(Part 1) Depression & Anxiety Live Q&A – With Dr. Jay Davidson

As part of our 'Depression & Anxiety Secrets' program, we hosted a live Question & Answer session with the incredible Dr. Jay Davidson. In this second half of the session, we talked about practical solutions to the mental and physical illness, such as detoxification, liver bile duct support, parasite removal (using mimosa pudica), fungal infections, mold, and ADHD.

Speaker 1: Hey Jay.


Jay: Hello, hello.


Speaker 1: Hey man, again it looks like I just need to change the function audi. Looks like I need to [inaudible 00:00:25] pushed all [00:00:30] the numbers in as … Which is kind of exciting, in a sense, we get to meet everyone, and I … Yeah this is something else. Alright, great. We’re getting to meet everyone by default, this is just [inaudible 00:00:45], awesome.


Speaker 1: I can [inaudible 00:00:45] just need to adjust to new people. But at the next one this is going to be [inaudible 00:01:00].


Speaker 1: [00:01:00] Hey Jay, can you hear me?


Jay: I can [00:01:30] now.


Speaker 1: Yeah, Are you able to click mute [inaudible 00:01:33] because if you can click mute on people [inaudible 00:01:35] structure this … Cool, we’re getting to meet everyone, this is really cool. But I really need to find out a way, I think you’re the one that will have the controls that try to mute people. So, if you can try to find how to mute everyone then we can [inaudible 00:01:59].


Jay: Okay. [00:02:00] Cool, well everyone should be muted in here now.


Speaker 1: I think we’re good. Can you hear me? Yeah you can here me.


Jay: Yes.


Speaker 1: Alright perfect. This is great. You got it recording on your end, Jay?


Jay: Yeah, it says it’s recording.


Speaker 1: Perfect. [00:02:30] This is a call hearing. It’ll just be like your screen and my screen that’s recording there, Jay. I’m pretty sure it’s just renounced screens that’s selected. That’s when were the ones that’s recording, so I just select that. I’ll just double check. Spotlight when I speak, so that’s fine. Cool. Then we can start going through things. I’m going to do a couple of things on the website, [00:03:00] just that everyone got onto this course, so people can click them links in a moment. But we’re going to start filling some questions.


Speaker 1: First off, let me just say that everyone right here in a … I just flew into LA to speak at an event, and so I’m just here at a hotel. On the Move here, on the go, just got off a plane and Jay is on this call and we’re really glad to have his helping us, and it’s been [00:03:30] just quite an amazing journey. The whole journeying process of this experience and it’s been amazing seeing people’s comments and feedback.


Speaker 1: Jay, what’s it been like fore you, kind of seeing that feedback coming back through depression and anxiety secrets from people and experiences and transformations?


Jay: Yeah, it’s been amazing just seeing the comments and it’s a working progress. I think it’s easy to get down on yourself, or want to be [00:04:00] where, maybe, you’re not quite at yet, but it’s a journey. I’ve just seen such great feedback, great comments, people really excited and so I’m excited to be here tonight.


Speaker 1: So good. Yes, same here and I think that what we know is just the beginning and we’re seeing so many people make decisions and the transformation starts the day somebody chooses that they … I go into change. And they gunna change things [00:04:30] and when the belief changes because … I love this saying that “Man or woman can not achieve what we will not believe” or God can not achieve what we do not believe. And I see that power and I see how when we make these choices and we have that beliefs change, well we can see what’s possible. All of sudden these incredible doors start to open up for all of us.


Speaker 1: Here’s how we’re gunna do things guys. It’s going to be [00:05:00] really simple. We’re going to have the ability for you to raise your hands so you can ask a question live and then you can pop your question into … Is there a … Jay can you see a Q&A box underneath you?


Jay: Nope, this is a chat box.


Speaker 1: The chat box it fine. So, everyone can chat in here, hello. You can put your question here or the other place you could put your question is on the main page. Go to the page that you’re on, which was depression, anxiety [00:05:30] seek serious forward slash particle, that’s were you came to this. You can actually post your question in there and that’s how we can … answer.


Speaker 1: So, why don’t we start over there, cause we have a bunch over there and during this call as well Dr. Davidson is going to share some of the supplements that we’ve found to be very effective and they’re the ones that my wife and I have been using. There’s lots of really great things that you can use out there. You can use this information [00:06:00] however you’d like, we’re an information source to use. So what we love to do it like give you core ingredients, you guys can go and find these ingredients in places and just kind of know what you’re looking for in this world.


Speaker 1: If you love what Dr. Jay is doing with the supplements that he’s been working with, with Dr. Todd Watts, and you want to support what they’re doing, then feel free to go ahead and use those. And with depression anxiety secrets were affiliated with the company, [00:06:30] but we also love you to choose to go wherever you’d like and love to give you lots of clues and wisdom and a lot of things worth are things that we have no relation or affiliate to. We just want to give you the information, so [inaudible 00:06:45] is going to share some information with you some key protocols that you can use with par acidic cleanses, heavy metal detox, and we’ll kind of go through that.


Speaker 1: But before we do any of that, let’s just start going through the questions and thank you. I saw Billy Dawn had said, [00:07:00] ” Hello from Hartfields.” And –


Jay: Pennsylvania.


Speaker 1: And Katherine has said, “Hi. Yay for Dr. Jay!” And Samera says, “Hello Everyone.” And then Aldo says, “Hello.” And then you’ve got John, he’s asking questions. Here he’s asking a question here, “Julian,”… I think we might have-


Jay: [crosstalk 00:07:21] protocol page too.


Speaker 1: Which is awesome, we can start there. Naomi’s asked a great question there, Sierra, Iona, Tiffany, and Sandy.


Speaker 1: So, [00:07:30] Jay happens to be, maybe the best, when it comes to answering the most amount of questions and less likely to go on tangents that will mean that he wants to get through many questions. So that’s good news, since he’s going to go through a lot of questions. And Chris, you’ve got a question here, so, you left some questions in there.


Speaker 1: So what we’re going to do is, let’s see if we can answer all the questions on the protocol page first, then we’ll come over to this chat. Feel free to put comments. I don’t know, where would you like to fill the [00:08:00] questions from, Jay [crosstalk 00:08:03]


Jay: Yeah. So, lets start on the … I’ll start on the depressionanxietyseries.com/protocol, the bottom there. Looks like Marth or Marthe says, “Dr. Jay said to be sure drainage is working well before you detox from heavy metals and purge parasites. Can you do a coffee enema to promote drainage is you have a torturous colon, end of colon is twisted and kinked. Last colonoscopy was very difficult for doctor to do because [00:08:30] of this, would a torturous colon would make it very difficult or impossible to do coffee enemas? If so, what else can be used for drainage before detoxing? Would really appreciate your response. Thank you so much.”


Jay: So, if there is some type of anatomical issue with the colon, where the tube could not go in, then that might not be a great option. However, I think about if you can excrete poop from your colon, then you can probably [00:09:00] put a little tube up in. When I’m looking at the coffee enema, if it possible, I always recommend to make sure to put some lubricant on the end of the tube like coconut oil. Again you always want to put something on your skin or on the end of the tube the you’re going to put up into the backside of you, where you can eat it, right? Where it’s more safe. So coconut oil is a really great lubricant to put the tube in, but they sell and extension on amazon, it’s like R22 and it’s basically like a rubber catheter. [00:09:30] It’s like 12 inches long. You don’t have to put the the tube all the way up that far, but I like it because it’s pretty thin in diameter. So, if you do have issues getting the, quote on quote, like “enema tube in” it might actually be the attachment, so you could try a different attachment.


Jay: But however, coffee enemas are not … they’re not a necessity. Like you don’t have to do them. They’re a great tool but there’s other things. There’s liver/gull bladder flushes, with Epsom salt, olive oil, grapefruit juice, that’s a little [00:10:00] bit more abrupt, but it’s a great tool. We’ve got caster oil packs as well. And then there’s a lot of things in the herb category. We at Micro Formulas, we have something called kidney and liver detox, which covers that category, but there’s other good products like tudca.


Jay: I mean there’s a lot of companies that have great liver bile duct support. So, anything in that category, is really gunna help. And just remember when you’re supporting drainage you want to support the whole pathway. So, make sure the bowels [00:10:30] are moving, make sure the liver bile duct, make sure you’re really looking at lymphatic system.


Jay: Sandy says, “Hi everyone. It’s looking like I have multiple parasites. How sick will I get doing the parasite cleanse and detoxification, I’m trying something called JuvaCleanse with rhubarb …” bunch of different ingredients here, “I’ve had very loose stools with this and not seeing any worms. Is this a good start? Or how long does I take to get rid of parasites, also wanted to mention that I don’t absorb nutrients, nor medications well [00:11:00] …” which is a parasite symptom. I’m on, lets see, looks like some type of medication for pain, she’s reduced her meds. I imagine the parasites have got to be pretty sick if they’re taking all the meds from me. I know I’m in for a ride of my illness. Thank you so much, drinking lots of lemon. So, yes, getting to your question Sandy, [00:11:30] I did a lot of parasite cleanses previously, never saw anything and I would get kind of the loose stool and just stomach wouldn’t feel great but I never saw anything. It wasn’t until I took Mimosa Pudica Seed, when I started getting these big creatures out, these big parasites out. So it definitely depends on the specific parasite cleanse. A lot of things can just kind of stir stuff up but not be strong enough to get them out, and then there’s other things out there that will help.


Jay: Now as long as you’re supporting drainage, I [00:12:00] wouldn’t expect you to crash. I don’t expect people in their parasite cleansing, where you’re having this crazy urge where you get diarrhea and you got to run to the bathroom and you know you can’t hold it, that’s not typical but, it’s very easy for us to psych ourself out or kind of expect the worse or like, oh my gosh what if that? So as long as you support drainage and move in to parasite cleansing, don’t you know, do it too abrupt. Sounds like there is a lot of ingredients that [00:12:30] you’re on right now with the Juva Cleanse but I would just be persistent. I would be persistent, consistent with the parasite cleanse, and as long as you support drainage you shouldn’t be crashing.


Jay: She’s also put a bunch of injections and things she’s on. “Do you think opening the drainage pathways could improve?” So the key with nutrients, when you’re not absorbing nutrients, and having poor absorption nutrients it is the digestive tracks … is a problematic source. [00:13:00] So, the key is not pound more nutrients in the body, the key is to remove the infection that’s really affecting the absorption in the first place and that’s really the parasites. So I’d definitely like the idea that you are parasite cleansing I believe that’s really important.


Jay: I’ve never seen anybody, and I know this is a blanket statement but I’ve worked with a lot of clients and I’ve helped a lot of people, I have doctors that I’ve trained that work with me so, [00:13:30] we’ve impacted a lot of people for the positive and I’ve yet to see somebody that’s over drained, ever. So, I’m a huge fan of supporting drainage, and the more sensitive you are the more I’d recommend to support it. The more medications you’re on, the more it’s going to be important because medications just have so many different side effects to it.


Jay: Think I got all the questions … oh she’s got another one here. Did not work out because the bowel reactions … I think I got the questions [00:14:00] there, so if I didn’t [Sandy 00:14:01] you can just repost just to clarify, it was kind of long so I’m hoping I got em all.


Jay: [Tiffany 00:14:06] says, “I have a question for live Q and A with Dr. J. I have tinea veriscolor, a fungal infection of the skin, which is bothersome. I also have anxiety and sometimes depression and panic attacks, OCD. I was born with one kidney and three extra vertebrae in my back. I have an 18 inch metal rod in my back from scoliosis, a sleep disorder, similar to restless leg syndrome, [00:14:30] hypothyroidism, sinus issues, which are much, much better since become a vegan about a year ago. When searching for help for two sons ADHD I learned from Special Education Teacher and Certified Nutritional Health Professional about candida. I take grape seed extract as recommended by this professional but my skin will clear up for a little bit then the spots will come back strong. I eat gluten free and vegan. I’m wondering if I’m eating too much starch. Also would Mimosa Pudica Seed help? Is there anything else that [00:15:00] you would recommend?”


Jay: So the big thing is fungal infection of the skin, and then there’s just another question or two here. So, fungal infection you want to look at your environment an make sure that you’re not living in mold but because that can be a big trigger of having fungus. But, typically what I see is the Candida side runs rampant and when Candida is there, you want to make sure to detoxify heavy metals. Heavy metals are food or fuel for [00:15:30] Candida. So going on an anti-Candida diet where it’s typically like you cut all sugar out, and can be a little bit torterous but it can help with symptoms. As soon as you all of, or come off the diet, typically it comes back because you still have the source there and the heavy metals are a big source, parasites also to can store that. So in the Candida side, detoxification’s really important. For fungus infection of the skin. So, anytime you’re looking at the skin, the digestive track [00:16:00] is really important as well.


Jay: Grape seed extract is great for biofilm. Remember though too, when you start opening biofilm up, like if you take proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach, or anything else to clear biofilm out, like grape seed extract, remember you want something to support the immune system because as soon as that biofilm starts opening up pathogens are gonna be released and if you’re not taking something to support the immune system it can go a little [00:16:30] nuts. Essential oils are great for biofilm and they can actually be beneficial for the immune system so they can typically be a little bit better than proteolytic enzymes.


Jay: [Tiffany 00:16:42] asks, “How likely are kids in the US with ADHD to have parasites?” I would say absolutely, very likely, especially if parents are having issues. I believe parasites is a massive epidemic today because of the toxicity epidemic and if we haven’t parasite cleansed effectively, [00:17:00] then its … I mean, I know this is a little bit of a blanket statement but it’s gotta be on the docket, have to do it, it’s so important. “Can they take Mimosa Pudica Seeds?” Kids can, yes. So my daughter, she’s six years old, I gave her some this morning. So, I woke up, did a coffee enema, or a couple coffee enemas, you know, back to back. Gave my daughter some anti-parasitics, I gave her some Mimosa Pudica Seed. She doesn’t swallow caps yet [00:17:30] so I just open up a little bit of Mimosa Pudica Seed up on a spoon, put about a half a capsule on there and then put a little maple syrup with it, stir up with my finger really quick, she takes it, chases it down with water. Mimosa Pudica Seed kinda gels up so you don’t wanna let it sit and if you’re an adult and don’t swallow capsules you wanna mix it with an oil like olive oil, avocado oil, something that’s fat soluble.


Jay: Yeah, I think I got all the questions there.


Jay: Iona, if I’m pronouncing that correctly. [00:18:00] I have good intent on trying to pronounce everybody’s name correctly. “I’m wondering how long you should have good drainage for gastrointestinal, lymphatic and sweat before starting the parasite treatment, weeks or months?” I generally like to push for 30 days. I like to support drainage pathways specifically for 30 days before you move in to the next step. Now technically, could you just jump to parasites? Yes. Would you might have more symptoms? Yes. So, I’m a big fan of just supporting drainage because I like to minimize [00:18:30] symptoms, like the people to feel like this isn’t a big deal, it’s very tolerable, it’s very easy and they can move forward.


Jay: Some people though, on their personality, they wanna feel, it’s kinda weird to say, but they wanna feel the pain to know that somethings happening. And, if you wanna do that, then don’t support drainage because that’s when you’ll definitely get more symptoms, but I like 30 days. But, if you’re more sensitive or really in a tough state, that might need to stretch to 60 days or even 90 days before you introduce [00:19:00] parasites.


Jay: [Sarah 00:19:01] says, “A couple questions for Dr. J. Is rectal ozone as effective as doing a coffee enema? What is the difference.?” So they’re very different. Rectal ozone is actually putting ozone into your rectum and it can help with pathogens, it can help with giving oxygen to the body, it is kind of a short lived type procedure. Coffee enemas really focused with the liver, bile duct, glutathione system, so they’re definitely different in that.


Jay: Now, the coffee enema, like I did a coffee [00:19:30] enema this morning like I was mentioning, and I add biomolecular oxygen to it. It’s like doing rectal ozone but the oxygen I believe is actually a little stronger. So I push it, I put actually 30 drops in a four cup solution and the put two cups in and hold it for 15 minutes, release, put two the other cups in. So I’m getting about 15 drops of the biomolecular oxygen. I recommend though, if you’ve never done a coffee enema with biomolecular [00:20:00] oxygen just to add two drops to start with, work up to ten, is a good number. I do like to push it but with the biomolecular oxygen it is amazing when you put that in your coffee enema it’s like … I’ve been up since 6:00 a.m. this morning, went to bed a little late last night just working on some things and my energy is like rockstar, thinking clear, focused. I’ve been this way all day, so coffee enemas are just an amazing tool.


Jay: For someone, and [Sarah 00:20:28] continues to say, “For someone who is extremely [00:20:30] sensitive, what type of testing to suggest for heavy metals? How do you get mercury out of the brain?” So I don’t suggest any testing for heavy metals, I don’t like the testing on the market. I know there’s companies like Quick Silver. I know that there’s urine challenges that you can take as well if you really want to do a heavy metal test, that’s one of them. But somebody that’s sensitive, don’t do it, no way, because it’s going to set you over the edge.


Jay: How you get mercury out is you take … so [00:21:00] the BioActive Carbon MetChem has large, medium and small chain carbons within it. The small chain carbons are what goes into our cells and that’s what actually crosses our blood-brain barrier. So, within one one capsule of MetChem you actually have a whole concentration gradient and you’ll cover the brain that way.


Jay: So before MetChem was around, it was, you had to start with the gut, then you had to start taking something for the cells, then you had to start taking something for the brain which made it … it was more [00:21:30] tedious and it was harder on the body. The MetChem’s really changed a lot. So again that the BioActive Carbon MetChem.


Jay: [Naiomi 00:21:41] “My question is can herbal parasite cleanse be too hard on a week body if you have adrenal fatigue. Also, if you remove the heavy metals in your body will this address the parasite indirectly by taking away their food?” [Naiomi 00:21:53] that is a great question, I love that question, I love that thought process and thinking about that. So, [00:22:00] it’s a great thought. The thing about it is parasites are sponges for heavy metals. And I’m hearing a little background. I wonder if I need to mute somebody here.


Speaker 2: It’s me.


Jay: Yeah. If you want to just hit the mute button there. Thank you. Just so glad we got everybody here. Looks like we’ve got 100 people on right now. [00:22:30] Parasites are sponges for heavy metals, which means they soak up heavy metals. So, where I was hitting a wall, and if anybody’s … I’ll mute them. There we go.


Jay: Where I was hitting a wall detoxifying heavy metals for a couple of years, I had never cleansed parasites. So, as much as you want to push to try to pull the heavy metals out, if you have parasites in your body, they’re storing heavy metals that you can’t get to. So, then you run into a wall and you just don’t get as far [00:23:00] as you want to or that you’re able to do it. So, the key is you actually have to take the parasites down first in order to actually access all the heavy metals, is really the key. And parasite cleansing, parasites are actually a big stressor to adrenals. Toxins are a big stressor to adrenals.


Jay: So, if you have really weak adrenals, you can look at taking something for adrenal support, whether it’s like a glandular adrenal, licorice extract, an adaptogenic herb [00:23:30] like rhodiola, ashwagandha. There’s a lot of different adrenal tools out there, or supplements, or herbs. You can look at taking that to help support your adrenals, but it’s gonna be key absolutely to parasite cleanse, ’cause that’s gonna get to the source of why there’s adrenal issues.


Jay: Julian, “My question for Dr. J, I have dizziness mostly on left side of head, pain in my eye with anxiety where I get phobia like fears in different times and places. Dizziness, anxiety pick up or go down. I’m on no medications since it started three years [00:24:00] ago when dizziness started, but four months now it’s all these symptoms in some combination. I’ve had neck chiropractic done throughout first and second month with acupuncture and that helped, but not since. It’s been really hard for a month now.” And she continues, “I’ve had moments where it goes way down where I use positive affirmations, but I need help with anxiety and help along with my brain mind will. The lithium orotate started helping.” Lithium orotate [00:24:30] is a great nutrient for the brain, absolutely.


Jay: I know we’ve talked about parasites a lot, but if you haven’t parasite cleansed, that’s where you want to go. Parasites are very up and down, so especially over a full moon, things can intensify. They can kind of calm down and you feel like, “Oh, I’m feeling better,” and then the next day it can change very quickly. I would recommend going through the protocol [00:25:00] of drainage, parasites, detox, and then supporting the immune system. I do like, especially when you have dizziness and you notice some change from chiropractic and acupuncture, I do like continuing that, because it can be a piece to the puzzle. But it looks like it’s not just a structural issue, otherwise you’d be pretty good off here.


Jay: It looks like I’ve got two more questions on the protocol page. Let me just refresh this in case it hasn’t here. [00:25:30] Oh, yeah. Looks like there’s a bunch more here. Okay. Where was I? Oh, Julian was just asking, adding to it. “What is the condition caused by parasites? EBV?” Or, “What is this condition caused by? Parasites, Epstein Barre, mineral deficiency, psychological?”


Jay: Well, the key is, “Dr. J, I’ve been diagnosed with,” or “I’m suffering [00:26:00] with,” what is the cause of this? It could be multiple things. It can be co-infections. It can be parasites. It can be deficiencies, but remember, we don’t repair deficiencies right away. We repair or go after infection and fix the reason why we’re not absorbing foods or nutrients, and then we focus on really increasing the nutrients. And can it be psychological? It absolutely can be emotional traumas and emotional patterns, and things that we’re also [00:26:30] feeling and stuck in. And in the side of if you feel like you’re getting anxiety or an anxiety attack, as much as really what our society says, “Oh my gosh, that’s bad and we gotta neutralize it,” and kind of this idea of running away, I like the idea of leaning into it.


Jay: Lean into that feeling. Your heart’s not gonna stop. It’s not gonna explode. As much as it feels like it could in those, I mean, my wife’s [00:27:00] had so many in her past history. It’s almost as if we want to lean into it and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean the situation’s easier, but the last thing you want to do is just kind of turn and run away.


Jay: And another tool that I’ve used, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this at all in the series or any of the, like that 5R Q&A, was this idea to think about, “Okay, what is the worst case that could actually happen?” So, if you’re in a situation and you [00:27:30] start being fearful and anxiety, and the mind starts racing, I love the idea of asking yourself, “What’s the worst possible thing that could happen?” And then say, “Okay, if that’s the worst possible thing, got it.” And it’s almost like when you let your mind go there and you analyze it, and then you think about big picture, well, that’s really not as bad as I thought. Then all of a sudden you neutralize that fear or that feeling, so if there’s any thoughts here that I’m saying that you resonate with, [00:28:00] write them down. If they’re not, just let them pass by you.


Jay: I know there’s a lot of questions and a lot of people on here, and a lot of different, coming from different places and different experiences. Julian also asked, “Can parasites actually cause these types of symptoms with my mind, anxiety, dizziness, where something is challenging but under different situations, it’s easier?” Absolutely. Parasites will manipulate your personality. They will also change your thought process. Where [00:28:30] you’re like, “I’ve never felt like this before. I haven’t had these thoughts before. Why am I having them?” They could absolutely modify and change that.


Jay: Sarah asks, “Hello, I have a question for you tonight. I’ve had on and off chest pains for anxiety/fear the past year and yes, there has been stress a month ago. I had an anxiety attack first time ever since. My nervous system has been in fight or flight on and off. I wasn’t getting good sleep, because of it. Since then, [00:29:00] the anxiety has been on and off now, come with horrible thoughts. Nowhere, I related most when you, Dr. J said you know intimately who you are but why I’m thinking that when he was talking about parasites. I also related with Dr. Todd Watson who was explaining a story wondering why and how he could calm his nervous system down and back to normal. I’m 28. I had all my vaccines growing up. I had mercury filling in one tooth. I’m eliminating every other day and now [00:29:30] weirdly I have eliminated first thing every morning for four days besides today. I’ve definitely been stressed and have been taking life on alone with my four year old.”


Jay: “The anxiety attacks …” So, I just want to pause for a second. Remember this idea.


Speaker 1: Hey, J. Just before you go there, just one second, guys. Something has happened here where only 100 people can get in. There’s a lot more people that are trying to get in. I’ve copied over all these questions. [00:30:00] What we actually need to do is bounce out of this room. I’m really sorry to everyone. I’ve copied everyone’s questions and now we need to bounce out of this room and then sign back in. So, go back to the same page. We’re gonna have a new link there, okay? So, extremely sorry and we’ll just get this resolved. Give us like two, three minutes and then sign back. And everyone will be able to get back in and then that way all these people that are missing out right now can get back in. We’ll make sure we make up the time, okay? So, sorry everyone.


Speaker 1: And J, are you recording on your side so we can keep-


Jay: Yeah, I’ll stop. I’ll stop [00:30:30] the recording right now.


Speaker 1: And then let’s jump out of here and then we’ll find a way back in here.