had to, had to chase in order to get what I wanted, right? So.

Dr Watts: 00:10:55 Good job [Johno 00:10:55].

Interviewer: 00:10:56 Thank you. It's funny, I know that people are gonna get some entertainment out of that. So, but she's awesome. All right, here we go. Let's come down from the ... well, let's get down from the top here. We've got Julian, here has asked a question. Can you go over to that page so actually you can read some of these out?

Dr Watts: 00:11:13 Yes.

Interviewer: 00:11:14 Great.

Dr Watts: 00:11:15 Right up to the top here. So we're looking at Marianne, is that you're talking about?

Interviewer: 00:11:26 Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just who's there on the top? And then just start going down that list.

Dr Watts: 00:11:32 "My husband is on meds for anxiety and depression. Maybe a little bipolar too. He would like to get off the meds after going through the protocol, cleanse Dr Jay Davidson recommended. With the meds, he still becomes anxious over loud noises and when I stand behind him while he's on the computer. He also has some short term memory loss. Do you recommend lithium orotate or MCT oil? And at what point should those be introduced?" So great questions. So the thing is about this is you're going to see that ... can he get off the meds? As long as you go far enough upstream and then support the neurotransmitter that he needs that are creating the problem. When you're looking at this issue, you have to be sure that you're seeing, "okay, hey, is it something that's causing to inhibit the production of this or is there a deficiency or is there a toxin or metal or infection that's driving the issues? The short term memory loss could also be the same thing. So that's why we have the protocol is set up to be able to cleanse the body from these different ... I guess you would call them issues or causations.

Dr Watts: 00:12:51 In regards to lithium orotate that can be beneficial and you can add that at any point to help to calm him down. And MCT oil or, and there's even some short term, a short chain triglycerides as well that can be very beneficial and add those into the diet. That will help with the brain and memory stuff. So I had that and consider that similar to food and look at one at a time and then bring the other one in. Just to be sure he reacts well to Lithium orotate. Most people do, but some people don't. So be sure that's something he really needs.

Dr Watts: 00:13:29 Okay. Mark says, "hi, Dr Watts. I am finding when I sleep that my nose is constantly dripping and often gets blocked during the night, which means I breathe through my mouth. And my eyes are getting constantly dry and clogging up, mucusy, and then extremely dry by morning. Going by the information on the videos, is this a drainage issue or is there another explanation? How does one drain these areas of the body? Is there an herbal remedy to assist this drainage in the head/sinuses and dry eyes?"

Dr Watts: 00:14:01 So that is a really good question and I'm gonna throw out a number of answers for you. So I would say that first and foremost, the dripping can be due to stuff going on in the sinuses. And in the sinuses, it could be bacteria, fungus, mold and parasites even. I have pictures of people, patients of mine passing parasites out of their nose and then, that may be what's been clogging things up. Also, toxins as you're cleansing, can be created as well. So an example I've gone through, I'm taking a new binder that eventually will come out here and it's designed to clear viruses and chemicals or heavy metals. And so I've taken all the other ones and hadn't reacted to the way I've taken this one. This causes my whole drainage to really occur through my nose and plugged me up, and like really allergies through this whole area. And I thought about what would be causing, what would be happening here? And I looked back, well I used to be a painter and I used to do drywall back to my early days and dealing with a lot of chemicals and things. So I inhaled a lot of stuff. Demoing houses and painting and doing drywall. It's probably just cleansing out all that stuff that's making me have these allergies and things.

Dr Watts: 00:15:24 The other thing is what can you use and how do you drain that area? So there's Neti pots that you can use and we recommend that for sure. There are some products on the market and you can look at. I know I've used Argentyn 23, so the hydrosol silver, and we have one in our clinic that we use as well. And those can really help to cleanse. Well, the one in our clinic really helps to cleanse and clear out parasites and other stuff that may be in there and help to heal that tissue. Argentyn 23 is great for dealing with even yeast and mold and then parasites, but really goes back to the gut and the gut is the place you need to start.

Dr Watts: 00:16:11 So anything up here in the nasal sinuses also can be related to the GI system and with the GI system, what we're going to want to do is look at using the protocol and getting that working and moving. And that's going to be your best thing to do. Just look at some type of rinses.

Interviewer: 00:16:32 Okay. Thank you. And then Argentyn 22 is colloidal silver, correct?

Dr Watts: 00:16:38 Argentyn 23 is colloidal, it's no, it's a hydrosol silver.

Interviewer: 00:16:42 So it's not colloidal silver.

Dr Watts: 00:16:44 Correct. It's the most researched product, silver product on the market.

Interviewer: 00:16:49 Okay. Excellent.

Dr Watts: 00:16:51 Okay.

Interviewer: 00:16:52 Yeah, I've used it myself and I think it's excellent. So that's good.

Dr Watts: 00:16:54 Yeah. Okay. Mark says, "Dr Watts, I was clinically diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a couple of years ago and have been taking 5-HTP and GABA. I'm finding that they're helping with panic aspects of anxiety and I'm certainly getting to sleep easier than I have for quite a while, but I'm still finding myself waking several times during the night. I often have a drippy nose during the day and cold-like symptoms of sneezing. The research that I'm reading talks about high levels of epinephrin and/or elevated cortisol levels which can lead to this. So my questions are, is this the only cause? Is there something else that I need to look at? Is there some herbal remedy that can assist with lowering/stabilizing these levels and allowing me to sleep through the night? Thanks for your assistance."

Dr Watts: 00:17:45 Okay, so great question. With that, so what you're doing is 5-HTP is being converted to serotonin and melatonin, which helps in the sleeping and I can see why you take that. Also helps in calming. GABA's a really good calmer for aspects of anxiety, [inaudible 00:18:02] inhibiting neurotransmitter, but that's, to me is patchwork. It's not really getting down to the cause of the problem and clearing out what's creating the problem. And so you see that you have a drippy nose, some sneezing going on, maybe some allergies happening there, so I would suggest that in the protocol where you're going to see by getting your liver working and cleansing out as well as your bowels, you're going to see less issues in your sinuses and allergies. So a lot of drippy nose and allergy symptoms can come and stem from the body not cleansing well. Opening up the drainage pathways would be really important, which is why we have the protocols set up a certain way because that seems to be the most successful way that people have had really ... results. When they just pick and choose one over another, it helps, it's beneficial, but the most beneficial thing that we've seen for people in our feedback have been from clients have been doing the whole protocol.

Dr Watts: 00:19:04 Now is there an herbal remedy that can help with lowering levels? Allowing you to sleep through the night? Well, part of what's going on at the cortisol is you have to see what affects blood sugar. Blood sugar can definitely affect cortisol, but cortisol levels can be affected by parasites. So higher level of parasites, they're very active at night, can drive those levels up. Another thing, blood sugar needs to be maintained which can be affected by parasites driving those levels.

Dr Watts: 00:19:29 And then thirdly, the liver meridian is between one and three. So I had somebody recently told me, "hey, Dr Watts, I was having a hard time sleeping. I was waking up between one and three. I couldn't go back to sleep. I started taking the kidney liver detox and I can go right back to sleep." So that was really interesting to me, but it made a lot of sense because it's when the kidneys are really working, or the liver's really working, excuse me, not the kidney. And so that's something to consider as well in that answer.

Interviewer: 00:20:01 And then Dr Watts, one thing I'd like to do right now as well is just address those that maybe they're doing something here from the protocol, but they feel like the only thing that I can do right now is the mimosa pudica and the, say Formula One or something like that, and then now they need to find other ways to do the organ detox, like the liver, kidneys and lymphatic. So giving the recommendations of what herbs they can use or what core ingredients that they could use that might be available in the grocery store or in a, you know, all those, like for example, [todica 00:20:40] or are there products that are, Cilantro, we know, parsley and are there kind of ways that people could do it in case, just so we can make sure we're addressing absolutely everyone here, those that [crosstalk 00:20:52] have the revenue for that. So like let's just, so then this way, we'll be able to put up, put out a bit of a code language. So if we say liver and kidney or liver or, and then kidney, and lymphatic like, let's, let's put out some keys here. So how could somebody go off to their lymphatic cleansing and how could somebody go off to these various elements? Do you want to just gave us a little bit of a key map there and then we can go ahead and keep answering and then people then can choose what they like there and see if they can use the micro formulas or you know-

Dr Watts: 00:21:27 You bet.

Interviewer: 00:21:27 See what else is available. Thank you man. Go ahead.

Dr Watts: 00:21:29 Yeah. So I'm going to go with the aspect of what you eat is really important. Juicing can really help and that's where the cilantro and making some of the green juices and stuff with ginger in it, horseradish. You can make, you can add in spices which are really beneficial to the body. Cinnamon is really good for blood sugar stuff. Cayenne, cinnamon, horseradish, ginger are good for, you know, clearing out bugs and parasites out of the gut. And then the other thing is, is you know, looking at, there's a red root tincture that can help with, uh, dealing on the lymphatic drainage. So red root is a good thing for lymphatic drainage that if you can't afford the kidney liver detox, it's somewhere you can start.

Dr Watts: 00:22:19 The mimosa pudica obviously is going to have a tremendous impact for many people. And what we've seen with that product has been, it's been the game-changer for many, many people. You know, exercising and is going to be very important. Walking, and also looking at mindset, the mindset aspect of emotions and meditating are going to be some key things along with breathing, doing some breathing exercises which can really be beneficial to help the body to up regulate oxygen levels.

Interviewer: 00:22:54 Thank you for that very much. Now, I do have a comment of somebody saying that they have a challenge with audio, there's like two people, but I'm guessing that it's isolated. If somebody's having an issue with audio, then I'd quickly just show you here's what to do. This is good 101 for everyone in tech land. Okay, so here we are. Inside of Zoom, I would click on here in Zoom and I would go to preferences and then I would pull out here the audio and I would make sure that you've got here, you don't really need the microphone unless you're planning to talk to us, which might happen. But you want to plug in some headphones for example, or you could just put it should come out of your computer if you have speakers there, and then as to the YouTube live stream, then that has some variables. So if you're in the YouTube live stream now, you're watching this on the page. Click the link below instead because then you'll be able to get it direct. And in that way you'll actually technically be getting it actually live because Zoom is, I don't know, maybe 10 seconds delayed. So anyway, there you go. Done. All right, back to you Dr Watts. Let's keep going down that list, and I apologize if anyone cannot get in and see this, that's very important. But it looks like everyone is okay and Sandy, I'm trying to work out what's up with you. Just come into Zoom and I apologize that you're having a hard time there, but we are working. So let's continue on.

Dr Watts: 00:24:19 So BLT says, "I have a tooth that is infected and needs to be pulled. The dentist recommends that I go on antibiotics. Are there other options? I need to take the, if I need to take antibiotics, what can I do to minimize the adverse effects?"

Dr Watts: 00:24:34 So some great natural antibiotics are oregano oil, and also Argentyn 23 or the hydrosol silver. Got a couple of really good examples of some natural antibiotics. There's some essential oils that people can get as well that are very beneficial and can be used topically. Clove is a really good one for the mouth. And then the other thing is what to do to, you know, if you have to take it, what can you do to minimize it? Well, sacromycin, saccharomyces is a probiotic that you can take that can help. And then from there, other probiotics can help to minimize the effects of those antibiotics. Ideally, you know, as you well know, antibiotics can be a problematic thing for people's guts. So, you know, look into your natural options. 

Dr Watts: 00:25:26 Okay. Deborah says, "hi, I have ordered the protocol phase two and three. My husband who has severe depression and emotional detachment, chronic fatigue, anger issues, et cetera. He's a vegetarian on a plant based diet, alcohol free, and has had mercury poisoning, but is supposed to be free from this now. But still no improvements. He has come off PROZAC medication, which he took for 16 years." Wow, that's amazing. That's fantastic. "And has been on epilepsy medication for two years. Again, for the depression. We had been trying phenylalinine, dl- phenylalinine, lithium orotate and l-glutamine. How are we best to implement the protocol?"

Dr Watts: 00:26:08 So you were taking some products there. The phenylalanine is a precursor to dopamine. And so the other aspect of that, you may consider it as something that is a precursor to the other side, which would be tryptophan or 5-HTP for serotonin. The depression may not just be mercury, it could also come from other toxins. So the good healthy gut flora is going to be essential and that's where you have to look at, okay, what is causing that? Is it the mercury, or is it glyphosate, or some of the toxins that could be exposed in foods? Is there a toxin that he may have been exposed to at another time? How long has he had this severe depression and emotional detachment and the fatigue" Is there a retro virus issue in there? Is there a parasite issue? It looks like it could definitely be some type of heavy metal, but it could also be an infection as a problem in there. So I would talk to Deborah, functional med doctor or somebody that has experience with these things and look at your lab work and see if there is maybe an infection that could be contributing towards the heavy metals.

Dr Watts: 00:27:23 But on a protocol, the phase two and three, you may see a big, big shift with a really going in that phase two, especially.

Dr Watts: 00:27:31 Okay, Laurie is experiencing a severe fatigue, pain in her body, severe back and hip, but joint pain everywhere. She has, "I have Hashimoto's, lots of food sensitivities, gluten, dairy, most fish, soy, cashew, yeast, egg yolk and various vegetables and fruits." Wow. She can't eat very much. "I have not been tested, but have all MS symptoms. Brain fog and memory issues plague me, and I'm only 52. I really need to detox so I can get off sugar cravings. I eat very clean otherwise. What would you suggest I do to start my progress? I have started taking the mimosa pudica and notice it makes me constipated. Is that normal?"

Dr Watts: 00:28:20 So yes, it can be normal. Absolutely. And that's where being sure you're getting enough liquid in there and also being sure that you're taking the intestinal mover to get that stuff out. What's happening is you're starting to pull things off of the gut and it's just clogging up and you've got to be sure that you're really moving it. Another thing that can help is doing some coffee enemas. So you know a lot of your food sensitivities, I've seen that just the mimosa pudica and the Formula One alone, those two things being major issues because you have sensitivities to proteins. All those things you listed up there except for the various vegetables and fruits, are proteins. With the proteins, that's what we tend to have the most immune reactions to, and that's where I really look into parasites. Also, you could look at Lyme as a possibility, MS, people that have MS have a combination of parasites and Lyme Disease. Having hip and joint pain everywhere could be one of those issues. Do the protocol and then look into supporting, maybe more for Lyme, get tested probably as well. Kitty Lam, my eight year old daughter has struggled with incontinence her whole life, and it has gotten increasingly worse each year. I was planning on having her taking intestine mover for a month, and formula one for the next month. She was vaccinated as a baby and I would like to detox her. Is Metchem safe for children?

Dr. Watts: 00:29:53 We'll answer that before we move on. Yes, it's safe for children, and at her age, at eight, she should be able to do a capsule. You may open the capsule up and start maybe with a quarter capsule and slowly work her way up. The other thing is the intestine mover would be, it is a good idea, I like what you're doing, intestine mover for a month and then [inaudible 00:30:12] formula one for the next one, great idea Katie.

Dr. Watts: 00:30:15 Parasite medications recommend that whole families are treated together. We have three other children, ages five, three, and one. Should they also do a parasite cleanse, or would an anti-parasitic food or herbs be more suitable?

Dr. Watts: 00:30:29 When they're that age you're going to have to look at a tincture, or, to really get the little ones to take it. I have actually been able to get my children to take it that are those ages, but I put it into water with a drop of stevia, especially for the other ones. What you want to look for is an herbal tincture that is going to be more broad-spectrum and that will be safe for children. The tincture is going to be easy because you can dose it up and start at very little. Start at a drop or two and bring it up to 20 drops or something to that nature. Or kids that young, maybe 10 drops would be sufficient. Then on for two weeks and off for two weeks. Either work with a doctor or find a product from a trusted company. I work with a number of different products. I don't know if you want me to throw some of those products out there. Anti-parasitic foods, garlic is something you can do, oregano, oil is another one you can do. Spices if the kids can handle any spices is a good thing. That is where I would start with the children.

Dr. Watts: 00:31:49 She also plans to supplement with some amino acids. Should this be done in combination with micro formula protocols or separately? The amino acids would be good, maybe as a part of the issue there. And coffee enemas can occur, so I have many parents with children with autism that I work with that have been doing enemas since a young age.

Dr. Watts: 00:32:20 The next question, is it safe to go into phase two and three before having mercury fillings removed? I have. I think that it's not like you're putting the Metchem in your mouth and swishing it around trying to stick the metals out of your mercury fillings. What I think it can do, similar to a trash can being overloaded with stuff in your gut where we can get these products and capsules down into the gut and then from there pull it out, and it reduce the amount that is in the body even while you do have some of the fillings. If you start to have issues, then you can back off on that and you'll know if there's any issues with it. The Metchem is really good and we haven't seen people have an issue with that problem.

Dr. Watts: 00:33:09 J.B. says, "Dr. Todd, thank you for your products, your protocol products, it is slowly giving me my life back. I have two questions. The inside of my nose on the left side is always very swollen. The pathway is almost, is almost closed on one side. I have used [inaudible 00:33:26], but with no change. Any suggestions? I was exposed to mold. Many parasites have come out." That is great. "How can I find a root cause? Second question, my 22-year-old has developed nodules in his arms. He is complaining he is exhausted even after seven to eight hours sleep. He does not live at home. I also noticed that he, last time he visited, I noticed that his young dog looked like he lost weight. Do you think the nodules are a cause of parasites?"

Dr. Watts: 00:33:54 J.B. yeah, it could be a cause of parasites. Also, would consider getting him tested for Epstein-Barr and that might be an issue with the nodules as well. Viruses and parasites both go together, remember that the parasites affect the TH-1 pathway, which will then suppress the body's ability to fight the viruses and suppress that. So I would look at both, and that's where the Metchem binder and some additional things like L Lisine can help. Manganese can help with upper application and Vitamin A as well, that I tend to add in to help the parasites and with viruses.

Dr. Watts: 00:34:37 It is exhaustive. I would definitely consider looking into the Epstein-Barr. For your issue and the nasal stuff going on there, it is great that you have gotten some things out. You need to switch up what else there could be. Have you had a swab done? Maybe consider a swab and check for strep or check for mark ons, or something of that nature. Just contact customer service and have them contact me and I will see what other product I have available for you and your sinuses. I think I could find out. I can check into some things for you and your situation, J.B.

Jonathan: 00:35:25 Thanks, Dr. Watts.

Dr. Watts: 00:35:28 Kay, is milk thistle a potential problem if you have ragweed allergy? Good question, I would say this. I think it could probably help. I haven't, I have seen people with tons of allergies, especially ragweed and pollens and sage, and they are able to do both of those products without a problem. Remember that allergies and ragweed probably has to do with liver and kidney issues. Personally, what I would do, would be address the gut and then the kidneys. That is where you can add in the kidney, liver detox and really go after the liver and then use the gut cleansing products to really cleanse out the gut. You do those things, your allergies are probably going to go away. I know for me I used to have severe seasonal allergies, and having severe seasonal allergies, they all disappeared once I cleared parasites and cleaned up my liver.

Jonathan: 00:36:29 Lori was the same with that as well. She certainly had that issue, my wife, so we saw it happen all the time -

Dr. Watts: 00:36:36 Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jonathan: 00:36:36 - So it is really about looking at what is causing these things and not trying to medicate that issue, but it is clearly a cause and effect situation as to why we have allergies. That has been really awesome seeing that things that used to really bother her, she is fine with them now. It is a good reminder for everyone.

Dr. Watts: 00:36:59 It has dramatically changed my life. It is so much better, not having those horrible allergies. I used to almost scratch my eyes out because they were so itchy. Of course my ears itched, my throat itched, my nose drained constantly. It was bad for a while, so I can relate.

Dr. Watts: 00:37:15 Alright, Kitzie Sealer, "I have Hashimoto's, sodriuns, and some osteoarthritis in my hands. My question is, are IGG tests accurate? I have done them by Life Extensions. I plan to do a 30 day elimination diet, but am dreading how restrictive it is. Besides no gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, etc. there are also no legumes, nuts and more. Basically I could have grass fed beef, free range chicken, wild fish plus vegetables except starchy ones and one fruit a day. I am supposed to reintroduce the foods back one at a time for a few days for each food. Do you think the IGG tests are accurate? If so, can I eat the food I had a low reaction to, rather than eliminate it on an elimination diet? My low reaction foods included nightshades and lowshades. I know nightshades can affect arthritis and oestrogens can affect the thyroid. If I am not sensitive to an IGG test, does that mean that I can eat them? Thank you for your wisdom.

Dr. Watts: 00:38:26 Well, that is a great question. I want to say that you are doing a phenomenal thing by doing the elimination diet. I am more of a fan of that because, not only is it just getting those things out of the diet, but it is helping to reset the microbiome as well, by elimination all those things. There's more benefits than just eliminating inflammation, or inflammatory foods. Are they accurate? They can be, but the issue is you can have a reaction to something when your immune system is over reactive to everything anyway. Those IGG tests can change dramatically. I would go after what Dr. J had mentioned in the last Q & A, and that is to look at going upstream, what is creating that reaction.

Dr. Watts: 00:39:08 Why are you having an immune reaction in the first place? You shouldn't be having immune reactions if your gut is sealed up properly and you have the right bacteria in there. Let's be sure we are eliminating the things that are going to cause leaky gut, driving the IGG reaction test. I think what the "restrictive diet" or elimination diet is probably the best diet for you in going through this process. There is my wisdom. Stick with what you are doing. (Laughing)

Dr. Watts: 00:39:45 Coffee enema can be used if pregnant? Although, you know what, I would think so, but I am not the coffee enema expert on every little thing there. Dr. J.'s got a better idea on that than I do. I haven't thought much about coffee enemas and pregnancy before.

Jonathan: 00:40:07 Dr. Watts, I just quickly wanted to come back to the diet one. Here is a little contradiction that makes this deal, I think everyone is going to find this really fascinating. Think about grass fed beef for a second. How many times would the cow have to eat grass in order for it to be considered grass fed? Good question, right?

Dr. Watts: 00:40:27 Yes, that is a good question.

Jonathan: 00:40:29 So, then what is the regulation? And what is interesting is the regulation changed in January of 2016 and it is very open. What has become typical is that the grass, the cow is fed grass for one week, sorry, one day per week for a month. That is it, so, that is actually quite a conundrum. You can look up the research on that.

Dr. Watts: 00:40:57 Wow.

Jonathan: 00:40:58 You think about the title, "grass fed beef" and every cow eats grass at some point in its life.

Dr. Watts: 00:41:04 Of course. (Laughing)

Jonathan: 00:41:06 It is like saying I am a banana fed human being. I eat bananas, not the only thing I eat.

Dr. Watts: 00:41:11 (Laughing)

Jonathan: 00:41:11 So I guess, so does everyone...

Dr. Watts: 00:41:16 So misleading, so misleading...

Jonathan: 00:41:17 I guess, what is the way around it? There is a term that is called, "grass finished", so the word finished, finished. That is actually the most to the description of grass fed, what you thought was grass fed was grass finished, maybe. It looks like it at least has a semblance of it. It is just a couple of things to take into consideration. Certainly, chickens, I don't know if you know anything diff on this, Dr. Watts, but chickens also have the issue of being grain fed and that is why a lot of people boycott eating chicken because of that. I don't know if you know something diff than I.

Dr. Watts: 00:41:53 Yeah.

Jonathan: 00:41:53 Even if they were eating bugs, if the bugs had been eating ? Say then they are really dangerous as well. There are so many things that we don't know exactly for sure. We will quickly get back to it and not make this a forum on what diet to choose. I am not necessarily against anything, and I think everything in moderation is shoveling those concepts back. I am just saying that the whole grass fed direction is not as clear as people thought, because if the chickens are eating grains and the cows are mostly eating grains, most people are not eating grass finished beef. We don't really have that much data to suggest its ?

Jonathan: 00:42:34 I think that the key area is to increase the amount of plants we are having and not being relying on having meat three times a day, and filling up. Those things certainly increase people's healthfulness. I just wanted to comment on that general challenge that exists. We are supposed to be truth tellers in various subjects and this one kind of shocked me. I did a lot of research on this recently. Anyway, back to you Dr. Watts. Let's go through some more.

Dr. Watts: 00:43:03 Okay. Mary Ann says she has stage three kidney disease and osteoporosis. She has been seeing a Naturopathic doctor who put her on DigestaCure, autoimmune pills five months now. She has seen a big improvement in her digestive tract. Her Naturopath tells her based off life biofeedback machine that her colon and lymphatic system are good now. I am going to start phase one with only the kidney, liver supplement and go into phase two and three. I am concerned because I heard this supplement will lower the kidney GFR. What do you think I should do?

Jonathan: 00:43:38 I don't know how the kidney and liver supplement will lower the GFR. In most cases it usually, I think, raise the GFR. The other thing is that the stage three kidney disease can go to stage two and then stage one and then no stages at all. That is something that you can improve. What typically causes problems in the kidneys are going to be heavy metals and also toxins, like herbicides and pesticides cause a lot of these issues. There can be also sometimes, a bacteria or virus or parasite that can also affect the kidneys. What do I think you should do? I think you should do the kidney and liver detox supplement to help your kidneys and your liver to increase drainage on both of those. I think that phase two probably will be really good for you as well. It should really clear out with all the stuff that you are doing. The other thing is that on phase one, you may consider doing the ?carbon foundation, which will help to cleanse some of those toxins that may be affecting your kidneys. Another question here is, "I am sorry I was late on the seminar or webinar. I haven't seen all of the anxiety and depression series. I am concerned about my ex-boyfriend. He is currently taking, in the morning, depakote, keppra, cytomel, lithium, adderall and xanax. At night, seroquel, temazapam, lunesta and vraylar. I have been hearing about detoxification from heavy metals. Where can I buy this, or speak with an expert to start a protocol based on what he is taking.

Jonathan: 00:45:36 With all of that stuff on there, you are going to need to find yourself a local functional med doctor. I am going to go with a medical doctor, or an osteopathic doctor, or a nurse practitioner, or an integrated medical doctor that will really monitor this stuff. That is a tremendous amount of medications. That is something that you are going to need to get help in that process.

Jonathan: 00:46:08 [inaudible 00:46:08] I understand you've got the disclaimer there in terms of what she should think about doing when it comes to making sure she is doing the right thing with weaning off the medications. That conversation aside, what we are talking about is relevant to this person. Obviously the real question is not, "These are the drugs I am taking." The real question is, "What is causing this depression? What caused it in the first place?"

Dr. Watts: 00:46:33 Sure.

Jonathan: 00:46:34 What is the residual impact of now getting rid of the toxins and metals? That is probably the number one concern here. There is a reason why he is taking the meds. She would obviously need to get "caught up to speed" here, but we can give her a Cleft note, crash course version of what -

Dr. Watts: 00:46:49 Okay.

Jonathan: 00:46:50 - What is the problem here and how can she use the things we are talking about here to reverse the problem with her ex-boyfriend, which is very thoughtful for an ex.

Dr. Watts: 00:46:58 That is really nice. That is great she is caring. So, the phase one is going to be essential with what he is going through right now. He is on a tremendous amount of drugs. The only thing you've gotta be worried about is taking the products, especially the foundation, while he is taking those products. He needs to be away from the medications, otherwise, he can buy the toxins of the medications. Really supporting his liver and kidney is going to be amazing for him, and getting the detoxification pathways opened up so he can be ready to cleanse. It is really vital. That is why it is broken up into three phases. The three phases are really essentially set up to be able to have the most success, with the least amount of side effects to it. On the website there, it has the link and it shows the phases of each product and what they do. If you have to choose one product, I would probably start with kidney and liver detox, then bring in the lymphatic detox, or not the lymphatic detox, but the foundation ? Foundation. Just start with a couple, and slowly introduce some things into them.

Dr. Watts: 00:48:10 That is where having a functional med doctor or somebody who is going to an innovative doctor can guide us through that process, because you are dealing with so many medications with so many side effects. [crosstalk 00:48:21]

Jonathan: 00:48:23 Yeah, sorry, finish that.

Dr. Watts: 00:48:26 It could be a fact that a lot of medications he is having, is causing the problem in the first place. Cleaning up, because in a way, cleaning up some things would be really important. The less of those medications he is on for functioning, the better. Then he is going to have better results when taking the products we are giving him.

Jonathan: 00:48:45 How do you deal with the fact that, today I was speaking on an event, and somebody commented and they said, "I have been seeing a naturopath and I have spent 20,000 dollars with this naturopath, and I have never heard of these things." Not to say that my information is better or anything like that, but how do you deal with the fact that we can, you know, somebody can go to a functional medicine practitioner or something like that, and they are still just kind of giving supplements to help like medicate instead of getting to the core? How would somebody deal with that fact when they go see a professional like that?

Dr. Watts: 00:49:16 That is a really vital, a really vital point, Jonathan, and the reason why I say that is we have a lot of naturopathic doctors and functional med doctors that are coming to us to train and help them through with our protocol. They are getting so much better results with our protocol than what they were using before. The goal is to get to the deeper issues. That is what we are addressing in this protocol. How can we get to the toxins, the metals which is a toxin? How can we get to the infections and things that are driving the either autoimmunity or problem or, with his case, the depression? What is it that is getting there? That is what our protocol is set up to do. When you work with somebody, either work with somebody that can implement this protocol to go along with it. You are going to have to have a doctor, an integrative doctor, that is going to help you look at the medications right now and say, "Okay do you need all these right now," because these things can be interacting and creating a lot of problems within each other.

Dr. Watts: 00:50:16 That is first and foremost, the first step you need to take, in my opinion. Deal with it. Get with a nurse practitioner or a medical doctor that is integrative that will look at the medications and try and see what interactions they have with each other. Even go to a pharmacist that can really do this as well. Those guys know those interactions of meds really well. I think that would be a valid point, first and foremost, to do. Then from there, implement the protocol.

Jonathan: 00:50:42 Thanks Dr. Watts. Now let's send to you, so let's put you dead in the center there. Do you want to just kind of shuffle around a little bit, and then give yourself a little less head room. I would just, you know me, we will make a, I mean what can I do?

Dr. Watts: 00:50:54 Okay, what do you want me to do here?

Jonathan: 00:50:56 Just, looking at, yeah let's put you in the middle and then let's, yeah that is cool. It looks about right. I just wanted to get a bit more visibility. Now let's come over to the question and answer box. Andy at the top here, can you see the question and answer box?

Dr. Watts: 00:51:10 Yes.

Jonathan: 00:51:11 My wife is suffering from severe PPD, after the birth of our four month child two months ago. She just saw a psychiatrist today who feels she has severe OCD with depression and anxiety. One moment - she prescribed her Prozac. She is not on any meds currently. She has been taking five htp, lithium, orotate, taurine, cbd oil, and been using essential oils. This person is very educated, Andy, like he has been using all these different holistic therapies. For a couple of weeks now, so it is very recent, she has not felt any benefits from this outside of the CBD oil, to an extent, and also a little bit with frankincense. She has an appointment with a functional medicine doctor in a couple of weeks, although we expect this series of tests and appointments to cost a couple thousand dollars, approximately. We frankly are not in a financial position to afford this, and looking for options. What would you suggest? Once the test comes in, then the things that are being recommended would then cost another amount as well, so that needs to be calculated as well.

Jonathan: 00:52:18 We already eat very clean and nearly all organic, which is great. This has been the case for several years, thank you kindly, which is so common. We are seeing so many people with so many problems that are eating organic, eating well, so it is, yeah we are certainly having a lot of causative factors that go beyond. But anyway, back to this situation. How would you -

Dr. Watts: 00:52:39 That is a great thing right here that you talked about. It could be like a naturopath giving these common things that are beneficial, but what is the cause?

Jonathan: 00:52:47 Yeah.

Dr. Watts: 00:52:47 So what I see the number one cause from severe OCD and depression within anxiety here, after giving birth, is a copper toxicity. A copper toxicity is usually the number one cause of post-partum depression.

Jonathan: 00:53:07 Wow.

Dr. Watts: 00:53:08 You have to address that copper toxicity issues, maybe a little bit of zinc. The other thing that can help with this is some of the Metchem. Our Metchem product will help start to balance those metals out -

Jonathan: 00:53:23 Should she take our folic acid?

Dr. Watts: 00:53:25 Yes, that is our humic folic acid product.

Jonathan: 00:53:28 Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dr. Watts: 00:53:28 That is a biathocarbonate product there. That is the thing, is this is a very typical process where we are like, "Oh here, let's give five HTP to support serotonin, some lithium orotate to support the brain, taurine." Nothing works quite great. Why? Because what is happening is the pathway with making dopamine is probably being inhibited and driving it and staying in epinephrine, or norepinephrine or adrenaline, causing severe OCD. That is usually copper toxicity. There is a doctor who lectures about this, Dr. William Walsh. He talks about the five biotypes of depression. He says that is usually the number one cause of post partum depression.

Jonathan: 00:54:14 - Copper is?

Dr. Watts: 00:54:15 Yes.

Jonathan: 00:54:16 Amazing, amazing, and that is just one metal and thankfully when you do a humic acid, folic acid approach, you are not going to just get copper. You are going to get other metals as well, which are, I would say certainly going to be present because once you have vulnerability to one, you can also continue that vulnerability and exposure of the copper. It is not isolated as often as other things. You are getting a hit of copper, but you are also getting a hit of lead and a hit of something else like [crosstalk 00:54:45]

Dr. Watts: 00:54:45 The thing with her probably nursing, is I would be cautious on taking the products right?

Jonathan: 00:54:50 Yeah.

Dr. Watts: 00:54:50 And getting rid of heavy metals. With that I would be considering maybe upgrading a little bit of zinc and just to a little bit of the Metchem type product as a binder, or some of the folic humic acid, on a small dose. Don't do high doses at all, especially if you are nursing. You don't want to be dislodging metals a ton. You may be considering that you can't nurse and need to address your depression.

Jonathan: 00:55:19 Good. I can see both of those approaches being appropriate in that, for somebody to heal, it like, because you could detox in a couple of months, get back on track, and then get back to breastfeeding and not feel like you are the worst mom ever. You know what I mean? You are a good mom.

Dr. Watts: 00:55:38 Yes.

Jonathan: 00:55:41 (Laughing) Alright, so that is a -

Dr. Watts: 00:55:42 That is a tough thing, because every mom wants to breastfeed, which I think is phenomenal, and do it for as long as she can. When there is severe post-partum depression, your health, and sometimes your life, is sometimes more important and you need to take care of that.

Jonathan: 00:55:59 Just to be clear, if somebody did do that, then how long could that cycle be? The next question would be then, "How do I breastfeed again once I finish doing the detox? How long do I need to wait until I can do that again?"

Dr. Watts: 00:56:13 This will depend on how quickly they recover. Just getting some zinc in her could be a really key thing here. I would just have her do more research to cut or clear copper without affecting an infant. I would have to look at more details specifically on that one thing, compared to overall heavy [crosstalk 00:56:36]

Jonathan: 00:56:36 That is so helpful and I am so thrilled. Andy, there you go. What an awesome husband, looking after his wife. I believe he said that was his wife. Yes, of course.

Jonathan: 00:56:46 This is Samsung. I believe I know who this is, but I will remember in a second. She says, "My adopted daughter has had all vaccines since birth up to age four. We stopped it as soon as we had the ability to stop. She is now 14 years old. She has suffered with allergies always, specifically to dogs and cats. Also she has major issues with her skin, rashes, discolored skin like patches that get worse in sunlight. Any link? Anything we can do to clear these things up?"

Dr. Watts: 00:57:22 What you look at with vaccines and the link, children that have been vaccinated have a lot higher amounts of allergies than children non-vaccinated. The issue is her gut health. You've got to go in and cleanse the gut. I would look at parasites being an issue, especially with the rashes. Also, consider if she is with toxins and metals, also viruses and retroviruses. Our protocol is designed to clear these things and help out, so that is where I would probably go with, if that is something she can do. I would take those products. Her immune system is over, like just way over stimulated, which is why she has the allergies always, specifically to cats and dogs. Probably has seasonal allergies as well. So you got to get that immune system calmed down. And that's where addressing the gut issues is going to be a huge issue, a huge contributing thing that will benefit her.

Jonathan Otto: 00:58:26 Then, by saying that, you're talking about all the general principles that we're hitting, inflammation, obviously, being the one area where you continue to put gas in the fire. If the child is eating wheat, that's going to be a big issue in my opinion. I'm seeing in [crosstalk 00:58:40] you, Dr. Watts-

Dr. Watts: 00:58:41 Dairy.

Jonathan Otto: 00:58:41 Yeah.

Dr. Watts: 00:58:42 Dairy, really, really, a lot. Dairy's going to create a lot of more of those allergies and immune reactions. So the more stressed your gut is from the foods you eat, then the more allergies you're going to have. So she has leaky gut that needs to be addressed.

Jonathan Otto: 00:58:57 Yeah. Absolutely. So the short answer there. Trying to remember. It was like RITA. But the short answer there is that you need to just make sure that there's no gas being put on the fire for the child. The inflammation is flame, fire, and things are being put onto that fire. And I'm sure that you're eating very healthy, and you're probably already doing a lot of these things. Then once you know that you've done the majority of these things, then it comes over into this other conversation. Now how do I repair the residual damage that's happened over there, young, four years of this child life? That is going to be some of these heavy metal questions. And I think that the biggest question for everyone, when it comes to children, Dr. Watts, is can the child do anti-parasitic cleanse using mimosa pudica seed? Can they use these herbs like neem and clove, and can they do heavy metal detoxification with humic and fulvic acid?

Dr. Watts: 00:59:54 Absolutely. And I usually do-

Jonathan Otto: 00:59:56 [crosstalk 00:59:56].

Dr. Watts: 00:59:57 ... a lesser dose compared to an adult.

Jonathan Otto: 01:00:00 And the good news is that you don't give them too much and then it's like they start having seizures. It's not going to happen like that. But if there was some kind of really foreign case, but everyone's responsible. You can just follow what it says on the bottles or halve the dosage and then work up to the full dosage. These are typical ways that we should approach everything for everyone. Healing is always going to give us some grace here from-

Dr. Watts: 01:00:31 Definitely.

Jonathan Otto: 01:00:31 Yeah. Awesome.

Dr. Watts: 01:00:32 So if you're getting severe headaches from something you're taking, slow down. You're taking too much. Or go off, then go back on and do lesser amount. Right? So it's one of those things when you're [crosstalk 01:00:43]-

Jonathan Otto: 01:00:43 [crosstalk 01:00:43] give up, but don't give up.

Dr. Watts: 01:00:43 Don't give up. Any time you're taking supplements, no matter whose they are, and you're reacting to them, look at it. Is this a detox reaction? Then slow it down and open up the detox pathways. And just keep at it. Then maybe people who take minute doses, and eventually they were able to expand more and more and more. So sometimes you have to take baby steps to get to where you want to on a marathon. You can't just start out running.

Jonathan Otto: 01:01:10 Go on here. And now we have Theresa. She says, "My ovaries were removed when I was 31. I am not on hormones." Sorry. Every time it moves when somebody posts something I have to find my spot again, which is okay. But that's why I look like I'm incredibly slow sometimes. Okay. "I'm not hormones, and was for only just a short time afterwards. My metabolism is really slow. I eat well, drink only clean water, exercise, meditate. I was exposed to black mold and mercury. How can I target both of these toxins? I had done three-day fasts and that seems to help, but only for a short time. What would you target first, or should I do them all at once?"

Dr. Watts: 01:02:03 That's a really good question. So the black mold exposure is do you have it in your sinuses? Is it in your gut? Or did your body process it and you just have mycotoxins you have to clear? The other thing is with the mercury. You're going to want to always start with the gut health because of the fact that he knows when you fast, you do better for a short time. But what I would target first would just be, initially, just getting your detox pathways opened up, flowing well, which is phase one. And then getting to the parasites. And remember that the foundation in phase one's going to help with the mercury.

Dr. Watts: 01:02:45 The black mold stuff that you may having an issue with, the mycotoxins, that's where the product with the biotox can help out binding the mycotoxins and having less reactions to that. But you're going to have issues until you clear the mercury out, if it's in your gut. Right? People can get that in that area. So it can make you have food allergies, sensitivities, irritability. Lot of different things that can happen. So don't target everything at once. Just choose one thing, and always open up drainage. And then from there, start with the gut health. Cleanse that out. Then from there, go more systemic in clearing out the metals. That's what phase three is.

Jonathan Otto: 01:03:32 Okay. Great. Opening up drainage is along the lines of using milk thistle and some of these other herbs in that regard. Correct?

Dr. Watts: 01:03:45 Yes. Dandelion, red root. There's, I mean, you got beets, beet root. If you're eating foods and you can look at the list of foods that can help to support your kidneys and your liver and the drainage of those things. Chanca piedra is an herb for the kidneys.

Jonathan Otto: 01:04:09 In Dr. Nuzum's book, Detox for Life, is really good in that type of thing because it's got all the foods that you can eat because you're going to eat anyway. Why not eat foods that detox the liver and kidneys-

Dr. Watts: 01:04:20 Exactly.

Jonathan Otto: 01:04:20 ... and lymphatic system, open up the drainage pathways. So when you start going after those metals, those metals are going out in the toilet and they're not still getting circulated around the body because they still can't find their way out. That's the general philosophy. Correct?

Dr. Watts: 01:04:34 It is. And you have to be sure you have a binder that's strong enough to pull it all the way out. So you don't want to be dumping it off somewhere and causing damage and problems. So Dr. Nuzum, we have his books in our clinic. He works there and he's just a great guy. That's a nice, really, set up book for helping people understand the foods and how foods can help them out.

Jonathan Otto: 01:04:53 That's awesome man. Thank you so much. Thanks for speaking highly of your colleagues as well. "I want to try this," from Kay. "I want to try the biomolecular oxygen due to mold exposures." Okay. "And was wondering about the polysaccharides in the products since I avoid all added sugars. Thoughts?"

Dr. Watts: 01:05:15 So that's the thing people don't understand is there's sugars and then there's polysaccharides. So plants all have polysaccharides, every single plant. Alright? So that's what we're talking about. The polysaccharides come from humic and fulvic acid. So it's not the type of sugar that she's thinking of in regards to the sugars. Every one of our microbes needs these polysaccharides to feed them. That's what our microbes feed off of. And, as well, as our mitochondria needs the polysaccharides. Our cells needs the polysaccharides. They also need polyelectrolytes. The polyelectrolytes are going to help with the moving things in and out of the cells, and provide the energy and some of the nutrients that are needed for the body.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:05 At a local farmer's market here on Sunday ... I live in Puerto Rico. I went to a local farmer there and they had fresh-squeezed can juice, and I drank the cup.

Dr. Watts: 01:06:15 Ooh. Yum.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:17 It wasn't actually very sweet. That's what's amazing about it.

Dr. Watts: 01:06:20 Wow.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:21 Was it bad for me, Dr. Watts?

Dr. Watts: 01:06:23 I don't think it was bad for you. I've done it where I've had the sugar cane. We peel it with the knife and chew on it. We call that [crosstalk 01:06:31] and get that juice out.

Jonathan Otto: 01:06:33 Yeah. Amazing. Right? Yeah. Especially when you're having the fiber as well. But yeah. It's a new way to see things. We are so far against aspartame. And we're even against refined cane sugar. You know what I mean? There's so many things. We exclude them. But, certainly, you want to make sure that you understand the way that I believe God made plants. And then what you'll find is one of the key takeaways is that ... One of the key takeaways is that when we have fiber with the thing that's sweet, it's no longer the thing that often is spiking the blood sugar.

Jonathan Otto: 01:07:11 For example, if you drink mango juice, yeah, it probably going to spike your blood pressure. You're not supposed to drink that juice. Whereas with green apples, you can juice them, and carrots, and other things, or beets. You can juice some of these things, but the higher in the glycemic index, they need to be consumed as fiber at the same time. It's just a good way to see things so you can understand you can eat a lot of these things. A lot of people think you can't. In my opinion, it seems that God has made these things. And I think about Genesis, "Of all the fruit of the trees of the garden, you may freely eat. So shouldn't exclude fruit. I mean, I'm a big advocate of that.

Dr. Watts: 01:07:49 I'm with you. I'm with you Jonathan, on that.

Jonathan Otto: 01:07:50 Cool.

Dr. Watts: 01:07:52 Because people ... The fruit and the fiber in the fruit, the fiber helps to balance the blood sugar spiking.

Jonathan Otto: 01:07:57 Wow.

Dr. Watts: 01:07:58 So God made us these fruits not to make us unhealthy. There's some doctors, that's all they prescribe. And it says, "Okay. [inaudible 01:08:06] fruit of cherry." And you heal your body just eating fruits. I don't quite go to that. I think there's a balance needed in many things. But I think we take things to the extreme. When we take things to the extreme and eliminate all these foods, then we're missing out on nutrients, and our gut flora isn't getting everything it may need.

Jonathan Otto: 01:08:26 Awesome. Awesome. So that's a good takeaway for everyone because we've had some concerns about that. And we've also had some people talk about the damaging nature of grains. And I think that that also comes in that same conversation when you're dealing with grains that are non-genetically modified and that haven't undergone any alterations, so the anti-grains being that one. I'm not sure if you'd agree with me there, but certainly you have a look at all the [inaudible 01:08:54] and they actually all are consuming grains, but their not grainitarians either. You look at all the countries that they're from, and the history, and how long these groups, people go back. You'll find that they're all consuming the ancient grains. But, again, they're not overdosing on them. But I think that that helps to balancing that because I think people find it hard to eat more plant-based and eat more plants in their diets when they've excluded these other things. And so many people are saying, "These are the most terrible things on earth." But I think they're really getting mixed-

Dr. Watts: 01:09:22 I know.

Jonathan Otto: 01:09:22 ... with the information here because, certainly, genetically modified grains are pretty much, I believe, the worst thing on earth. I do. So I'm agreement in the GMO, right? So any take on that with the grains? It's been so conflicted. I've really found myself quite at odds here, myself, because it's taken a lot of research. What do you think?

Dr. Watts: 01:09:41 Okay. This is Dr. Watts' theory on stuff. Every ancient civilization survived off of what?

Jonathan Otto: 01:09:48 Grains.

Dr. Watts: 01:09:48 The grains. Whether it was wheat, rice, and there's potatoes, of course. But there's been that there. So what we've done is, okay, in America we're going to process and refine these things and clear out all the nutrients out of them. And then we're going to add toxins, and chemicals, and desecrate these grains with the toxin. So then we completely pasteurize the grains and not have the nutrients that is needed. There is nutrients in a lot of grains, especially some of these beans and grains that you can soak and sprout. If you look at wheat [crosstalk 01:10:29]

Jonathan Otto: 01:10:28 Which helps to reduce the lectin content. Correct?

Dr. Watts: 01:10:31 Correct.

Jonathan Otto: 01:10:32 Yeah. And the crockpot, these are ways to get around the fact of breaking down the lectin, which can create an issue with gliadin, right, and which is inflammatory to the body. But go ahead.

Dr. Watts: 01:10:47 So wheat, for example, before World War II, okay, what happened? Well, we weren't spraying it with the glyphosate back then. But also, we would do what? We would soak the grain or we would put it into a sourdough. So it would go through a milling process, right. So it would be milled with a stone mill. And then, from there, soaked and used in a sourdough process that would eat up the phytic acid or the phytates and also eat up the sugar. So now you're not spiking your blood sugar. You're not having the phytic acid eating up your gut lining and stuff. Then what we did is we introduced yeasts, pasteurizing yeast. And then we completely changed how bread was supposed to be done from there.

Dr. Watts: 01:11:32 So I have a sister-in-law that is really sensitive to wheat. She can't handle wheat. She has severe reactions to it. But when she goes to Europe, she can eat some of the wheat over in Europe.

Jonathan Otto: 01:11:43 Yeah. Amazing. That's a clear example.

Dr. Watts: 01:11:45 The other question- There's something there. There's also a lot of nutrients that we're missing now when we're completely eliminating them from our diet in a paleo diet or a ketogenic diet. Neither one of those diets are really super healthy in the fact that they're missing certain nutrients. Dr. Zach Bush, who's, I think, super intelligent and amazing guy. He talks about the diet. He discusses how important these foods are, and how we really need to be looking at it differently than eliminating all these things out of our diet, and now, we're eliminating all these nutrients and things that actually feed our microbiome.

Jonathan Otto: 01:12:27 Alright. And concluding this, then we'll come back over to the questions. But here's a conspiracy for everyone that's going to blow everyone's minds. Some people are just going to think it's the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard. Alright. So this is ... Okay. I can't even believe I'm talking about this right now. But anyway. So a lot of people know about the CIA's, apparently, discontinued MK-ULTRA Program, which was the mind control program that was apparently repealed in 1954, and then in the '70s, and then finally in early 2000, and all this. Right? But they had a couple of subsets. There were thousands of people that were involved in these experiments in hundreds of institutions. And they were sued for it. A Canadian resident sued them. It's well-documented, and you can see the governments actual apologies. All these things, you can see it. You just look them up, right?

Jonathan Otto: 01:13:17 But they did have a project called MK-NAOMI that was a subset, I believe of MK-DELTA. And this was where they actually did a food poisoning experiment through the bread. They called it the cursed bread, and it was in France. There was four fatalities. It was done on a few hundred people. But then there was another 30 or so people that were committed to psychiatric institutions. It was allegedly a mind control experiment that was done through the food. And they actually happened to use grains, of all things. It's debated as to the efficacy of this, but this was attached to the CIA Operative Olson that got thrown out of the building and killed after he had been exposed, and been inside, and had intel on the project. It appears his family have actually done a suit against the government again. They settled for $750,000. Now they're suing again on another account.

Jonathan Otto: 01:14:24 So these things are actually, like, it's crazy. I mean, could you think about the fact that the CIA may have been involved, and that there's actually people that lost their lives in attachment, apparently, to this? And you can look up the information on it, but it was in attachment to ways they were altering things for the purpose of altering the mind, and for the ultimate purpose of controlling the mind. Everybody's like, well, not everybody. A lot of people are familiar with the fluoride issue and how it makes the mind more malleable. It was used by Hitler during World War II. It's just something to have your mind open about. But there's certainly research behind it. It's not a crazy theory. It's well-documented, but it sounds crazy because no one talks about it. But back to you. Let's keep going through these questions. That was pretty crazy.

Dr. Watts: 01:15:12 I didn't know that. Thank you for letting me know. I don't know [crosstalk 01:15:15].

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:14 Alright. Thanks for being open-minded. You notice how when you're talking to, actually, people that have their heads screwed on, they don't just laugh at you when you say something like that? So I appreciate that. Thank you for not making me feel crazy. Alright. [Kicksey Sealer 01:15:28] says, " Thank you for answering my question about Ig tests and the elimination diet. One further question, can I do stage one, two, and three detoxing at the same time I do the elimination diets? Thank you."

Dr. Watts: 01:15:41 Even better.

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:42 Of course.

Dr. Watts: 01:15:43 Absolutely.

Jonathan Otto: 01:15:43 That's an easy answer. You have got it answered. BLT says — which stands for beef, lettuce, and tomato, and I'm just kidding — "I had mold exposure in my living/working station." Do we answer this one? "I was very sick before I had realized the cause of my illness. I improved gradually when I moved out of my house and did many things to get well. However, now 13 years later, even though I try very hard to avoid mold, I am still very chemically sensitive. Cannot tolerate computer printer in the house, smart phone, my credit cards, driver's license, et cetera. Will the protocol help me address these problems or are there other things that I should be doing first?"

Dr. Watts: 01:16:24 So with this case, the protocol, yes, will help you. You may have to go really slow because of the sensitivity that you have. I would suggest starting, actually, in your area, starting with the Biomolecular Oxygen, as well as the Bioactive Carbon BioTox. Do those and get some oxygen in that body in helping support clear out some of the maybe mycotoxins. Those will also support the liver quite a bit. And then from there, slowly introducing then the Kidney & Liver Detox. And then bring in, little by little, each product from the first phase. To me, you're not going to be someone that can just do all the products all at once and just hit it hard. You're just going to have to step-by-step go through it.

Jonathan Otto: 01:17:14 Okay. Amazing. Heart says, "My 38-year-old son has received a diagnosis for schizo or schizoaffective disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. He's even several medications. I've spoken to his doctor about using a more alternative approach with him, but she's really not open." [inaudible 01:17:39] that. "She will approve supplements for him though, approve, though ..." Where'd it go? "Though, if i ask her, she's willing to look at lowering his Haldol another mg."

Dr. Watts: 01:17:58 Milligram.

Jonathan Otto: 01:17:58 Milligram. Yeah. Oh, okay. Got it. "In January, reduced 5 milligrams recently, but only very slow process. I'm looking for some guidance in slowly reducing his medications. He takes 100 milligrams of Zoloft, 100 milligrams of Lithium, AM," which is not lithium orotate. Correct? It's never prescribed.

Dr. Watts: 01:18:18 Correct.

Jonathan Otto: 01:18:19 Yeah. "2 milligrams Artane, AM and PM, 10 milligrams ..." So you can read the list there. "He has been in this ..." You can see it, right, Dr. Watts?

Dr. Watts: 01:18:29 I can. Yes.

Jonathan Otto: 01:18:30 "He has been in a state ..." You can? "... mental health system. So he's been in the mental health system for about 18 years. So I'm hesitant to do much without her approval." Oh, my goodness. "I have him on a lot of supplements. Currently he takes 3,000 milligrams no-flush niacin, L-tyrosine, and others for general health, i.e. fish oil, vitamin D, et cetera. Do you have any suggestions for me?" Oh, I feel so bad for you. Go ahead.

Dr. Watts: 01:18:54 So one other thing that I would suggest is, first, is go through a doctor and get a BodyBio fatty acid test. I think that's going to be really important because if you're just giving him fish oil and vitamin D, those can be doing him harm. So you really need to know his fatty acid profile, and that's through If you don't know a doctor with them, you could always just contact them and they could refer you to a doctor that can run that test. The other thing is is that you're giving him things that will help with, possibly with depression, anxiety, and things, but you're not going after what's maybe the cause of the issue. So that's where he's on his medications. Supporting kidney detoxification, supporting liver detoxification is very important.

Dr. Watts: 01:19:47 Then, I would look at, "Okay, what could be causing these problems?" Any time you're looking at this, always start with the gut. Start taking things that are going to cleanse the gut and helping him with the gut health. So slowly work through ... Slowly work through the process of the protocol. But don't do all of at the same time with him, especially the fact that he's on a lot of things. He's on a lot of meds, so you're going to have to do things that are going to have to be away from the medications. I don't know when he takes all those. May be difficult to get it all in, but it sounds like he's already on products. Then he probably can be able to take some of the things that would make a difference. But it would be really interesting to see how the mimosa pudica helps him.

Jonathan Otto: 01:20:32 Great. And that's very gentle. So I think that you should really feel comfortable with bringing that in and being very authoritative with the fact that he deserves to have this. You might be able to package that information in a way where you're not emphasizing the detox properties and kind of going on about some theories that you have that you understand from us, but just kind of trying to navigate and be smart, like the Bible says to be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves. So I would navigate that situation. The other thing that I would do is really make sure that ... I know it's going to be hard if he has mental illness, his ability to say no to things, but the bread is going to be such an issue, in my opinion, for him. And that's been studied, and it was actually proven by the NIH in the '60s when they introduced wheat, then took it back out. And this was on schizophrenic people and on people with various mental health issues. They did it on 30 day intervals, and they did find people, a large majority of their symptoms go away, and then come back. And they had to just keep testing it. These poor patients went through months of this. But it was proven. It was fact.

Jonathan Otto: 01:21:37 So there's no way around it. You can do all these other amazing things, but if that's the trigger for him, it's going to be an issue. And I just did an interview with Dr. Daniel Amen. This should blow everybody's mind because he's-

Dr. Watts: 01:21:48 Great.

Jonathan Otto: 01:21:48 ... known to be- Yeah. I'm glad you like his work. He's known to be the most popular brain health doctor in America. Here's what was amazing. He had somebody that was suicidal. Everybody think about the ramifications for all of us. This person was suicidal. So what did they do? They did this elimination diet. They removed the foods. They did corn, wheat, and dairy. And then they reintroduced. So they reintroduced, actually, gluten, which was interesting. I mean, well, wheat, really, and they didn't see an issue. They waited a week. And then they reintroduced dairy. They waited a week, didn't see anything. They introduced corn, and within 20 minutes he had a vision of putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. Okay? Think about that.

Jonathan Otto: 01:22:35 So he just shared this with me a couple of days ago. And I just want everyone to think about it's like if you have a food that your body had developed a sensitivity to ... And I can guarantee a person ... I mean, I'll assert this claim that the reason is the genetically modified corn is such an issue, but then it can create an issue with corn itself, why your body's still not healed. And this person clearly wasn't. So I couldn't tell you whether it was GMO corn or not. I don't know that answer. But that's the key to look at all these inflammatory foods. Look at the knowledge that we know, and know that these are going to mental health issues. And you can't get around the fact. You can't just sneak it in every now and again because it will go into the bloodstream without getting digested properly. And these proteins will be coming around the body, and it's like having a broken toilet. That's going to affect your head very, very quickly.

Jonathan Otto: 01:23:23 So there you go. That's a good takeaway, right?

Dr. Watts: 01:23:25 It is. Very good. Thank you.

Jonathan Otto: 01:23:27 Thank you. Carol says, "I am asking about eczema on my upper back. I have tried everything including elimination, essential oils." People, firstly, if you tell me you tried everything, that is not true.

Dr. Watts: 01:23:42 Not true.

Jonathan Otto: 01:23:43 It's like, Todd and I, we hear that every single day. So we would have nothing to tell you right now if you had tried everything. We would just quit our jobs or whatever we do. We [inaudible 01:23:54] jobs, but quit our advocacy, I guess. So, Carol, the great news for you is that you haven't tried everything. You've tried a fraction of what ... And you've tried nothing that has worked for you, and that's what's true. Okay? So that's good news, actually. Good news, not an insult, and you know that, and you're awesome. Many natural, and that they call remedies, topically, any suggestions? So let's go internal rather than topically. Todd?

Dr. Watts: 01:24:19 Yes. So internal. Eczema, I'm going to always look at, first thing is roundworm. So parasites are going to be the first thing I go to when I'm thinking of eczema, chronic eczema issues. I've had a lot of extensive experience with this because I've dealt with it on my wife who's had eczema since she was young. And then my three oldest children have all had eczema. So this is something that as I help to clear out the parasites, and rebalance their gut, and support kidney and liver function, it went away. They haven't had an issue since. So I'm going to go first thing you need to do is look at parasites.

Jonathan Otto: 01:25:06 Yeah.

Dr. Watts: 01:25:07 Formula 1. Formula 1. Mimosa pudica.

Jonathan Otto: 01:25:10 Absolutely. Absolutely. So that's really important. So, again, a list of the anti-parasitic herbs: clove, neem, are two of the most common, most available. They're everywhere. I was actually in a field in Africa, sitting there, and the people were saying, "We have this issue with army worms." Then I was like, "What do I do?" I was looking up natural solutions, and I'm flicking through my phone. I'm like, "There's the plant." And I turn over to my translator and I'm like, "Need this plant. Neem." Then he points up, and it's up on above my head.

Dr. Watts: 01:25:46 Oh, man.

Jonathan Otto: 01:25:48 I don't think you're going to find it above your head. But I was so shocked. And it's the leaves, as well. It's interesting, in the book of Revelation it says that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Isn't it amazing that actual leaves do have so many healing properties, even today, in this world, in this kind of toxic world? So the leaves are amazing. That's where they come from. And also, the hulls, and the bark of neem. And then you have clove and black walnut and wormwood. And then, Dr. Watts has their supplement which is called Formula 1, which is actually really cost effective. It's 120 pill. It's like 40 bucks, and I think 35 bucks with the discount. So there you go. That's a great, great way. I would go straight after that, and I would look for the reasons why the parasites are there. That could be the issue with metals. And that's why I'd keep that conversation close with the humic and fulvic acid.

Dr. Watts: 01:26:38 Exactly.

Jonathan Otto: 01:26:38 And don't exclude it. Don't think that every problem relates to the parasites because they're actually part of the solution, sadly enough, because they're helping to balance the issue with the metals.

Dr. Watts: 01:26:47 They can, for sure, but not always. It could also be the fact that they have a dog and the dog and the dog-

Jonathan Otto: 01:26:53 And the dog?

Dr. Watts: 01:26:53 ... has roundworm-

Jonathan Otto: 01:26:54 Oh, got it.

Dr. Watts: 01:26:55 ... and they just got it from the dog. And they have continual exposure to the dog. So.

Jonathan Otto: 01:26:59 Oh, interesting. And then, okay. Got it. But then, because I just want to ... and the reason why I emphasize the point that I did and correct me if I'm wrong, is because my fear is that I tell everyone to cleanse from parasites and then people do that and then some of their symptoms go way up because they no longer have the alibi to help absorb some of the toxins and the metals. Is that a real concern or not?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:27:25 Well, that's why [inaudible 01:27:26] it's in the metals, right?

Jonathan: 01:27:31 Yeah, good. Exactly and I'm on the same-

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:27:33 [crosstalk 01:27:33] the whole thing so that you're not having the reactions. But yes, it can buffer, right? Just like the fungus in the body can help buffer some things that are happening to our bodies, just like, "Oh, it's there." It's there because it's a buffer for something else that's happening. That's why candida or fungus gets out of control in the body is because it's just trying to help out and parasites can also help buffer things at times as well.

Jonathan: 01:27:58 Thank you. Now Laurie is asking a question. I don't know if this is my wife or not because their name is spelt the same. So Laurie, text me if this is you. Okay. I don't think it is. She's not texting. "Can you please tell the steps," she's downstairs, "from where to start and finish and what we need to take. Example: Number one, coffee enemas. How often before moving to the next step." I don't think this is my life. "Two, intestinal detox, how long? Three, mimosa pudica and dose daily. What additional supplements? What daily supplements, probiotics, etc?"

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:28:36 So it's an interesting question. Tell what steps, start to finish, we need to take. So it's getting a couple of our products. But those aren't even ... The intestinal detox, I mean, the intestinal move is one of the products that is very beneficial. Part of the detox is gonna be mimosa pudica and most people start out to twice a day and then go up from there. If you're having too much constipation or you're having too much bloating or something like that, then you need to be sure you're moving your bowels and that's where the coffee enemas can help and also the intestinal mover can help. Daily supplements, I'm gonna say fulvic acid minerals are really important, probiotics, not necessarily at the beginning because the probiotics most of the time don't survive and make it and do anything anyways until you create and you prepare the environment. I always like to use the lawn. I want a beautiful lawn in my backyard. But I love into the house and it has weeds that are three feet tall. I'm not gonna get a great lawn by just throwing seeds out there, right, and expect it to grow.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:29:44 Same thing in our gut. We gotta pluck out all those toxins or all those weeds. We gotta fertilize the soil and we gotta water the soil and so there's a process that you go through to get them to be able to survive and to be able to feed them. Prebiotics in my opinion are much better because probiotics are only a few strains when we have thousands in our gut. So it's better to really give the right nutrients to feed and proliferate the right kind in our gut.

Jonathan: 01:30:13 So what are prebiotics that people can take?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:30:16 So prebiotics really are vegetables. Just start right there.

Jonathan: 01:30:20 Yeah. No product there? Good. Good. Vegetables and [inaudible 01:30:31]. I mean, are they beneficial cooked and raw or raw is better for the probiotic factor? [crosstalk 01:30:38]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:30:38 I think some of those tough one could be lightly cooked, lightly steamed is good to soften them up, makes it easy for digestion and assimilation.

Jonathan: 01:30:48 But then obviously kale would be, do you think, better uncooked? [crosstalk 01:30:53]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:30:54 Kale can be steamed or lightly cooked because [crosstalk 01:30:58] break down. That one's a [crosstalk 01:31:01].

Jonathan: 01:31:01 That's interesting. But then once somebody has their system working properly, I know that there are benefits in increased ... I think a lot of people aren't eating enough raw. You know what I mean? [crosstalk 01:31:13] eating too much raw as well. But I don't think we probably have a single raw foodist on here. There might be. But most of us are cooking too much, not eating enough raw. So knowing which ones we can eat raw is helpful.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:31:28 I agree. I think having a good balance of those are very important and they're going to provide specific nutrients and we're gonna get more nutrients out of certain ones that are lightly cooked or steamed. Don't overcook them. Don't do them at too high a heat and kill off the enzymes. The more you cook things, the less energy that it's gonna provide you and your body.

Jonathan: 01:31:47 Awesome and then good news is fruit, we're almost all used to eating non-cooked. The only ones that some people cook is banana for a dessert. You can cook a banana and again, I like doing that and so [crosstalk 01:32:00]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:31:59 You like bananas.

Jonathan: 01:32:01 That's so funny that I'm giving my [crosstalk 01:32:04]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:32:04 [crosstalk 01:32:04] chocolate on it.

Jonathan: 01:32:06 Yeah, chocolate. My wife calls me a monkey and yeah, there you go. So there you go. Back to it. So come back over to and we're coming to the tail end here. But stay on with us because we got just a few more here and then we might finish up with a couple of people live. [inaudible 01:32:26] raise your hand so we can have little live aspect. You got a few more minutes left in you, Dr. Watts, or your [crosstalk 01:32:31]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:32:31 Sure.

Jonathan: 01:32:31 All right. He had to say yes then. But they absolutely motivated me. Okay, here we go. Judy, "How much zinc for PPD?"

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:32:39 So just start low and work up. There's a lot of resources online to help you out with what kind of zinc to get and how to go up. I'm gonna recommend trying to get zinc from a natural source. [crosstalk 01:32:53]

Jonathan: 01:32:52 Okay, what about zinc orotate?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:32:54 Food. I'm gonna say food sources first.

Jonathan: 01:32:58 Yeah, yeah, got it. Got it. Like what?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:33:00 Oysters is one of them. But there's several. You could Google up some good food for ... You could Google good sources for [crosstalk 01:33:11] foods.

Jonathan: 01:33:12 Yeah, perfect. Okay, so then and I'll list out a couple foods for you hear so everyone can tune in. Meat is one of them. Red meat is one of them as some of the issues there, shellfish and so these are not ... So people that are vegetarian here, don't feel like I'm saying that you need to do that. You certainly don't. Okay, let's keep going. I don't eat shellfish. Legumes, there you go. Awesome and in fact, 100 grams of cooked lentils contain 12%. This is according to

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:33:42 So I also like the sprout lentils. They're really good sprouted and great nutrients.

Jonathan: 01:33:48 Awesome. Seeds, okay, and there you do. For example, three tablespoons, 30 grams of hemp seeds contain 31 and 43% of the recommended daily intake for men and women respectively. Amazing, right? So there's so many things here, nuts and then dairy. But some of you are ...

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:34:09 Not dairy.

Jonathan: 01:34:09 Avoiding that. Yeah, exactly. Take it out and I would say the caveat with dairy can be that if it's grass fed and there's a couple of things. But remember, Dr. John Gray with Parkinson's used dairy from grass fed cows with the amino acids. That was the thing that he referred to when he said amino acid supplement, he was actually talking about these [inaudible 01:34:33] protein that's in a supplement that he created. So do you see what I mean? There's that little caveat with dairy. But remember, it's not homogenized, pasteurized. It's from grass fed cows and you might not be at the point where it might not be good for you right now. But it might be okay in the future. But I've seen people use it and so I just don't want to rule it out entirely personally. But it's pretty much ruled out for most people, especially in the form that's in right now at this point, you know what I mean? Eggs, apparently, but eggs, whole grains obviously with what we know, quinoa, rice, oats [inaudible 01:35:08]. Anyway, blah, blah, blah, some vegetables, dark chocolate. There you go.

Jonathan: 01:35:11 There's some answers there for you. Pretty cool. Okay, Laura Lee says, "What are your thoughts on chelation therapy as a treatment for heart disease and other heavy metal issues. Also, I worked in the lawn care industry for 25 years or 25 years ago." Whoa, this is a little early. You're up in the world here with your age. That's cool. "Curious about your thoughts on this as well. Can herbicide, pesticides stay in the body this long and if so, what should I be looking for health wise? I'm 55." Okay, so it was awhile ago. Yeah, I got it. [inaudible 01:35:48] "Low energy, foggy head, poor memory, hip joint pain, sometimes have pretty intense skin pain, strange as it sounds. It feels as if skin could burst, especially in the feet. Thank you." Wow, okay, let's help Laura Lee.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:36:03 So first on the chelation therapy, I've chelation therapy for heart disease before. It can help be beneficial. But you have to work with somebody that really knows what they're doing and really screen that in doing more damage. The other thing is [crosstalk 01:36:20]

Jonathan: 01:36:19 Explain what chelation therapy is for a second.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:36:22 So chelation therapy is where you can use [inaudible 01:36:26] or you can use EDTA to bind to metals and toxins to remove from the body using through IV therapy and so there's several thought processes. I know Dr. Jay Davidson's not a fan of that at all. I happen to work in a clinic that did some of that before but just a very little on the chelation part of it. The issue is the chelation therapy done too fast can damage the kidneys and so if you do it, you need to be sure you're really slow process and that you're taking other binders to get it all the way out of the body and that you're supporting kidneys and liver both. So if you're gonna go down that route, there's other things to think about and you need to be sure you work with a doctor that's gonna do that. The heavy metal issues and the herbicides and pesticides can stay in your body that long, yes, and that's where the [Metcam 01:37:24] is a phenomenal product for binding those herbicides and pesticides. Part of it is figuring out why isn't our bodies cleansing out these metals?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:37:33 Why aren't they cleansing out the toxins? So there's some pathways that are either broken or not working very well or inhibited maybe due to the fact that you had all these pesticides and herbicides. So I would say that with your low energy and your foggy head and poor memory, you need to address the toxins going on there be you don't want that going on into your 60s, 70s, 80s where eventually you can get dementia or Alzheimer's or some of these other diseases. So having that intense skin pain, that's interesting. But I would say with that, I would be looking at chemicals as a possibility and maybe heavy metal.

Jonathan: 01:38:17 Heavy metal? Yeah, not the music, right?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:38:22 Not the music. [crosstalk 01:38:23] That was popular in my high school years back in the mid 80s. [crosstalk 01:38:29] Yeah, Def Lepperd, Quiet Riot.

Jonathan: 01:38:32 Orthopedic really? Yeah, same when I was a kit, Metallica and everything [crosstalk 01:38:34]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:38:35 [crosstalk 01:38:35] all those guys. That was when I was in high school. I wasn't one of the metal heads though.

Jonathan: 01:38:40 Yeah, it turns out heavy metals have become an issue and not the music. I don't think anyone here struggles with heavy metal music. But everyone struggling with heavy metals it appears or anyway, back to Laura Lee. I would just quickly say ... Okay, text from my wife. "Babe, there's a big spider between the window and the screen in our room!" So I'll let you answer the next question while I get this spider. But back to you for a second. I won't kill it.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:39:11 [crosstalk 01:39:11] for her husband and not related to pesticides, herbicides. So that's gonna be more heart disease and I've seen it really help with angina issues. So [crosstalk 01:39:20]

Jonathan: 01:39:19 Cool. I'll let you keep going for a second there. She's sending me pictures.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:39:24 Okay, so there again, Laura Lee, what you want to do is work with somebody that really knows how to do that. Support, if you're gonna do chelation, that you support the kidneys, support the liver, and have binders to go along with the chelation part of it so that you're getting it all the way out of the body. It just needs to be really, really completely thought out and a full process. I'm not a believer that chelation will just take care of the problem. I've seen people do chelation EDTA, one gal 180 times with her integrative doctor and her lead levels, which is what EDTA is for was still off the charts and never came to a manageable level. So I would think that after 180 times that the lead would be gone. But it wasn't. So I'm thinking that you gotta be really well thought out in that process of what's happening. Now, let's see. Next question is Laura Lee. "What are your thoughts about cleansing bedding, clothing, etc during parasite and mold cleanse?" Absolutely, especially the bedding and then obviously changing underwear every day, especially for children too is I think can be important.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:40:45 If there's a pinworm problem, then that can be a problematic issue. The other thing is is little ones tend to scratch and then can touch other areas and so really, really the wiping things down can also be beneficial. Jocelyn, "Where can I find all the information you mentioned about phases and other protocols? So Jonathan, I think you have that on your page there and also But on the anxiety and depression secrets, there's a page on there that shows the protocols and the phases and we also do weekly protocol calls at the Microbe Formula's Facebook page and that's found at that we discuss and answer questions on protocols and parasites and other things. But Jonathan here does have it on his page I believe because we did on the Autoimmune Secrets as well. Okay. All right, so we got Samsung again here.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:41:57 "First of all, thank you so much for all your help. You are both giving so much love and information and can't thank you enough. Another question for my husband, he has dark spots on his right shin area. For the past three years, thought it was a bruise but never gone away. He saw a kinesiologist who said it was a bacteria passed down from his mother. Told him to take some [inaudible 01:42:20] food powder. Almost done with the bottle and see no results. Has had several health scares in the past with heart racing, seem to have hyperthyroidism and lost lots of weight in a few weeks, has a ton of silver fillings and if he eats late at night, he wakes up in the middle of the night soaking wet from night sweats, has low energy and falls asleep at about 9:00 PM like a person with a sleeping disorder. Suddenly, he has trouble studying for tests, has short attention span lots of time, has been told all of kinds of things. But no one has anything that heals him or shut him in the right direction. Please help me."

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:43:01 So I have gone through some of those same exact issues. I did lose probably about 17 pounds. I got all my silver fillings removed. I used to wake in the middle of the night from night sweats, which was probably from Babesia and I used to have severe low energy and fatigue for about nine years and I would fall asleep between sometimes even earlier than 9:00. I could fall asleep really any time and I had trouble studying for tests. Amen to that. So I had all those same issues. I would consider really several things. One, is there a deep rooted viral infection? Has he had Epstein–Barr before? Does he have a retrovirus? Does he have Lyme or Babesia and/or parasites? It could be an issue he's dealing with and then of course heavy metal toxins can also be a problem that he has and so I literally would wake up at night and have to change my T-shirt because I was soaked and I would have to put a fan on my sheets to dry them out. That's how bad my night sweats were.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:44:04 So for me, that was Babesia and also would cause problems with my heart. So I don't know if he has any heart issues at all. But there's heart racing possibly, an issue with that as well. So yeah, sounds like he needs some more help with somebody that can help him at a deeper level and if he needs help for what we do, we can do some consulting and help out with that. You can go to and send an email and/or and send an email and we'll see what we can do to help or start the protocol and start seeing how that can help out with his issues. But I think he's got some maybe deeper rooted issues that he needs more help on. Okay, Carol. "Thank you so much. I was told for years due to a viral illness that were likely parasites, but none were found. Taking metal detox did not do much. But clearing out foods sensitive to cleared up a lot of reactions. Eczema came much later. So taking Formula One plus the clove and neem etc, what about clove and neem [inaudible 01:45:29] per day and should it be tincture?"

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:45:32 So Carol, just so you know, the Formula One has clove and neem in it and [vadonga 01:45:36]. It also has a couple other products in it and makes a really good anti parasitic and anti microbial, along with hemic fulvic acids to buffer it and protect the product in it. So if you want to just have one product that has all of it in it, then that's what the Formula One does. So that'll help with the parasites and then from there, you can look at if you're handling it well, you can move up on the amount you're taking. Also, the mimosa pudica can help out with that as well. All right, Kay. "Thoughts on kale cruciferous being Valium super accumulators." Yes, they can. "Doctors think a high level may be due to kale consumption. Thanks for all the great discussion tonight." So if you're eating a lot of kale, that can be the case, right? Ideally, our bodies should be able to detoxify from these things. So if you're high in Valium, then maybe go off of kale for awhile and replace that with some other greens and foods.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:46:36 Alison, "Will phase three aid in removing Epstein-Barr?" Yes, it can. Also the foundation can help with Epstein-Barr and then there is ... You're really detoxing, your body's gonna overall help. We have some deeper things that we can help out as well and the other thing to consider with Epstein-Barr is vitamin A, manganese and lysine. Look at your diet. See if it's too much arginine. If you have high arginine versus lysine, then you need to be able to be sure that you balance your diet. They should be equal or higher in lysine and other things to consider would be what parasites are related to that. That's where the protocol will help, especially in the Formula One. Taking higher doses of Formula One, if you can do it to help clear out parasites related to the Epstein-Barr virus. If it's rooted or longterm chronic issue, then there's some other things that we can do and you can contact us and I can get you something for that. All right, Christina.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:47:47 "I saw some posts on your Facebook group talking about iodine along the protocol. When would this be appropriate. Since my baby was born four months ago, I've been exhibiting signs that make me wonder about hyper thyroid. So extreme fatigue, irritability, weight gain, 32 pounds in three months, more than when I was pregnant. Iodine helped." Maybe hyper thyroidism possibly you're looking at with the fatigue and the weight gian. The other thing is is have your thyroid tested. What are your thyroids at? What are your markers? Get all your markers tested. You should be looking at total, T3 and T4, free T3 and T4 or verse T3, T3 uptake, TSH and look and see if you have any antibodies going on. Your TG antibodies or your TPO antibodies. The other thing is if iodine helped, you can do an iodine test. But let's look at your numbers beforehand. Let's get your lab work done. So contact a doctor. Get the lab work done. I graph it out and so that way, people can really look at where the problem is and how we can really help out with that.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:49:08 But contact your doctor, especially an integrative or functional med doctor who's gonna run all the numbers. Most regular medical doctors won't run the numbers. They only run two or three of them. Okay, Alison. "Thank you on the Epstein-Barr response." You're welcome, Alison. Okay, Laurie. "How do we contact your office, Dr. Todd? How do you do phone consults?" So it's a really good question. You can contact our office via an email [email protected] and they will help you. You'll get a free consult with Michelle, who's extremely knowledgeable, has worked with me since day one and she's the one that will screen you and help you decide. We have other doctors that work in our clinic, including Dr. [Nuzum 01:49:57] as she screens for as well and she can help you and let you know whether we can help you or give some suggestions on where to go to get help or just say, "Hey, you probably should do the protocol."

Jonathan: 01:50:10 Awesome, thanks Dr. Watts.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:50:12 You're welcome. Did you get that spider taken care of?

Jonathan: 01:50:14 Yeah, I did. Unfortunately, I tried to save it. But [crosstalk 01:50:22] Problem solved though. [crosstalk 01:50:24]

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:50:24 Good job.

Jonathan: 01:50:24 She has arachnephobia.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:50:29 She knows you good.

Jonathan: 01:50:30 [crosstalk 01:50:30] Dr. Watts.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:50:32 I'm not gonna heal that because I don't like spiders either. I don't like snakes and spiders, right? Isn't that how it works? Snakes and spiders.

Jonathan: 01:50:41 Yeah, awesome, man. All right, couple of minutes. Ooh, okay let's see.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:50:49 So a question from Debra, do I consult patients in New Zealand? I have consulted patients in New Zealand. That's why Skype and Zoom and those kind of things can really help.

Jonathan: 01:50:58 Okay, cool. All right and that was where we are.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:51:04 I'll just mark that off.

Jonathan: 01:51:07 Okay, interesting. Do you want to hit the one there, Marilyn, the top. Do you see that one? "My son has grown"?

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:51:14 Yeah, I can do that one. I haven't done that yet.

Jonathan: 01:51:17 Cool.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:51:17 So Marilyn, "My grown son has had learning disorders throughout school and also developed photosensitive epilepsy when he was around 10. He was told he would outgrow this but never did. Now at 44, he had done tons of epilepsy meds. He's afraid to stop but they don't seem to be working, as flashlights still bother him and can throw him into a grand mal seizure. The parasites are causing his difficulties. How long should he stay on your program? I would think for more than four months. Anything else you would recommend?" Yeah, Marilyn, that's a good question. I would say that I've had some people on the program for a year to really clear out deeper issues and then we've added some other things in to help out with maybe dampering some of the reactions and then also supporting some of the nutrients that may be causing some issues that he's not getting. It could be parasites. I've had patients, multiple patients that the seizures were caused by parasites. But also, some of them were viruses and then some of them were heavy metals or toxins that were contributing towards the seizures. So he may have all of those or all of the above that are causing problems and need to address that. The protocol can help out with that. But he may need more help than just that.

Jonathan: 01:52:45 Perfect. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna answer ... If you can just get through these three that are here, Kay, Casey and Jocelyn and then I want to just answer two or three people live and so we can just [crosstalk 01:53:01] before we sign off and then we're off to the races. So just you can raise your hand. I'm just gonna pick a couple people there and we'll answer those live. But then we've got through all the questions, which is just so great. I feel so good about that. All right, so Kay Bala asked this. Kay says, "What lab do you trust most for testing Lyme, Babesia, etc? I have had Western Blot looking for all brands. Is that sufficient?"

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:53:36 So the Western Blot is not sufficient because a lot of times it doesn't pick it up. So I use DNA Connections. There's several other ones out there available as well. But a lot of times, you can just look at the symptoms and that's how I initially diagnosed my own self. Actually, I didn't. The doctor diagnosed me based off my symptoms and then he did kinesiology work and tests in me and later on, I did lab work and tested positive. [crosstalk 01:54:03]

Jonathan: 01:54:03 [crosstalk 01:54:03] when somebody will actually like have a vial of, say, something that has the Lyme bacteria in and they will be pushing on your arm and then they'll bring it closer to you and put it within your, what they would call, a chakra or energy field and energy field's more appropriate and then [inaudible 01:54:22] will drop and then they'll put something else there and things that are kind of ... Anyway, I think that they are effective even though I don't really give them a lot of credence. You'll see a lot of doctors now really do see them as being valuable and then they're essentially in a sense free kind of tests that you can do. Yeah.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:54:43 Yeah, so those things can really help and then look at the symptoms. Really, I mean, so many things we can look at by understanding symptoms but what I found is treating Lyme and Babesia for myself helped. But it only helped me about 40%. I had to really get into dealing with parasites and heavy metals and viruses to really clear out my immune system. Your immune system should be able to handle some of these things and if it's not, then there's a lot of things happening that are causing these issues. Lyme and Babesia aren't your only issues.

Jonathan: 01:55:13 Okay.

Dr. Todd Watts: 01:55:15 Okay, so Casey. "I was thinking more about doing a longer term fast of 20 days or more. Is it safe to do the protocol while doing a water only fast? I am concerned about getting pain in the stomach." So I would probably just do a water fast, right, and I wouldn't do a bunch of the products. I really probably would just give a break on the products. Let your body heal. It's amazing. God gives you just an amazing body and if you do the right kind of water on that in a healthy water, then it's gonna be good. Now, Jocelyn, all right, so last one here. "Thank you all for your info. I'm suffering from anxiety and depression and recently, I have done food elimination and I am feeling a bit better. Is it okay to start your protocol phases or do I need extensive lab testing first?" You know, a lot of people just go right into the phases and do those and do you want to do the lab testing? You can, absolutely, but who's gonna interpret that for you, who's gonna help guide you through that process?

Speaker 1: 01:56:21 You may need a health coach or a doctor to help you through that process and look at it or you can go through... it just depends on if you want that baseline now and then do the protocol and see where it's at later. So it just gives you information. I like doing lab work to know where I'm at as a base line so that I can then see what's working and what's not working.

Speaker 2: 01:56:42 And I can certainly say that anyone that's trying to work out whatever they work out, I've got this much money, will I spend it on lab tests or on some detoxification? Like that one is the most blatant easy answer in the entire world. It's like, it's so easy, right? So it just depends, you know, how much you have available as well. And then other people, it just fits in with their philosophy like I just don't need to know everything.

Speaker 2: 01:57:13 I don't need to know like every single detail or have any confusion there, I'm just gonna go after solutions and so it kind of depends. 'Cause you can test for weak sensitivity, but nobody needs to in my opinion because it's bad for everyone and sometimes it can give people license to keep eating it. There's way more knowledge and information in a lot of cases to work out what's wrong and how to get rid of the things that are wrong in our lives.

Speaker 2: 01:57:38 This one from Nia, I just want to quickly get this one, she says she has severe hair loss. What are the likely causes of this and what are the remedies? I'm 57, menopausal and have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, likely contributing factors she believes. It may not be.

Speaker 1: 01:57:55 It is. And I agree with her, she's got some thyroid issues she needs to look at but why does she have that thyroid issue, right? So it's gonna go back to infections and toxins and that's where we set that protocol up to cleanse out the whole process. I've seen people's hair come back, I mean I had a seven year old that came in and she had a big spot on top of her head here that she was bald. She had alopecia and within a year it was all back. So, we just parasites and heavy metals.

Speaker 2: 01:58:23 Is it what was causing that? Isn't that something else? It's just so great, how much hope is there for everyone and really not only like could your hair come back, maybe, maybe no. The actual real solution here is if you get rid of what's causing that problem, your hair should absolutely come back. That's exactly the way that we all need to be understanding things. Yeah, can there be... because your body's designed to produce that, like I just want everyone to think about this for a second.

Speaker 2: 01:58:51 If I was to, if somebody, I'm not gonna do it. If somebody was to put your head underwater, they're pushing you down and then think about how much you would want that breath of air and if you just got your head out enough, how hard would you breathe in? How much air would you gasp in and how desperately would you take that in, right? That tenacity is the tenacity by which your body is actually working to heal you every day.

Speaker 2: 01:59:16 So, and it takes you a pattern of the shelf 'cause you think, here's the real problem, most people think that their body has betrayed them and they feel like, my body just keeps giving me all these problems. Actually, what the truth is, your body actually has been, it's like fighting for breath, it's doing everything it possibly can to save you and it's healing every single day. It's putting all these healing mechanisms through your body, if it wasn't, you'd be dead right now.

Speaker 2: 01:59:44 So then why do you still feel unwell? Well, because there's factors that are stopping that full healing from taking place and so just understanding that and understanding that your body, once we remove all of those factors, it goes into this massive healing and it's so tenaciously going after every area to heal you. You can expect things you didn't even ask for to get healed naturally because your body starts winning for a change against all these invaders. Make sense?

Speaker 1: 02:00:10 It does, absolutely.

Speaker 2: 02:00:12 Cool, alright. Awesome. And Casey's saying can fasting kill parasites? They can't, it generally can't kill parasites and some of the ways that we know this is that people actually can die and then the parasites can still live on. So it's just really, yeah, they're very robust organisms and we're more delicate and sensitive than they are and you know, you notice how certain creatures can live in the most turbulent circumstances. We as humans really can't, we need a lot of factors to be able to survive and they don't need as many.

Speaker 2: 02:00:46 Anyway, that's my crude understanding but certainly you just, there's no way around it. That's why I've seen people really fail at fasting a lot and then they just go binge out on ice cream after a week of fasting because they just, they never got really to the targeted issue. Alright, so two people which gonna answer live here. So I'm gonna pull in. There's been a hand raised here from Samara Cabri, I'll see if she can answer live here and then I'll pull in Howie here. And so unmute...

Speaker 2: 02:01:16 Hey, Samara?

Speaker 3: 02:01:18 Hi, yes.

Speaker 2: 02:01:20 Can you hear us?

Speaker 3: 02:01:20 Yes, yes I can.

Speaker 2: 02:01:20 Awesome, thanks for joining us.

Speaker 3: 02:01:22 Thank you.

Speaker 2: 02:01:23 Awesome, you're awesome. Hey, go ahead and ask Dr. Watts what you'd like to ask him.

Speaker 3: 02:01:27 Yeah, I've been following the protocol and I kinda did my own remedy for the detox. I've been doing onion and garlic and parsley juice in the morning and it's been helpful. The first couple of days I had severe headaches and then afterwards the headaches were gone and I been continuously doing that the past couple of weeks. I lost almost eight pounds but I still didn't purchase the mimosa pudica or any of the other.

Speaker 3: 02:02:09 Can I continue on this, is there any benefits toward this, any side effects, 'cause this is, I've been doing it on my own. I got some information over from you two but I didn't buy any of the products for the detox, I been just doing this. So should I continue this or should I just go on the parasite cleanse after this?

Speaker 1: 02:02:34 Well I think that what you're gonna see is, you're gonna see a difference, right? So it's rotating through different products, what you have are some really good things, but I think you're gonna get different results. The mimosa pudica and the results that people get from that is dramatically different from anything else they've ever done before.

Speaker 3: 02:02:51 Alright.

Speaker 1: 02:02:52 So if you wanna take it to another level and really get in there and change things up, then that can do it. The formula one-

Speaker 2: 02:03:00 It's very cheap, that's a good thing.

Speaker 1: 02:03:01 Yeah. The formula one has the bitters and has spice, like pepper type stuff in there, badonga, and that's really great for different types of parasites. The other thing is that the mim is really good for candida and stuff. And then the other products in there also help for everything, whether it's a protozoan thing in the gut, whether it's an nematode, a cestode, or a trematode which is all the classifications of parasites. That formulation was designed to address those so they're also protected with the folic acid that's in the product. That's why it's been really successful for people, but also it's why it's very well tolerated. In a sense like you're tolerating yourself now really well too and that's great what you're doing there. Consider also looking at other types of raw products instead of just doing onion and garlic and what you're doing there, do some other things that-

Speaker 3: 02:03:59 That's what I've been doing in the mornings, but then I changed a lot in my diet. I used to use a lot of rice and bread and pasta, I eliminated all those altogether. It's been three weeks I'm off of those. I'm doing, I didn't do bone broth but I did celery juice, celery broth, with some other vegetables, carrots and kale and some herbs I added. I also added chia seed into my diet, so I've been doing soups and light vegetable salads. But in the mornings I basically do that onion and garlic and celery juice and I also added green powder to that too. I'm kind of creating-

Speaker 2: 02:04:55 You're awesome. You're doing so many great things-

Speaker 3: 02:04:58 On my own, I don't know how helpful that is, but I'm just trying to-

Speaker 2: 02:05:02 No, that's fantastic. We believe in like, the-

Speaker 3: 02:05:03 With the pre-side of it, what I have in the kitchen and what I can get from the grocery store, just wanted to start early.

Speaker 2: 02:05:10 You're a prepping role model for everyone to do these types of things. Those are very healing protocols and the vegetable broth is excellent for the body. And the way you've chosen these detox drinks and using these natural hubs, they do work. They're amazing. But I think what Dr. Watts is coming back to is if you add in those simple couple of things, you might be like somebody else in this series that are like, alright, I'm not able to do that full protocol or they just don't choose it which is fine.

Speaker 2: 02:05:39 We actually wanna see people going more to nature as much as possible. I would just say that adding in those couple things that at least and seeing what kind of response you can get with that mimosa pudica seed and either formula one or something like it just maybe so you've got mim and clove 'cause they're more aggressive than anything you've mentioned when it comes to anti-inflammatory.

Speaker 3: 02:05:57 I do have clove in the kitchen and I've been, yeah, clove tea for a couple mornings. It wasn't easy, I mean I do better with onion juice. Clove and the smell of it...

Speaker 2: 02:06:11 There you go. There's where capsule form's gonna help you.

Speaker 3: 02:06:13 Is that gonna replace any of the supplements like mimosa pudica or do I need that as well?

Speaker 1: 02:06:19 Mimosa pudica really isn't replaceable by the things you're taking 'cause it's different, it's a gelatinous type of material that goes in and binds on and cleanses out the gut and that's why we see people pass something that's a foot long, two feet long, four feet long. I had a gal the other day, she said, "I passed something that was six feet long out of me the other day." She couldn't believe it.

Speaker 2: 02:06:37 How much of that do you think is the actual mimosa pudica seed?

Speaker 1: 02:06:42 Well, that's the thing, it's interesting is like okay if I'm taking two capsules twice a day, it's not gonna go to six feet long, right? You're eating food between that. So I think it's peeling things off of the gut lining. Some of it's the seed that's on the stuff, but I think it's pulling things out from the system.

Speaker 2: 02:06:58 Which is why it probably says together as well.

Speaker 1: 02:07:01 Which is why it stays together, otherwise it would pull apart. I've seen some of it look like thick beef jerky and there's no way it's mimosa pudica. It is, it was just amazing, it was four feet long, if you look at the picture it was thick and it was-

Speaker 2: 02:07:15 Interesting, yeah.

Speaker 1: 02:07:16 Not, you'd have to cut that thing with a really sharp knife.

Speaker 2: 02:07:20 Yeah, there you go. And that couldn't compact that quickly over the days and make that solid form. So Samara there's a bit of a takeaway there for you but I really love how much you're doing with the natural side and it sounds like just adding in some of these things-

Speaker 3: 02:07:34 Thank you.

Speaker 2: 02:07:35 The same thing that he said is true as well for heavy metal peelations. Cilantro is gonna be one of the best things you can use, herb oil which is available to you, but the thing you're not gonna be able to get just from the grocery store. It's more like on Amazon or using... where is with the humic and forbic acid, so that's the only other thing that I would say is like you can't really get that in a grocery store.

Speaker 3: 02:07:58 Quick question for you. With the order of the mimosa pudica from your site, how soon do we get that in the mail?

Speaker 2: 02:08:07 Sure, that's likely for Dr. Watts. It's...

Speaker 1: 02:08:11 Couple days.

Speaker 2: 02:08:12 If you're in the U.S. yeah.

Speaker 3: 02:08:14 Okay, yeah. I'm in the U.S. but I ordered the CDs and that takes up to a month so I was trying to find it-

Speaker 2: 02:08:22 Oh yeah, it's different with-

Speaker 3: 02:08:24 Over the counter or in health stores but the only place I find it is on Amazon.

Speaker 2: 02:08:30 Yeah, no worries, yeah no that's really quick where we're in a different situation 'cause we're manufacturing according to the supply and demand but I absolutely, no, we're gonna get that rushed over to you. But just so everyone knows it's where your membership areas are accessible but getting the physical copies will be out very soon. Hey, Samara, God bless you. Thank you so much for being here.

Speaker 3: 02:08:51 Thank you, thanks.

Speaker 1: 02:08:54 Bye-bye.

Speaker 2: 02:08:55 Okay, final question is with Hallie with Dr. Watts so I'll let you take it away Houston.

Speaker 4: 02:09:01 Hey! So I've still been having fainting episodes like 20 to 70 times a day and-

Speaker 1: 02:09:12 That's a lot.

Speaker 4: 02:09:13 So the only thing I've been firmly diagnosed with is autonomic disfunction and they had me on a really high sodium diet and then trying to drink like one and a half liters of water and electrolytes each day and so other than that, I wasn't really doing anything different to my diet besides trying to add in all of that salt but I don't feel like I noticed really a difference with my blood flow being better, the way it's supposed to be. Are there other things I can try to eat or do to increase my blood flow and hopefully help my autonomic disfunction.

Speaker 2: 02:09:59 Let me help a tiny bit here as well, so Houston had a car accident that somebody hit her and then she started having the episodes after that but then there's also questions asked to whether there's a relation between the accident and what's happening with her body. I think the studies that they're trying to do with UCLA, so... It may or may not, I obviously see it as more the straw that broke the camel's back, so it's not really about that I think. I take that back, you say what you wanna say but Houston any other important facts you want to just give to Dr. Watts about just your situation 'cause I don't think he knows anything about it.

Speaker 4: 02:10:36 I also have chronic migraines. I've been having like 14 a month and I've been trying to do Botox treatment but it hasn't been helping those at all so yeah besides that, I have a lot of muscle tension in my neck and shoulders still from the accident that I did a lot of physical therapy but it just seems to always come back. So I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is what I was diagnosed with and autonomic disfunction.

Speaker 4: 02:11:12 So far, I haven't been able to treat the symptoms of that successfully so I'm still trying to see new specialists and stuff. And I was treated at the Mayo Clinic at UCLA to try to figure out what we can do to get me more stable. But yeah, so I'm just having a lot of these fainting spells and have a hard time being upright and changing positions and things like that.

Speaker 2: 02:11:38 How long has it been, Houston?

Speaker 4: 02:11:42 It's been a year and a half of the fainting and then two years of the migraines 'cause the car accident happened like two years ago and then the fainting started a few months later.

Speaker 2: 02:11:56 Okay. Alright, so-

Speaker 4: 02:11:58 And I have the dizzy spells and a lot of the symptoms and stuff...

Speaker 2: 02:12:04 Yeah. And I'm confident we can find a solution for you, I really am. I'll let Dr. Watts share here.

Speaker 1: 02:12:11 So I've worked with patients such as yourself-

Speaker 2: 02:12:14 That's the good news, yeah?

Speaker 1: 02:12:15 Yeah, so they had fainting spells or they thought they were gonna black out so they wouldn't drive because it just completely changed their life. They were diagnosed with POTS, I was gonna ask you that before you mentioned it. They were diagnosed with POTS and what I did is I treated parasites and specifically certain ones that within a couple months we were able to completely get rid of all the fainting spells.

Speaker 1: 02:12:45 So the tightness in the neck could also just be the muscle tightness from what the parasites are causing, to reacts to foods, there's a number of things that can be what's in that process. Migraines, number one cause of migraines, is strongyloidiasis, which could also be attributed towards your POTS issue-

Speaker 4: 02:13:04 What is that, sorry.

Speaker 1: 02:13:06 It's a thread worm, it's a parasite.

Speaker 4: 02:13:07 Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: 02:13:09 Okay, now the thing about that is is with that accident it could've just allowed just a big shift in the body with these things to take over so a traumatic event causes your immune system not to be able to function 'cause it's dealing with the accident and then these things become more proliferated and then become more of an issue for you.

Speaker 1: 02:13:31 So you know for the most part I would say 95% of people I've worked with with headaches or migraines I've been able to help to clear out and in most cases the difficult ones that had done all these other things realized it was a parasitic relationship. They've done physical therapy, they've done chiropractic, they've done acupuncture, they've done so many other types of things. So it goes back into, okay, how can we help out with that and what can we do to get you to get your life normal again. You look like you're pretty young and you have a long life to live still.

Speaker 2: 02:14:13 Hey, is that kind of exciting to just even entertain that concept for you, Houston?

Speaker 1: 02:14:20 Yeah, I mean, it's something I never would have thought of to be affecting all these different things so yeah, it's definitely something to try.

Speaker 2: 02:14:31 Sure and it's very simple and so I'll just explain it in a nutshell, you correct me if I'm wrong with anything but the same place where you got this link is the same place where you got this link is the same place where you could go and you could either do that whole protocol that they have on the page if you feel like that makes sense to you.

Speaker 2: 02:14:47 But remember if you just want it straight away just to test that it's a parasite issue, you can go straight there if you want. If you just want to get two bottles of mimosa pudica seed and the formula one, that's all you need in a nutshell just for the parasites right now for that particular thing. And then there's time to keep going with that to work out, okay let's try a couple of different herbs like let's use wormwood and let's use black walnut and let's use blue tansy and something else, so there's ways that we can kind of-

Speaker 1: 02:15:16 So I'm gonna jump in here and say-

Speaker 2: 02:15:19 Please, yeah.

Speaker 1: 02:15:20 If you really want to just get the problem taken care of instead of trying all these different things and throw all these different things together, you just need to get some help and call me.

Speaker 2: 02:15:28 Cool, alright. There you go.

Speaker 1: 02:15:30 'Cause otherwise, I mean, if it was me and you're having these issues, I would want somebody who's gonna be able to get right after it and take care of it, not trying to figure this out on my own because it's already been a long process for you.

Speaker 4: 02:15:42 Right, yeah. Definitely. Okay, thank you.

Speaker 1: 02:15:45 And some of these things are gonna be more technical working through because you're gonna be more sensitive to things than other people and so we're gonna have to work, you're gonna need some coaching to get through some of these issues that you're gonna have. I just know because I've dealt with a couple people with the same things.

Speaker 4: 02:16:00 No, that makes sense. I'm very sensitive to a lot of things so-

Speaker 2: 02:16:03 Cool, that's awesome. Well I'd love you guys to connect, that's really wonderful. Houston, all I can say is that this is how I feel, like with what UCLA are doing, with Mayo Clinic, I don't think they'll ever find anything and they're just gonna waste your time, your money, your... I'm so sick of that whole thing.

Speaker 2: 02:16:24 There's another rant but how is it that of all the things I've tried in the last year and a half or however long, why is it that just the sodium diet... it just, anyway, that's my frustration. So wholesale comes from medical family and all I had to prove myself true or false by if you test this and kind of give us a chance to test it on you and then you can obviously then see if my rants are not in vain.

Speaker 2: 02:16:56 But I really do believe that you'll actually find the answer and that's the biggest frustration. The hardest part about what I do is having to sit back and kind of watch the world kind of suffer and that's the hardest part because there are so many solutions and there's not just one.

Speaker 2: 02:17:10 And there's so many causes and I can tell you the major reason why America has become a den of parasites and I actually believe that it's worse here in America than it is in the developing world now and that is because of all the chemical poisoning that has happened and the food supplies... perhaps unknowingly, perhaps knowingly, but with lives at stake and heavy levels of toxicity.

Speaker 2: 02:17:35 It just takes a very logical mind to look at herbicide, levacide, insecticide and realize pesticide, that all these... and -cide, -cide means death and death is death to life and when that comes into the body, it's killing the life of the microbiome and when that goes out of whack then parasites then have an opportunity for growth whereas they naturally would've died in those environments and so that's why you can see it worse in the west.

Speaker 2: 02:18:02 And we have so many parasite related diseases but people don't know about it and we look kind of crazy for saying so many things are parasite related but it's just the truth. And we keep testing it and proving it and I think you'll be another example within the next couple of months but you've gotta really kind of give your shot at believing it and so you can actually follow through with it, not just kind of get talked out of it by someone that laughs at you for doing it and thinking that's the solution. Does that kind of make sense, does that feel like-

Speaker 4: 02:18:30 I mean, classically I've always thought that treating parasites you just need antibiotics so that's not the case then?

Speaker 1: 02:18:38 Antibiotics treat bacteria. They treat bacteria, not parasites. There's anti-parasitic medications but again there's so many different types of parasites they don't treat it. I have a medical doctor at my clinic and he does consult with people too and he's written prescriptions before for praziquantel and albenza and ivermectin, some of the more typical anti-parasitics.

Speaker 1: 02:19:03 They are different than antibiotics. Antibiotics kill your bacteria in your gut. Some of the anti-parasitics don't, so they're easier on the microbiome in that nature.

Speaker 2: 02:19:16 The drug-related ones, even?

Speaker 1: 02:19:19 Yeah, some of them do. But a lot of them aren't, they're not necessarily antibiotic.

Speaker 2: 02:19:24 Well the ones that we're recommending are natural based, so they're not even in that category. Like they're certainly an option if they're needed down the road but they're typically not needed. Anyway...

Speaker 1: 02:19:36 So it depends on the parasite, it depends on the parasite that we're talking about and sometimes I do a combination of the anti-parasitics with the herbs, mostly herbs. But sometimes there's a need for the anti-parasitics to get a bigger hit to these guys, to get on top of them. So it just, it's an individual thing. Most people just do the herbs.

Speaker 2: 02:19:58 Yeah. And then just for the record, anyone can get rid of parasites for about 70 dollars a month, pretty laughable. And then it goes even lower if you wanna kind of just go for the most basic things but I think that that's a really suitable thing and then I would recommend everyone to stay consistent with it and stick with it, get sold on the idea and then stick with it for like literally three months.

Speaker 2: 02:20:24 The only person that's gonna do that is somebody that has buy-in, so just kind of test it out for two weeks or a month and then work out whether you wanna take the next step. But definitely I would advise it because it's important. Houston, I hope that helps. You guys can connect and you know we can take that offline and thank you everyone for being here. I'll just make sure that we're good here, Houston God bless you and you're gonna get better, okay? Quickly.

Speaker 4: 02:20:54 Thank you so much.

Speaker 2: 02:20:56 You're welcome.

Speaker 1: 02:20:57 You're welcome. Very good to meet you.

Speaker 2: 02:20:59 Alright, Dr. Watts, alright can you say a prayer or blessing for everyone here?

Speaker 1: 02:21:03 Yeah, absolutely. Heavenly father, we are grateful that we can be here tonight to help and to answer questions that so many have. We are thankful for our many blessings, we're thankful for thy help and thy love. We pray that we can draw closer into thee and to thy son Jesus Christ and that his power in turn may help heal all those that are seeking it and that thy love can also encapsulate that they can have hope to be restored again to health. Bless us and help guide us into thee. In Jesus' name, amen.

Speaker 2: 02:21:39 Amen. So wonderful. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Thank you everyone for being here, you guys have soldiered out. People have been here for two and a half hours, Dr. Watts, especially you for soldiering out all the questions. We love you guys, we're so looking forward to all the improvements in health and yeah. Look at this, how cool is it that we're in this moment right now? Everyone just take a moment to appreciate this moment, it's so awesome. I'm just gonna read a couple of appreciations here for you, Dr. Watts.

Speaker 2: 02:22:07 Great information, clean out parasites, God bless you both, we're benefiting from these calls, lots of exclamation marks. Thank you Jonathan and Dr. Watts, I'm so thankful that healing is possible and that we can be restored. Thank you to you both, exclamation mark. So thank you guys, appreciate you all. Thank you Todd and I look forward to reconnecting very soon.

Speaker 1: 02:22:29 Thank you. Talk to you later.

Speaker 2: 02:22:31 Bye-bye

Speaker 1: 02:22:31 Alright, bye sir.

Speaker 2: 02:22:32 Bye.