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As far as I can remember, I guess the biggest turning point in my life started as early as 13 years old. Before that I did have struggles with low self esteem and which over time developed into depression, anxiety. I noticed that that was a pattern throughout my life but specifically at age 13, I started fainting and having what was called, I would have low blood sugar and anemia. And that's when my journey started with that. At around age 16 or 19, I started having digestive issues and things started going downhill for the worst.


I started having trouble eating, getting scared to eat, and this went on all the way up until not too long ago where I would go through episodes of just being scared to eat because anything that I ate, I would get bloated, I'd have constant pain. Not only that, that eventually turned into skin rashes. My skin always seemed to be sensitive and I also had respiratory struggles. So I had food allergies, I had skin allergies, I had respiratory allergies.


And I eventually also struggled with anxiety and depression so much that I ended up on medication for a certain point in my life and then eventually that turned into having chronic migraines. It started little by little, just having a headache there, which turned into migraine occasionally and then it started getting more and more regular to the point where it was almost every single day. Along with that I also had  pain from the top of my head all the way to my ankles, specifically in the joint area, so that added to my migraines. I would especially have it at nighttime when I was sleeping, so therefore I didn't even have enough sleep, so much so that I'd just start crying. I was getting scared of what was going on.


I had specific rib issues, shoulder pain, I started going to physical therapists, psychologists, counselors. I was trying everything and anything and nothing seemed to work. I was also very much into health and nutrition. I tried to change up my diet, and even though that did help somewhat, the problems always still either kept coming back or they were just on and off, on and off, and I would just go through periods where nothing worked. If I tried nutritional supplements that were supposed to work, and a lot of people were getting results from it, it would never work. In fact, a lot of times it actually made me feel worse. Things such as probiotics and just different herbs, things that are supposed to be good and they're actually good, did not work for me, it actually did the opposite.


Foods that are supposed to be healthy, I'm supposed to eat lots of leafy green vegetables, all those things just made me feel sick and bloated and I just end up in pain for days. So it got to the point where I was actually getting really, really scared and I ended up going to get blood tests. Like I said, I was going from doctor to doctor, from expert to expert, nothing was working. I took all of these tests, blood tests and I always either seem to come out normal or all that came out was, you have anemia, you have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. That's all that seemed to come up. And also for the migraines, we started getting on a protocol that would try to help the migraines. However, I had such a laundry list of all these health problems.


I'd go to the chiropractor and I'd have all of these lists, like the forms would be filled up with all these things, and I was like, either I'm paranoid and I think I have all these things wrong with me and it's not, or there's actually a lot that's wrong with me. And people would look at me like, man, you really complain a lot. So that was just the life I was living and I didn't know what to do about it. I was getting desperate, I was getting tired. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of special events because we’d travel or we’d do things and I was just constantly feeling sick. I couldn't enjoy my environment and I was either in pain in bed or just feeling awful.


I would get a lot of brain fog. I was getting also chronic fatigue, I had no energy. I couldn't even do the things at my house, I do one thing like, wash the dishes, and I'd be out for the day and it would just depress me, I just end up on the couch just eating and just feeling sorry for myself. I felt at this point in time I couldn't be ... At this point in time I was married, I felt I couldn't be a good wife, a good daughter, just a good person in general because I was just feeling so awful. So it was just really hard for me and I didn't know a way out at that point in time.


We were having a lot of struggles in our marriage, and because of our struggles, I felt like we were missing out on just being able to have a child. We had gotten to the point where we were about even, three or four years married and we were still having so many struggles that we just didn't feel ready to be parents. Not only that, there was so many times where I could say, we should have gotten pregnant. So it got to a point where now both of us we talk and we had that silent fear that maybe I couldn't even fall pregnant because it just wasn't happening. That was probably the hardest thing toward the end that I struggled with. I just couldn't cope with my environment. I struggled with just small, stressful situations became huge stressful situations and I just felt like I was just winding out of control and I just didn't know what to do.


I was really sad, our relationship was sad and things looked really bleak. And I was getting to the point where I was thinking, well, this is life, this is all I can do, I will just try to make the best of it. And even just saying that just makes me, I feel the gulp in my throat just that tension of just looking back at that and realizing how bleak life really felt and that there was no hope. And I saw so many people recovering because not only that, my husband was working in the health space already and doing all these documentaries and I'm hearing all these testimonies of people having breakthroughs, and I would just question like, what's wrong with me? Why am I not feeling better? Am I not diligent enough? Am I not disciplined enough? I was trying this, I was trying that, I was spending money here and there.


Sometimes there were times where we didn't even have money and we still like found the money to try to get this protocol, this thing and nothing was working, and I thought, there's just something wrong with me, and maybe I'm just not seeing this, I'm just not diligent enough. I'm not like those people and I just felt like, I started getting very pessimistic about things and bitter. But somehow I knew that this worked and I knew that this was the right way to go but I just didn't know how to do it. I felt hopeless. I felt terrible that I could never be a good mother, I could never raise them right, because they would probably have the same issues as me. Not to mention the fact that I possibly couldn't even have a child. It felt really empty. It felt really, really empty, like I had nothing to offer, nothing to contribute to this life.


I don't know if I was, you could say I wanted to like not live, but it was pretty close to that. Like I just wanted to crawl in a hole and just stay there. I wanted to go to bed and just stay sleeping forever. I didn't want to be around. I didn't feel like I could contribute to people's lives. And I felt like a hypocrite when I did help people because I love helping people and people felt helped by me, but I felt like such a hypocrite because here I am sharing all this advice and here's my life, it was just really sucky. Every day was so heavy, it was so hard to just even get up in the morning. I felt like a truck hit me because I couldn't sleep, I was in so much pain.


I felt I had all these things that I wanted to accomplish, simple things like wash dishes, clean the house, have the house organized, and then that was like even simple things I couldn't even do that. Not to mention create a career or continuing my career of helping, like all of that just seems so far away and I felt like it was my fault, I did this and I just couldn't cope and I didn't know how. Today?


Totally different, it's just night and day. I am definitely full of hope. I have a flourishing, I have a child. I actually got pregnant even before I even finished the detox, finished the program I was on. I have no health issues. I went back to the chiropractor just after I was feeling better and filling out those applications, they ask you all these things and it was all clear. I can say I have no health issues. For me to say that is huge because I second guessed and I start thinking, well, do I not? And I literally can say I have no health issues. I can eat whatever I want. I have way more energy.


I can say, I withstand the whole day and I can do a whole lot more than what I could do before. I have no migraines, I have no pain. Yeah, there's just, everything has gone that I had. I definitely don't feel woozy and feel like I'm going to faint because of low blood pressure- low blood sugar. Yeah, I can say it's gone, it's just all gone. That's my experience.


I did three things. The biggest thing was, I did a parasite cleanse, a parasite detox, and that was the craziest thing when it was presented to me. I came back with all my blood tests, blood test results that showed, all it showed was I had anemia and hypoglycemia and and then they were going to start treating my migraines and that was it. That's all they could offer me. And I had a really good friend tell me that those are red flags for parasites. So I did, I was very scared to do it, or I could say very grossed out, but I was so desperate that I decided to try it. So I did the parasite detox. It also included a Hawkson binder, which consisted of Fulvic and Humic acid and other cleansing herbs and fungi that helped take all of those toxins in my body, suck it up and purge it out.


So the third thing that I used was a combination of colon cleansing herbs that helped clean out blocked areas in my colon so that it could make way for the flushing out of the toxins and the parasites, and all the things that needed to come out instead of it floating in my body. So those are the three things that I did.


I would say you need to do it and you need to do it now because after so many years, like I said, I feel better than what I did when I was 13 and probably when I was younger because I no longer have depression or anxiety. I can cope with my environment. Yes, I have my down days, but I know exactly what to do, I'm very aware of my body. I feel amazing. I have no health issues, health issues that are supposedly some of them I'm never supposed to get rid of such as IBS, anemia, hypoglycemia, and so many other things. People spend a lifetime, I spent years, I spent money, I spent time going to experts, counselors, psychologists, you name it, medications, all sorts of different things.


It's not worth it to wait any longer, you need to do this. It's the easiest thing in the world, it's not gross. If anything, it empowered me and the more I did it, the more time took, In fact I did it for an overall six month period. However, all of my health issues were gone in three months, three months compared to years and years of suffering and doctors telling you, take this medication, take that medication that didn't work. And being able to take those same supplements that would make me sick, able to take those or eat certain foods that are super healthy and continue to give me life and energy, I can take those things and they actually absorb in my body and it works.


Not only that, I lost weight, I can actually work out and have it work for me. I'm not in this roller coaster ride, I'm not white knuckling, it's easy. My body gets hungry, I eat, I eat the amount that I need to and that's it. I don't have to worry about gaining weight from eating good foods, good healthy foods. My taste buds have changed automatically. Most of the time the fitness industry is so full of this diet and that diet, really you can eat good, healthy foods, you're going to crave it naturally and you don't have to, it's simple. Life is simple. Yes, it seems hard, but when you look at the reasons for doing it and how much time is only going to take you to get to your goal, it's so worth it.


One of the reasons why you're stuck making that decision is because anxiety can stop people from making decisions. Why don't you just stop that cycle? Why don't you just try it? I mean, at the end of the day, I was literally shaking to even I dreaded the day that that protocol came home because I did not want to take parasite, but I just made that decision, I ordered it and it arrived and I just started taking it. I had to stop my thinking and I was actually ... But the more I did it, the more I got into that routine. And then the day that it happened, the day that I started passing parasites and I started feeling better, that was the day that it literally empowered me, I'm like, now the war is on, I'm getting rid of this stuff. And the more I pass, the more I felt better.


I remember that first day that I was actually in the shower and just feeling this huge burden lift off. This physical burden that I didn't know I even had,  just lifted off of my body, felt lighter, my stomach felt better and little by little the health issues just kept falling off, falling off, falling off. Next thing you know I would realize, hey, I don't have this problem. Hey, I don't have this problem. So I'm saying, just take action, that's it. Just do it, just order. What do you have to lose? You've been probably for years just like me fighting without any hope, just do it.


After achieving what I was able to achieve with my health, my husband and I were so excited and being in the health space that we are in, wanting to empower people, we just wanted to shout from the mountaintop to share with anybody how easy it is to achieve what I was able to achieve. And I wasn't the only one, we were just seeing people, just, achieve their health goals over and over again. We were so excited.


So instead of having to go through the longer version of the journey that I went through and the stumbling blocks along the way, it sometimes takes a guessing game to learn what foods or what techniques or why we are to take this or that. We wanted to make it as easy as possible, cost effective. So we created a system that did just that, where you don't have to take the long route that I took to be able to figure out what I needed. We have a straight shot to teaching you exactly what you have to do, take exactly what you need to take. You don't have to have this guessing game as to whether it's gonna work or not. It's a system of herbs and minerals and things that you're needing for your body to detox in the way that you're supposed to detox.


So we joined together with experts and doctors and scientists to create this system and the supplements that not only that, the other stumbling block for many people was the price point, and so we created a system that is not only easy to follow, but it's also affordable. So I highly encourage you to try this out, take this shortcut and click the banner below and just take action today.


Not only that, on top of an affordable program that we have, if you take action today by clicking the banner below, you get to save over 50% off on this program. That's pretty awesome, right? So I encourage you, take action today, click the banner below. Thank you so much for listening to my story. We want to be able to share this message far and wide and I cannot wait to see your transformation. So click the banner below.


This is little Asher, my little miracle baby, my little blessing. Say hi everybody. When we do see the doctor for just a routine appointment, they're just amazed at how healthy he is and that he's happy. He actually has pretty good advanced communication skills, as a speech therapist, I see that. So he's just growing beautifully and I am definitely so thankful that we started off right, that we started this pregnancy well. And yeah, I have no complaints, I'm just blessed, just happy.

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