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See How to Nourish, Enhance & Protect Your Brain for Better Memory, Focus & Happiness
This month, new research revealed a scientific discovery — a specific type of bacteria that can live in your gut competes with your body for…
What is colon cleansing? And how do you know if you need a colon cleanse? Sometimes a colon cleanse is recommended by a natural health…
Type 2 diabetes [Diabetes mellitus Type 2] is considered by many a modern epidemic. It’s also considered by some as an autoimmune disease. In 2016,…
Hiding in your spice rack is a delicate powder that has been treasured for thousands of years by cooks, food lovers, and holistic physicians, alike.…
You would think that if you had parasites living in your body, or if you were dealing with toxins like heavy metals or chemicals, that…
How many times have you heard us say, “Healing your gut will heal your brain”? That’s because doctors have known for decades that having a…
How many times have you heard us say, “Healing your gut will heal your brain”? That’s because doctors have known for decades that having a…
As you might suspect from the name, neurotransmitters are the brain’s “chemical messengers” — transmitting important messages between nerve cells (called neurons). Neurotransmitters come packaged…
Remember cod liver oil? Your grandma or even mother may have made you take that as a kid. Of course, back in those days it…

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