Pure Cellular Cleanse

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I hear from many people burdened by chronic health issues.

And one thing I see far too often is people blaming themselves for feeling like their bodies are somehow “failing them.”

So I want to reassure you, this is a faulty belief.

All of us are exposed to many toxins today — through no fault of our own.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council…

Of the more than 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most have NOT even been adequately tested for their effects on human health.

These chemicals lurk in everyday items such as furniture, cosmetics, household cleaners, toys, and even our food.

And all these noxious compounds together with the many microbes and foreign invaders we must defend against…

Can lead to long-term smoldering inflammation that is now linked to the development of major killer diseases.

So my point is, rather than blaming yourself, let’s focus on getting your body pathways working for you — not against you.

Because your body has the tools within it to heal itself. You just need to assist the natural God-given internal processes that are designed to keep you healthy.

In the brand-new video above, Dr. Peter Kan explains how these processes work.

If you’re not familiar with him, Dr. Kan is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

On the video, you’ll see that if you’re feeling bad…

It’s a sign that your body is not doing a good job of clearing out the accumulation of cellular debris from toxins and infections.

So as Dr. Kan explains, it’s crucial to support the pathways associated with these processes — and repair the damage that has already happened.

Here are the three vital pathways:

  1. The Lymphatic System

This pathway is often overlooked by people trying to get healthy.

Lymph nodes have white blood cells of different types and functions to get rid of cellular debris and microbes. This, in turn, helps resolve inflammation.

  1. The Liver and Kidneys

These organs serve to filter the blood. In fact, the liver has specific immune cells that are designed to neutralize toxins and infections.

  1. The Digestive System

Over and above the obvious need for optimal digestive function, digestive enzymes help neutralize the fragments of cellular debris before they can cause problems.

You’ll hear Dr. Kan go into detail about all these processes.

Plus, he explains that these are nutrient-driven processes. Meaning, people with health issues don’t have enough “fuel” (nutrients) to adequately run these pathways in the body.

So Dr. Kan tells you about some specific nutrients to help all three pathways. I’ll give you a few examples here, but you’ll get more details when you watch the video.

Nutrients for the Lymphatic System

Organic Pau D’Arco powder — Contains blood-cleansing compounds and antioxidants, and serves as an all-around health booster.

Organic cleavers herb powder — Enhances the ability of the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and decrease congestion.

Nutrients for the Liver and Kidneys

Milk thistle extract — Rich in flavonoid antioxidants known collectively as silymarin, it provides support for liver function, liver detoxification, and the repair of damaged liver cells.

Turmeric — With its active ingredient curcumin, turmeric provides support for liver function, bile production, and detoxification, among its many other benefits.

Nutrients for the Digestive System

Digestive enzymes — Vital enzymes not only help you digest food. They also break down cellular debris that may not have made it through the lymph nodes so it can be removed.

Fulvic and humic minerals —These powerful nutrients penetrate into all cells in the body to deliver nutrients, assist in nutrient assimilation, and bind to toxins so they can be eliminated.


I look forward to hearing your comments below about the important health information Dr. Kan shares with you in this new video.

Pure Cellular Cleanse
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