New York has been hit hard by COVID-19. Currently, this American state has the highest number of cases and deaths, which is taxing resources and hospitals to the max. Desperate health workers have been looking for relief to the chaos, in hopes of stemming the tide of this awful pandemic. 


NYC has been especially overrun, with incoming cases far outnumbering the current capacity. According to recent articles in Newsweek and The New York Post, medical front-liners are now fighting COVID-19 in New York with a different kind of ammunition; Vitamin C. 


Vitamin C is commonly known as a supplement for the immune system. New clinical research shows that Vitamin C could very well be more effective for beating COVID-19 than previously believed. 


Speaking to The New York Post, Dr. Andrew G Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist working in New York explained that, “China is conducting a clinical trial of 24,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C for coronavirus patients.” 


This trial is being conducted at the epicenter of the virus, in Wuhan, where patients are being treated with high-dose Vitamin C for 7 days.  


In efforts to stem the tide and increase recovery rates, New York is now including Vitamin C in its COVID-19 protocols. 


According to Dr. Andrew Weber, intensive care unit (ICU) patients are being given 1500 mg of Vitamin C, intravenously, three to four times daily. 


The results? 


The patients who received Vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get Vitamin C.


As to why this treatment had not been used sooner or was not taken seriously as a treatment until now, Dr. Weber said he suspected that this is because Vitamin C is not a “sexy” drug. By this, I’m sure we can conclude he means it’s not something that Big Pharma can capitalize on with as much profit as designer drugs.  


As to why Vitamin C is effective for COVID-19, Dr. Weber explained that coronavirus patients often suffer from sepsis, as an inflammatory response to the virus. This in turn dramatically drops their levels of Vitamin C. 


In fact, there have been many studies exploring the effectiveness of Vitamin C against the common cold (a virus). In some cases, a cold may be caused by another virus that comes from within the broader coronavirus family. 


Studies have shown that Vitamin C lessens the severity of common cold symptoms, and reduces the time it takes to recover.


In 2013, an analysis of 29 studies that included over 11,000 people found that Vitamin C reduced the duration of the common cold by 8% in adults, and 14% in children. 


Another,  controlled but non-randomized study tested Vitamin C on 252 students with influenza. An incredible 85% of the students getting high-dose Vitamin C experienced a reduction in symptoms. 


This same team of researchers reported, “Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.”


We can’t all get IVs of Vitamin C, and more data is still required on this line of treatment... 


However, naturopathic and functional medicine practitioners have long recommended Vitamin C to boost immunity. Recently, new research has shown that most of the commonly available Vitamin C supplements are NOT as effective as they should be


As with so many natural supplements, this has to do with absorption. You can take all the Vitamin C you want, but if you are not absorbing it, you’re not getting the full benefits. 


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