Yours Free: Little-Known Insider Secrets for Healing Body and Mind

These two advanced video programs are designed to help achieve optimal health and relieve problems with depression and anxiety:

#1: Revolution Doctor Masterclass

Featuring, Jonathan Otto, Dr. Daniel Nuzum, Dr. Peter Kan and Dr. Elena Villanueva. 

 — Value: $894

This special program is a power-packed 10-Day Masterclass with the brillant doctors Dr. Nuzum, Dr. Peter Kan and Dr. Elena Villanueva hosted by Jonathan Otto. The program consists of 10 Masterclass Videos, each over 1-hour, which includes teaching and real-life implementation of dietary, lifestyle and treatment protocols (including detox). These exact protocols are perfect for those with autoimmunity and other ailments.

#2: The NEWSTART Secret Video Series

These 10 videos hosted by Jonathan Otto reveal the secrets from a clinic that have a success rate of curing Depression & Anxiety in the high 90s! 

Learn from the doctors, therapist and patients who explain how they did it, and how you can too. This special video series gives you the opportunity to learn from the life-changing information from the comfort of your own home.