(Part 2) Depression & Anxiety Live Q&A – With Dr. Jay Davidson

As part of our 'Depression & Anxiety Secrets' program, we hosted a live Question & Answer session with the incredible Dr. Jay Davidson. In this second half of the session, we talked about practical solutions to the mental and physical illness, such as detoxification, parasite removal (using mimosa pudica), lymphatic drainage and coffee enemas. We also discussed lyme disease, thyroid disease, headaches and other common ailments.

Jay: [00:00:30] Recording is resuming. Great, all right, so part two. Sarah's question was talking about the anxiety attack and horrible weird thoughts hit me like a brick wall. I don't have an autoimmune disease and never been diagnosed with anything besides seasonal allergies, which I don't have anymore. Did my buckets finally overflow? Do I need to do the whole entire detox you have on microbe formulas? What's the first thing I need to get started. I want my mind to be clear and free of negative thoughts. [00:01:00] God, Jesus the Holy Spirit, and reading the Bible have all been a huge factor in the season of life I'm at. He lead me to this docu-series. I didn't want to wait any longer so I just actually bought phase one of your protocol in microbe formulas and have taken it the past three days. Your thoughts? PS, we're living with mold on some furniture on and off for almost two years. 

Jay: If you're living with mold then that's going to be a source, right? The top four sources; [00:01:30] chronic infection, parasites, mold, and heavy metals. I believe that everybody can benefit from the microbe formula protocol. Dr. Todd Watts and I, we spent countless hours and days really putting it together to make it as easy as possible and as effective as possible. Now, I understand if finances are tight and you're just not able to do all the pieces of it, do what you can, or look for other tools that ware out there. We believe the stuff works good, [00:02:00] but of course, I'm biased to that. But, I believe that when you support the drainage pathway, you're just setting yourself up for a win. I know one of the last people were asking about the bowel movements they were just having, they're having one a day the last four days, they didn't have one. When you are parasite cleansing, when you are detoxifying the body, push to have two to three bowel movements a day. You actually want to move the bowels more than less, not to the point where you're having diarrhea or watery stools, but the more that you can keep that pathway flowing, as you kill [00:02:30] things, as you detox things, as you're clearing things out, it will leave the body easier, less likely to have reactions.

Jay: So, I do recommend the protocol, seeing such great results with it, hence why, it's really part of the whole depression, anxiety series and secrets here that Jonathan Alls put together. Do you have any input that you want to share about your journey, your life's journey with any of the products?

Jonathan: Sure, yeah, absolutely. [00:03:00] We've had such a great experience with using the herbal supplements that Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd have put together. So, we've had a lot of really, I mean you've heard about what Louis experienced with her parasite issue and how [inaudible 00:03:17] was extremely helpful, and there's certain herbs that we were using that's actually though microbe formula. So certainly, we recommend it, we think it's a fantastic. We've seen people use different ones, and that's the one that we like to use because we've seen the best results with it. [00:03:30] I think it's actually the cheapest because you look at the pill count, there's 120 pills in both those bottles, and this is formula one, and the [inaudible 00:03:40] so you'll find that it's super effective on that front.

Jonathan: I'll send this email out to make sure the rest of the group is in and I'll let you keep going through some of those questions, and I'll do a little bit of a screen share to show people where we're at.

Jay: Okay, great. So, John says, "Is IgG for allergy testing valid if you have leaky gut? In other words, once the leaky [00:04:00] gut is repaired will one still show IgG antibodies to the same substances. Another way to look at it is if IgG tests show high antibodies, to a certain substance, it wouldn't necessarily mean that once you take care of your leaky gut, that you ill show a high antibody against the same substance."

Jay: So, this come down to, these are great questions, this comes down to food allergies, food sensitivities. Now, there's five different Ig markers. So, there are no lab tests that actually test for all five. At best [00:04:30] I know of, there's three Ig's that's they'll test for. But they'll change, and they can change within a matter of a few days, a couple weeks. So, I'm not a big fan of allergy testing just from the expense side and the cost. I'm a big fan of really moving upstream and putting resources toward removing the source. If you feel like you're sensitive to certain, stay away from 'em. But however, [00:05:00] you may always still need to run and fix the source, or find out the source. I'm just not a big fan of allergy testing, and some of the panels are quite costly.

Jay: Sarah asks another question, "My son is four, he said his butt itched about a year ago. I gave him black walnut and homeopathic patch for parasite detox. He did great with it. I never saw anything in the toilet, and he's still itching his butt sometimes, so it makes me think it's not all gone." Yeah, you want to look at pinworms for butt itching. "He has also [00:05:30] been having more diarrhea. He's only had the vaccine in the hospital right after he was born, he has a wart on his foot..." Which would be viral, warts are viral. "A couple other random bumps on his elbow and face. Yesterday he had these random spots come up on his legs out of nowhere and then faded a couple hours later, weird I know. I want to know if I should use the whole detox on him. What do you suggest?"

Jay: So, a four year old, typically won't swallow capsules. If he will, that's fantastic. If he doesn't then you're [00:06:00] just going to be opening capsules up. Typically with kids, you don't have to support the drainage pathways as much, that stuffs moving, so you can move into Mimosa pudica, you can move into formula one. All of the bioactive carbons, which are amazing and super safe for kids to use for detoxification, the capsules can all be opened up within water. You can just kind of swish it around. If you put the bioactive Carbon [inaudible 00:06:24] in water it dissolves itself. It's one of the coolest things you'll probably ever see if you do that like just in a clear [00:06:30] glass. But, the bioactive Carbons are amazing. I would really look at the formula one, you could always mix that in with a little bit of food, like applesauce or something like that. Then Mimosa pudica, again the one I use with my daughter is maple syrup.

Jay: Now, I'm not a huge fan of sugar, however it's not only the taste, but the texture of Mimosa pudica that can be sometimes a little challenging for kids. If you try something the first time, and they don't like it, it's really easy for them to put a wall up [00:07:00] and say, "I'm never trying this again Mom." So I would recommend that maple syrup, it's worked really well with kids.

Jay: Deborah asked, "Hi, my husband suffers from chronic fatigue and clinical depression with bouts of rage, emotional attachment, lethargy. He has had his mercury filling removed and had Vitamin C and chelation intravenous but the symptoms have continued. What do you suggest?" So I would suggest he detox, IV chelation's very dangerous. So, typically with IV chelation [00:07:30] you're doing EDTA which has a half life of an hour and a half. So, what that means is that after an hour and a half, half of it's gone. So, when half of it's gone, in order to maintain safe detoxification, you want to maintain your half life levels. So, if you're doing IV it just makes no sense by itself, that you would technically have to do an IV every hour and a half, but it's such a large dose that you cause this huge stir of metals to be floating around. Then, you're off of chelator and the stuff redistributes and you feel [00:08:00] worse. 

Jay: Can he use IV chelation with some type of oral chelation? Yes. Do doctors do that? No. But, IV chelation too is really expensive and it's time consuming, so I would recommend the bioactive Carbon met-chem cause that's really, what I would consider, version 2.0 beyond all the old school chelators, a lot safer. It's got a half life of twelve to eighteen hours, so you only need to take it twice a day. It's a lot [inaudible 00:08:26] so you can just take it earlier and later and you can take with or without food. [00:08:30] It's really flexible, really safe. Heavy metals are a big piece of the rage, emotional issues. The key thing here though is if your husband hasn't parasite cleansed, and again, I know I sound like a broken record, but it's really the missing piece with so many people's protocols, if you're husband has a parasite cleanse, doing all the heavy metal detoxing and not doing parasite cleansing, you're gonna hit a wall because those metals are still within the parasites. [00:09:00] So, just do it in the right order, can mean a world of a difference.

Jay: Deborah asks, "If you take Mimosa pudica seed, so you can take with any other supplements?" Mimosa pudica seed you want to keep it away from any other binder, so any bioactive carbon, keep that an hour away. Diatomaceous earth I'd keep at least an hour if not two hours away. We never want to take any medication with any supplements. Then if you take like a clay or a charcoal, [00:09:30] you want to keep that away from Mimosa pudica as well. So it's primarily any binder, which you can kind of throw diatomaceous earth in that category as well, you want to take away.

Jay: Sue's asked, "What deficiencies contribute to auditory hallucinations and diagnoses like schizophrenia? What tests would you recommend being run? Any suggestions for researching?" I don't have a lot of experience with auditory hallucinations. I would definitely look into toxicity and infection though, for schizophrenia [00:10:00] absolutely.

Jay: Something that's really easy to do is your specific condition name and parasites in Google. So you can look up macular degeneration and parasites and find research on parasites causing macular degeneration. You can find research showing H. pylori has an affect on macular degeneration. So, we can kind of do some [00:10:30] due diligence that way.

Jay: Carol, "I wake up with a headache and neck pain in the AM and am beginning a detox for parasites and am also on gaba, L-tryptophan, [inaudible 00:10:45]. The neck pain on the right side and a headache on the right brow. It is arthritis and muscle tightness. I sleep on my side and happens around 3PM. When I wake up to go to the washroom, I usually have a difficult time going back to sleep. Thanks for your great information. I [00:11:00] just will be getting the cleanse for the parasite cleanse for my natural path." Okay, just making sure there's not a question in there. Headaches and strongyloides, very strong link. Dr. Todd Watts can speak on that on a future Q&A. Some more in depth on the science behind it if you want to know. So, you can always ask him that, Carol, when he's on. I don't really think there's a question there, so if there is [00:11:30] just clarify that and post. 

Jay: Moira, "Very-" Oh there's some people having issues with the call, we got that switched over. Iona, "You mentioned not just using Mimosa pudica by itself, can you tell us what else to use and how much? Including Mimosa pudica protocol would be very helpful. Do you take with or without food? Thanks for your help." Jonathan, is there a specific page? [00:12:00] You have it here, it says "click here to access." Is that correct?

Jonathan: Yes, that's right.

Jay: The charts.

Jonathan: Exactly, so then everyone should have that link so depression, anxiety, but again other people can watch this while it's steaming. Forward slash protocol, depressionanxietyseries.com/protocol. And then you can actually just watch the stream from there by clicking that button, will get you back into this call, and [00:12:30] it won't max out. So, I'm just hoping that everyone can get back in, you don't want to ... And some people, maybe if they didn't refresh this page, but again if we're talking to people inside this group.

Speaker 1: We're going to go ahead and get started with some questions ...

Jonathan: I don't know where that voice is coming from.

Speaker 1: At some point in one of-

Jonathan: Yeah, hang on.

Speaker 1: Some body had mentioned that it was-

Jonathan: Okay hang [00:13:00] on a second.

Speaker 1: -women never suffer [inaudible 00:13:02]

Jonathan: I'm just trying to think, where is that coming from?

Jay: Do you have a browser open?

Jonathan: I don't ... okay, sorry about that guys. That was Nick Elinson, Dr. Scott Richmond from another Q&A. So many technical issues. Normally [00:13:30] we are a straight shot, but we just had that issue, we've done about fifty of these, and this is the first one we've had a lot of issues with. So thank you for your patience and I apologize for it, but I just want to make sure everyone else is in, considering that there's a [crosstalk 00:13:46]

Jay: We're recording it so we'll make sure to get this to everybody. Part one and part two. So, for the people that are participating, we'll try to make this smooth for 'em. The easiest thing when you go to depressionanxietyseries.com/ [00:14:00] protocol, which is the page that people are leaving comments on and that's where you get the link to this call, as you start scrolling down, you see that there's phase one, phase two, phase three image. Right below that it says, click here to access Mimosa pudica, the bioactive carbon, formula one. As you click on that, that'll bring you to the microbe formula's website. In the top left corner it says, protocol guide. When you click on the protocol guide, [00:14:30] it gives you an example. Let me just ... Let me share my screen and just visually show everybody.

Jay: So, when you're on the Q&A page, there's a link right here. Click here to access. So you click that. That brings you right to microbe formulas. Let's see, [00:15:00] here we go. In the top left corner you'll see it says protocol guide. So if you click protocol guide, 'cause the question that I've got is when do I take stuff? Do you have more guidance for that?

Jay: We have each product, how many bottles, if you do the full protocol, and it's laid out on how many days. Then below here, this charts really helpful, when you take things. Morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime. It [00:15:30] lays it out just to try to make it as efficient and easy as possible. Pretty much everything that you're taking, can be taken together except for Mimosa pudica and then the three main bioactive carbons. You want to keep at least an hour away. Beyond that, most supplements can be taken with or without food, and can make it a lot easier. So I just wanted to show that website, because I see that there is the question about, [00:16:00] come on back to that question here, question about when you take things. There's definitely, probably gonna be some moments where you're just a little bit uncomfortable, like oh this is new, and you've go to learn. But trust me, it's well worth it, and as you dive in you'll get more comfortable. It's kind of like doing coffee enemas. It you've never done a coffee enema where do you start? It's like oh you just ... learn about it, get the kit, do it, and then as you do it then you can continue to watch and learn more about the videos and things how to do it [00:16:30] and you'll get better at it.

Jay: I think I answered that question then. Beth says, "Is it possible that black mold exposure could have an effect on raising pancreatic enzymes? Lipase and amylase." I don't know. Enzymes increased with mold exposure. [00:17:00] I do know that parasites will actually lower your enzymes. I'm not sure on the mold though. That's a great question.

Jay: Carol just said, "Tried chiropractor, physio, acupuncture for neck pain, but to no avail." So that usually just tells me that it's not a structural issue, that it's probably either emotional or chemical. So, if [00:17:30] chiropractic, physical therapy, those things help, that's when you know it's a structural issue like a physical issue. If it's not then we want to look at the other avenues.

Jay: Carol says, "I've been on parasite cleanse for about three weeks and see small worms. When do the big guys come? LOL. I'm very sick so anticipating a lot to come. This week I moved up to four Mimosa's a day or should I be happy with the small worms?" This is expectation. This is all about expectation. So, [00:18:00] we don't want to preconceive and say, "You know what, I'll give this, X number of days, or I really want to see this." As soon as you start setting those expectations, now you're just setting yourself up for stress, and you're setting yourself up for frustration. So, I like to take it day by day, just to say, you know what, this makes the most sense, I'm gonna dive in. I'll figure it out. Then as I go, I'll evaluate where I'm at, and some people have huge [00:18:30] things come out. I had a couple twelve inchers basically I had to pull out of my rear end. Then that started a bunch of four to seven inch worms and piles of that. Then that brought on the little pin worms and so forth. Not everybody goes through that. A lot of people have different things within them, then the body will clear things out as you need. Typically it is biggest to smallest, so the little small worms, that might be the [00:19:00] biggest type of creatures you have.

Jay: Sharol, "Hope it is appropriate to ask personal question. I started my parasite cleanse about a week ago. I'm eating only raw salads, cooked greens, small amount of wild salmon cooked in coconut oil plus spices, tumeric, olive oil. Just good, clean, organic stuff. I'm drinking good water with lemon and ginger, dandelion teas blends between meals. Taking Dematiacious earth. Let's see ... that's a pretty long, where's the question here. Only [00:19:30] very small poop or liquid can be expelled." So she can't go to the bathroom at all. So this is where you want to definitely add in the intestinal mover. That has over ten years of research and over a million dollars to create that herbal product. That thing is absolutely phenomenal. So typical dosing for that is one in the morning or one with breakfast if you eat breakfast, and then two in the evening or two at dinner if you want. Some people do better with food, some people do better without food so test it out. Somebody that's really backed [00:20:00] up though, you might actually need to increase that dosage even beyond that. Somebody where the bowels are moving really good, that might actually be too much so you can decrease that.

Jay: The one thing that I'd take a note one right here, for the products, is the one product that I would vary the dosage not just based on what the protocol says, is the intestinal mover. To really be comfortable with either increasing it or decreasing it based on how your bowels are doing and be okay with it. You really want to listen to your [00:20:30] body.

Jay: "I'm thinking parasites could be blocking my exit." Absolutely, parasites are a huge issue of what's backing up the colon and not allowing the drainage pathways to move. 

Jay: Suffer from teeth grinding, ADHD, insomnia, fibromyalgia. [00:21:00] Those are all parasite symptoms. Hypothyroid. Infection and toxicity will cause that. Also, too, on the emotion side, if you think about the thyroid, it's in the throat, it seems as if people that are dealing with thyroid issues too feel like they can't really speak their truth or really speak what they feel. So make sure that if you're dealing with thyroid, make sure you're really speaking [00:21:30] your truth, but especially if you're dealing with thyroid issues I would just consider that too on the emotional side.

Jonathan: It's Jay, what I'll do is, 'cause you're sharing some of the aspects people can use for the cleanse, and this would be good in general for everybody, so everyone can look at ... 'Cause one of the biggest questions we had on that five hour marathon was what supplements or products can be used? So we can give some of that core information and then [00:22:00] also give some of these discounts. You guys have been, some of your guys supplement. But also just look at some of the ingredients, people can shop wherever they like for it. What I'll do is I'll just quickly share my screen and show people how to access that and how to go about that.

Jonathan: Here I am on the screen here. You can click here on the different items here. You have here a chart. You guys have done a protocol here. Then I've also put here the information of which items are the mandatory. [00:22:30] The ones that are really helpful for parasite and heavy metal. If somebody has to just choose a budget, so we put together here what we call a light protocol which involves these certain products, which is Mimosa pudica, formula one, bioactive carbon foundation, and biotox. So then, what we can do here is ... then also these guys have done an additional coupon code which is this, "Secrets2018" [00:23:00] so you can put this on at checkout and that helps to drop another ten percent off from one of the items they have here, this protocol here. They've already listed it twenty percent off, so then by adding this in you get a whole thirty percent off that protocol. Remember, it's a hundred and twenty day program. 

Jonathan: So, [crosstalk 00:23:18] ... yeah exactly which is incredible. So if you were going to see like a functional medicine doctor ... you know I've done a lot with that. Three hundred dollars plus [00:23:30] per consultation, that's without any of your food or supplements or anything like that. So we're saying that's the benefit of having the live Q&A, being able to have that consultation in this setting and then you can do this kind of program and you're looking at spending about three hundred dollars a month over the course of that one-twenty days, about ten dollars a day. So, it's not expensive you just have to understand that that's a full protocol and it starts here with getting the lymphatic system working and then it goes to these factors. 

Jonathan: So, I think it's really [00:24:00] fantastic, you measure that down to what it ended up costing you and how much you're saving on that. Because you end up saving, with the discounts, it goes from eighteen hundred down to thirteen hundred. It's five hundred dollar saving, right? So, you can check that out and then there's the heavy metals that are being cleansed with those different items as well. So you can check that out. All you have to do, is you can click on this, you can click on the image and then you'll end up over on the page here. Again, [00:24:30] checkout the ingredients, go shop somewhere else if you like. We don't mind. It doesn't make a difference to us, but what we see here is ... yeah just click here on the protocol guide so you can check here, the protocol guide, and then you'll end up going over here, scroll down, see the complete protocol, add to the cart. Again, you can do this or you can chose the additional items and just say, I'm just gonna start with parasite cleanse and you can kind of chose what you'd like to do and this is [00:25:00] added bunch .. I need to actually close my card here because this is added like 50 bottles of each thing because I've clicked on it a few times, so don't do that. Make sure you haven't done it a bunch of times. Jay, you can share screen and show it on your end because I need to refresh my page here, but just make sure that's clear. Then-

Jay: Yeah, it's really easy. You just add to the cart and then does it auto enter the code in or you have to enter the secrets2018 in one word? 

Jonathan: [00:25:30] It might do it. You can try and do it through the site just to see whether it auto does it in. If it doesn't, then you can chat it in yourself. 

Jay: Yeah. I believe that nothing replaces one-on-one coaching and guidance. However, that's not always feasible for everybody. Just meeting with one of my doctors, like Dr. Nick Ellenson or Dr. Scott Richman, I think it's maybe 600 or $700 for the first two hour consultation. Two hours, obviously, is a long time and so I believe nothing really beats [00:26:00] one-on-one guidance and customization. However, I think this is the next best thing and so much more affordable for the masses, so really done our best to try to help as many people in this manner. If you're working with a practitioner, highly encourage you to continue, but, of course, we want to give you some guidance as to what you can do to start restoring your health. 

Jonathan: Awesome, man. 

Jay: Let's keep [00:26:30] going through the questions here, see how late I can go. Luckily, I did a coffee enema this morning with some biomolecular oxygen in it. I'm good to go. Daryl Madison, Daryl, says, "Are there any contraindications you can think of for multi mental health issues, physical pain issues coming off of psych meds and pain meds after decades and having a history of multiple endocrine issues, such as ovarian cysts, hyperparathyroidism?" Yeah, there's a lot of stuff [00:27:00] there. Anytime that you are on medications and this is a great question for what's the doctor that was on the series? 

Jonathan: Which doctor are you talking about? 

Jay: Is it Binus, Dr. Binus? 

Jonathan: Oh, yeah, Dr. Daniel Binus, yeah. 

Jay: I would save that question for him because he prescribes and gets people on and off those things and that's really his area. My understanding just working with hundreds of clients that I've worked with [00:27:30] in really tough situations is anytime you're taking a medication for a long period, it's always good to wean off of it. Remember, you can only really wean off of it or really stop a med when you remove the source or sources, so somebody that's had their thyroid taken out and they're like, "Oh, I'm sick of taking thyroid hormone," it's like well, if you don't have that organ, you don't really have that option. It's kind of a necessity, but if you still have a thyroid and you're on thyroid hormone, then we need to move upstream and figure out okay, what's the toxin? What are the infections like Epstein- [00:28:00] Barr, Lyme disease? What's present there in the thyroid that's actually affecting its function? Remove that and then there shouldn't be a need or as big of a need to actually be on the hormone if the organ is functioning at its optimum. I'd recommend, Daryl, to definitely ask Dr. Binus for those specific med things. 

Jonathan: I'll just share here now that I've just reset my pages, so what someone can expect if [00:28:30] they're checking out here, so if somebody does want to do that, say, yeah, they've reduced the protocol price already 20% off and then you-

Jay: Oh, yeah, almost like 400 bucks. 

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, you got 360 there and then you'll see here and then you hit checkout, so you'll see there's six bottles of that, four bottles of that one, four bottles of lymphatic bioactive carbon, four bottles of mimosa pudica, so you see how it's spanned out over that whole [00:29:00] course of time. Again, somebody may not be able to do that in that first month, so then they can just do it month by month or you could just choose which items you want to go with. Then here in this discount box you just put secrets2018 and then just hit apply. 

Jay: I think it actually had it auto applied already. 

Jonathan: Yeah, it actually had it already done, but just in case, if you want to just make sure it's there, yup, yeah, true. Then it's got the 147 off again, so it's dropped it down another $150, which is excellent. [00:29:30] It's always great to save and we're always trying to find ways to save you guys money. Then otherwise, you can add that code to anything, so let's say you want to get one item, you can add that code. They're going to shave off 10%, so you can just get bottle of mimosa pudica, for example. Everyone's been talking about that. Where do I get it? These guys have, what, 120 caps in the bottle, so you click on that, add to cart. They've already got 11% off. You end up getting it 20% off and it comes down in price again, right? [00:30:00] I've already got these other things added to my cart, so it's going to shave off another $5 there, $4, and come down to $35 for that bottle there. 

Jonathan: You definitely want to get Formula One with that, which is the other parasite. If you're going to do that, that's the two that Lori used to get such amazing results. I do believe everyone essentially can afford something like that to get mimosa pudica and Formula One. Heres the Formula One bottle. It's 45 and then it takes off another $5. It comes down to like $39 [00:30:30] or something when you apply that code. Then you got antiparasite for the whole month. That's at a megadosage, as well, so if you wanted to span that over two months, you could, but ideally every month and then you hit it again the next month and do a three month. Get rid of the parasites. It's going to make a huge difference. These guys have put humic and fulvic in this one, as well, and their fulvic and they've got ... Here's the ingredient list. 

Jonathan: Anyway, [00:31:00] so that's helpful for people that want it. They want extra advice. Otherwise, just listen to Dr. Jay's questions, if you just want general answers, coffee enemas. Obviously, there's no expenses there unless you want to get the kit there, obviously the coffee. Then you want to [inaudible 00:31:18] other things he's recommending you just have to find those over Amazon. Just go ahead and use your discretion. A lot of things that Jay and I will be recommending will be outside of this, but we like this one. It's been really effective for so many [00:31:30] people and it's helped to save a lot of lives. It's the best I know of like an autoimmune protocol. It's actually the most effective, cheap way to do something because it's getting all of the elite stuff. 

Jonathan: What you used to do, Jay, when you were ... I like to work one one one with Jay. It's actually very expensive because he's kind of like a celebrity doctor, but what he could do as a celebrity doctor versus what he can now do with the protocol it's created, it's like it's not really a fair competition. I could get better results just consulting someone and saying, "Hey, [00:32:00] look, just use this protocol. Follow this program," whereas you back a year ago before you were doing this, you didn't have some of these tools, but then somebody would be paying more to consult with you and somebody might be getting it free. A friend of mine just uses this protocol, so it really does save money when you think about it from that perspective. That's always been my goal, to save people money, make it feasible. Would you agree with what I'm saying there, Jay? 

Jay: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, do what you can and just keep moving forward. There's never going to be a perfect scenario or situation, but just do what you can and [00:32:30] go with what resonates with you. If this doesn't resonate with you, just learning and keep moving forward. Leticia says, "I have a nephew who has been diagnosed with OCD. We do not know how to deal with this. He left the university and could not continue. He constantly washes his hands. It is sad to see him doing that. How can I help him living far away?" The protocol, absolutely. Have him do the protocol, the Microbe Formulas protocol. I highly would recommend that. 

Jay: [Brahim 00:32:58], "Today [00:33:00] was diagnosed with H. pylori. Is there an alternate way to treat than taking antibiotics?" I would absolutely get on the mimosa pudica seed and the Formula One. Those are fantastic for that. I believe there's a lot of alternatives that are out there. 

Jay: Ellen, she says, "I got in. Thank you, Jay and Jonathan so much. I am cancer free five years to date." Well, happy anniversary. "I'm currently taking tamoxifen in a small dosage of [00:33:30] a med for a hot flash side effect. I want to completely get off all medication ASAP, but my oncologist wants me to stay on it for another five years. In the meantime, will anything that you have suggested for the drainage support parasite heavy metal protocol interact with those meds? My oncologist isn't familiar with these. I'm hoping you'll be able to answer this as I cannot get into the call." Then yeah, she was able to get in, so awesome. [00:34:00] Tamoxifen is a rabbit hole when you go down that and the side effects, prescribed for breast cancer and linked with ovarian cancer. It's a crazy rabbit hole, so I'm very much in support of the direction you're on. To my knowledge, with tamoxifen, there's no interactions with any of the supplements of Microbe Formulas. However, as a good rule of thumb, always take medications and supplements at least two hours away from each other [00:34:30] to be conservative. 

Jay: Carol says, "What can I do about the headaches and neck aches that I wake up with and get back to sleep?" Oh, I think that was earlier. Thank you for clarifying your question, Carol. With headaches and neck aches that you wake up with and get back to sleep, you want to look at your mattress. You want to look at your pillow. You want to look at your sleep position. You want to look at the physical side of things. Then you also want to look at drainage, so [00:35:00] the bowels, the liver bile duct, and the lymphatic system because that's actually in order for the brain to drain because if the brain isn't draining, you can get a lot of pressure and headache issues up top. In order for the brain to drain, all the other drainage pathways have to move really well.

Jay: Beyond just the supplement-herb side and opening drainage up, I would look at something called inclined bed therapy. Incline bed therapy is [00:35:30] actually where you slant the head up compared to your feet. You're raising the head up five to six inches. You want to make sure the mattress is perfectly straight, but what's happening is as you slant the bed incline bed therapy, you're allowing gravity to actually help drain the brain and lymphatic system more while you're sleeping. People like to use the biohacking term, but it's just a way to maximize recovery. I would look at that along with the full protocol to do parasites [00:36:00] and detox. 

Jay: Sandy, "Did you address my stuff? I just got in. Thanks." Yes. I believe I got all your questions. I think there was three of them in a row. Deborah, "Hi. Thank you for answering my question regarding my husband's condition after intravenous Vitamin C and chelation. Said to try MetChem. Should he start with protocol phase two first, then phase three?" Yes. Always suggest to go in order. There is definitely a reason [00:36:30] to the order for sure. 

Jay: Let's check out the chat here. Let's see. Somebody's asking, "Did you book your videos? Just signed up with Dr. Scott for nine month health program. Can't wait." Oh, Luisa, "Welcome to coaching with Dr. Scott on my team. Super happy about that." Julie, "Am able to get back in." Great. [00:37:00] Nancy, "So my question is you mentioned Quicksilver. Are you familiar with Dr. Shade's detox box? If so, your thoughts." Yeah. It's not something that I use clinically, very familiar with it. 

Jay: Let's see. This is [Rizza 00:37:17]. "I've had an issue with phlegm in my throat for a long time. Also, smoother digestive issues like bloating, indigestion. I've been working with a functional medicine doctor and [00:37:30] had a stool test which came up negative for parasites," which don't put any weight into that. They all come up negative. Everybody has parasites. Now, if you really want to run a lab test and it depends on where this lab is from, but Diagnostic Solutions is the company and the test is called GI Map. That is a decent one. Probably maybe a little bit better would be Parawellness Research. That's Dr. Raphael D'Angelo. Now, I asked him, I'm like, "How often do you find [00:38:00] parasites?" because he does stool and urine that you send in. He said 90% of the time. I'm like, "So you're finding parasites in 90% of the people that send things in." I'm like let's just assume everybody's got it then because what if you're missing something? What if you can't see it in the stool or urine that was sent in? 

Jay: As she continues, "My diet is as clean as it can be and take supplements. It seems like I've tried it all, but still [00:38:30] the phlegm and digestive issues remain. What are you missing? Could it be caused from stress? Can a negative parasite test be wrong?" Yes, it can. Just for everybody on the line, be careful about saying, "I've tried it all," because if you say that, you're immediately saying, "Well, there's no solution. There's no answer and if I've tried it all," if you've really tried it all, then you'd had what? You'd get the result and if you don't have the result, that means that we're missing something. [00:39:00] Phlegm, parasites is a big piece of sinus issues and phlegm and then you also want to look at toxins, so I would recommend to parasite cleanse. Then just don't put a lot of weight into parasite testing. This is the thing, so you spend 200, 400, $600 on a lab test and it's like 600 bucks for a test. That's almost a couple months of a whole protocol, so I really like putting resources [00:39:30] toward a protocol versus just trying to run a ton of tests. 

Jay: "Can you address a step-by-step protocol for addressing leaky gut?" Susan. Yes. Actually the Microbe Formulas protocol is the solution. When you're looking at leaky gut, you're looking at parasites damaging the gut. You're looking at toxins like glyphosate. You're looking at motility-type issues. You're also looking at upstream toxicity issues that dump into the gut, so I would highly recommend the full protocol. [00:40:00] Most leaky gut protocols are just going to involve like how do you seal up the gut within the gut, but we're not moving upstream to anything that's actually systemic, meaning not moving up into what are the other chronic infections systemic, not just within the digestive tract? What are the toxins that are actually dumping into the gut that are continually causing the gut to have increased intestinal permeability, which is a little bit more of the scientific term. 

Jay: Somebody asked about giving me a [00:40:30] link to mimosa pudica. You probably saw Jonathan earlier, but if you just go to depressionanxietyseries.com/protocol and that's the page that you went to to get here, there's a link right there just between the two graphs for mimosa pudica. You can click that and it'll populate the 10% off codes, so whatever you want to order, it should put it in there. Just in case, you can always apply secrets2018, all one word, lowercase, secrets2018. [00:41:00] Hit apply and it'll be an extra 10% off just for being part of the depression and anxiety secrets with Jonathan here. 

Jay: Marcia Rizza, "How about using a neti pot?" Yeah, you could absolutely use a neti pot for sure like that. Something you can also try is a nasal spray for Argentyn 23. It's a hydrosol silver, kind of like a colloidal silver, sort of. Cat, "Not sure if my questions are getting through. I've been trying for more than an hour to do Facebook [00:41:30] login to post. Anyway, my question is about children. What is safe? What's most important? How do you get them to do it? Are allergy blood tests a good way to know what foods a person is sensitive to?" 

Jay: The big allergens that people are reacting to, dairy, wheat, which is gluten, and then the glyphosate contaminating the wheat, as well. You've got soy. You've got eggs. You've got various nuts [00:42:00] and seeds can be on that list. Those are usually the top allergens. Now, when you go down the list a little bit farther, I would say second tier could be oxalates. It could be thiels. It could be histamine-type foods, categories like salicylates, nightshades, those type of things. All right, [00:42:30] here. What's best for children depends on their age, so as far as when you're looking at the protocol, you want to look at the dosing that's on there is for a typical adult. 

Jay: If you are a smaller individual, if you are a more sensitive individual, you can actually dose less, which means the bottles will last you longer, but the dosing on there is for a typical adult. [00:43:00] Then if you are a 10-to-12-year-old, maybe around 100 pounds roughly and it depends. Don't just say age, but you also want to look at the child or teenager. Are they about the same weight and height and size as a typical X number of year old kid or are they bigger or smaller? You want to reference that, but a typical 10-to-12-year-old, you want to dose half, half the dosage of a normal adult. Then when you're [00:43:30] a four-to-five-year-old or maybe five-to-six-year-oldish, you're doing a quarter dose of an adult. 

Jay: Let me give you an example. Let's say mimosa pudica seed is two caps twice a day for an adult. A 10-to-12-year-old would take one cap twice a day. A five or six-year-old, like my daughter, would take a half a cap twice a day or up to, typically. With kids you can always start slow and low and it's really working with them as to what they'll take, [00:44:00] what they'll get into their system. 

Jay: Let's see. "Can you use the formulas while on depression and anxiety medication?" Yes. Just always keep medication and supplements at least two hours away. Andy is asking, "Would love to know if lithium orotate starts to work, does it take days, weeks, etc. to build up? My wife has severe PPD and is taking 5-HTP, taurine, MSM, CBD, frankincense. [00:44:30] Worried about interactions. I'm trying to help encourage her to stick with it for a while. She's getting desperate and the Xanax is around if she wants to go there. She's up and down, but the down days are horrible. She wants to avoid the baby and has negative thoughts about her."

Jay: Yeah. The lithium orotate, some people can notice it quickly. Other people don't notice anything or it takes a while. So does a nutrient that's really good for the brain. Might help, might not. [00:45:00] I wish I had more details other than hang in there. I get it. My wife nearly died after my daughter was born two months in. She couldn't function. She couldn't even walk. She couldn't heal. She couldn't breast feed anymore. Her body stopped making milk. It was a tough place. Looking back now, I'm so grateful for it because it's shaped our path and it shaped our life and it's allowed us to get better clarity. [00:45:30] It's allowed us ... Well, after she healed, our relationship was kind of a nuclear bomb, if you will. We were very friendly and living together, but we just weren't husband and wife, per se, so we had a lot of fixing to do from that. After all that, this is really the best it's ever been and it wouldn't have got there without all the chaos, so I always like to think of it as from mess to message, from pain to purpose, [00:46:00] from test to testimony. Of course, when you're in the "test" it never feels great. Just know as you get through it and come out of it, there is a person. There is a reason. 

Jay: "Where do you purchase the intestinal mover?" Microbeformulas.com there's a link right on the depressionanxietyseries.com/protocol. Just remember the 10% off code that you get just for participating. It's secrets, lowercase, [00:46:30] 2018. All one word, secrets2018 lowercase. 

Jay: "Is bouncing on a rebound and infrared sauna a good idea?" Yup. It's great for drainage, especially if your body can handle bouncing on a rebound or a trampoline. Heather asks, "How often do you need to detox heavy metals and parasites? Is a parasite detox something everyone should do if you think you don't have any?" Yes. My good friend, he co-hosted the Detox Project with me, he suffered from massive mercury [00:47:00] toxicity, never had amalgam mercury filling in his mouth, never had a vaccine in his history, and he had massive mercury toxicity from the environment. The thing is we share one environment, so what happens in one place of the world or the US and the other side vice versa affects us everywhere because we share one atmosphere. Right now, there's more toxins than have ever existed and because of that, that means that toxicity is a modern epidemic. Then because [00:47:30] of the fact I think there's over 80,000 different synthetic chemicals that have actually been produced and because of the toxicity epidemic, it's created an environment where we're really bombarded with parasites. 

Jay: Amy asks, "Is buzzing that runs constantly through the body a symptom of parasites or Lyme?" Lyme, especially neurologic. It could also be mold, too. "How long will the discount code [00:48:00] work for?" Probably at least the next couple months, probably the next month or two I would imagine. Yeah, Nicole wrote over the next six weeks. Thank you, Nicole. I was going to say it's at least a month, maybe even two, so definitely take advantage of that. 

Jay: Christine, "At what age should I start parasite cleansing on my kids? My kids are all under seven and none can swallow a cap, a pill? My oldest, six-year-old girl, is recovering from ASD and still has huge emotional control issues. [00:48:30] My five-year-old has anxiety and trouble focusing." I would just start with some mimosa pudica seed, just in a little bit of maple syrup. Open the capsule up, mix it in, and have them take it. Do that twice a day, if you can and if you can, 20 minutes before they eat. Sometimes it's hard with kids because it's like as soon as you go to the kitchen, "Dad, I'm hungry." Or you're like, "Hey, are you hungry?" "No." "Okay. Great. Let's take some mimosa pudica." Then because you asked if they're hungry, then they're like, "Oh, no. Now I'm hungry. I need food [00:49:00] immediately." 

Jay: "What can be done for myofascial?" Looks like Rick is asking. I like foam rolling for tight muscles. I like topical magnesium gel, as well, too. Other than that, I don't have a lot coming to my head for that. Julian, "I want to start the phases, but a side question I have [00:49:30] is I need soon to have a tooth extraction. I don't really want to take antibiotics for a week. What can I take? Side note, March, three months before my anxiety, dizziness came back, I had my first tooth extraction. It was amalgamated tooth. Hope that didn't cause my problems." Probably did. Most amalgam removals, especially improperly, will trigger a lot of anxiety, insomnia type things, which is why it's important to go to a biological dentist. There's a website called iaomt. [00:50:00] org, so iaomt.org. It stands for International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxocoloy.org. That has good references of trying to find something as a biological dentist. Now is everybody on that website perfectly amazing to work with? Probably not. But it's a good source or good tool and then as far as the antibiotics, I would just take Argentyn-23 instead of an antibiotic personally. But you have to make your own choice on what you want to do. So Argentyn- [00:50:30] 23, I like that along with, I mean, you can just be doing the protocol and then the week before and week after, you can just take the Argentyn-23. It'll fit right into the microbe formulas protocol. "I'm three months postpartum and having huge swings between anxiety and adrenal. Where should I start? I've struggled with PCOS." So polycystic ovarian syndrome is a [00:51:00] sign of parasites. So you definitely want to make sure you're doing parasites. "But I hadn't noticed any symptoms in two years, healthy foods, supplement changes. Is it possible I have a nutrient deficiency after birth?" Yeah, it's more possible though to have an immune system imbalance. 

Jay: So when you are pregnant right away, your TH1 and then it'll swing about 2/3 of the way through pregnancy into TH2 and then after birth, it'll swing back to TH1 and all you gotta know is that the immune system, different branches and that's really autoimmunity [00:51:30] will set in and get triggered and there's trauma too. So I would recommend the microbe formulas protocol for you before you start trying to pound a bunch of nutrients. [inaudible 00:51:47] "Will mimosa pudica take care of all types of parasites or are there different solutions for different parasites?" Great question. There are hundreds of species. So mimosa pudica will not take care of every single one optimally. It is probably [00:52:00] the best all around that we've ever found or that I've ever found clinically. But I do like to rotate between other parasite cleansers, especially as you get farther along in your journey. So that's why I'd always mix mimosa pudica seed with Formula One because you're getting a lot of different antiparasitics within that. Let's see here. Jerry, "I got bounced out." Hopefully, you're back in. "Are we gonna get a transcript?" 

Jay: I'm [00:52:30] not sure if there's transcripts of this call. "I have fatty liver after having taken a liver cleanse and daily milk thistle for past year, has gotten worse. Will this protocol resolve this?" Yeah, parasites will be big and then also toxins for fatty liver. Oh, I see. Nicole entered the coupon code in there, secrets2018, lowercase, all one word. "I put two raw, organic eggs in my protein shake. Should I stop doing that?" [00:53:00] If you're not sensitive to eggs, it should be fine. There's definitely people that believe that the most nutritious egg is the uncooked egg or the less cooked egg and that the more you cook the egg, the more you'll lose nutrients, like choline and things out of it, like the runny eggs, if you will. Julien, "Next tooth is a regular tooth. But I still have one more amalgamated tooth and the first extraction was amalgamated and breaking." [00:53:30] Yeah, well, if the tooth is breaking, it's probably spreading the toxins. "Are the questions in the Q&A section being looked at?" That's where I'm going to next. So let's switch over to those here. Let's see, go up to the top here. 

Jay: "Developed many food allergies and unable to eat [00:54:00] a vegan diet. Should I start with a keto and then transition? I have Hashimoto's and SIBO." Do what you can. If you're sensitive to foods, stay away from them and eat a diet that you feel like your body's not reacting to. Just remember, Hashimoto's autoimmune, thyroid, toxins, chronic infections, SIBO. Parasites is always causing SIBO. That was Amy or wait. [00:54:30] That was Kathleen. Amy's question: "Had gotten so bad that I couldn't function. I was on Wellbutrin for two and a half years, just added Zoloft. Ultimately, I want to get off all meds. My first question is is it safe to do the protocol?" Yes, you can do the protocol. Katie, "How can these protocols be safely implemented for children and since children are most resistant to difficult regimens?" Oh, I answered that. That was in the chat. "Will we have access to the transcript?" [00:55:00] I'm not sure. So I answered the kid side question. Maggie, "What product line are you describing? I'm a practitioner." So Maggie, reach out to microbeformulas.com. Just contact us and our team will help you, being a practitioner. Welcome. 

Jay: Mary, "I have [00:55:30] mild anxiety and occasional bouts of depression, but it's more situational. An argument throws me into a tailspin. I get so angry and short tempered with my kids, especially during PMS." That's definitely parasites that trigger really bad hormonal cycles. "I also have a mild period a week before the really period. My period has been extremely heavy since I had kids." Heavy metals, usually parasites, usually parasites. They love the reproductive system, the bladder, the ovaries, [00:56:00] the uterus and typically will cause those deathly painful period, curl you over type. "My adult son has type 1 diabetes and a ton of health issues and doctors haven't been able to help him. I personally think they're making him worse. Is the microbe formula's protocol safe for a type 1 diabetic?" Yes, yup, autoimmune. "And does he need to take all of it? I'd like to help him ASAP. I can't afford [00:56:30] it all right now." Do what you can. So you want to look at the drainage pathways. Support as much as you can. 

Jay: But you want to move into the mimosa pudica seen in Formula One is really Leah or you want to start after you know the drainage pathways are gonna get some support and definitely make sure to take bioactive carbon foundation that does viruses and retroviruses and with type 1 diabetes, it's an autoimmune [00:57:00] component and infection is a big piece with that. AB, "I use all the microbe formulas except [metcam 00:57:06]. I had my root canal teeth removed. I'm still struggling with random infections right now. I have neurological finger pain. In general, I've some mild sensitivity to the liver, kidney, lymph. How do I get rid of parasites in my feet? I feel them moving. Sometimes I have problems sleeping. I'll wake up for no reason. I just placed a reorder. Thank you." [00:57:30] Well, dealing with parasites, mimosa pudica and Formula One will affect it systemically. So you just want to make sure you're supporting drainage, especially if you have sensitivity to liver, kidney and lymph drainage because what that's doing is when you support that, it's moving pathogens and the more that's clogged up, the less likely you'll be able to clear that out. 

Jay: So I would absolutely continue and you can consider doing some foot soaks, getting a foot massage [00:58:00] and really trying to stir that up. But make sure to be supporting lymph, liver and make you're you're pooping enough, especially with the sensitivities you have. Usually it's a sign that needs more attention. Mary, "I want to use the microbe but finances, I can afford about 100 a month. Where should I start?" So I would start with the kidney, liver detox and intestine remove unless your bowels move great and you poop two to three times a day without it. Then I would do the bioactive [00:58:30] carbon foundation and the kidney, liver detox. Then I would move into mimosa pudica and Formula One and stay on that and if you could stretch anything, then the bioactive carbon foundation with the mimosa pudica Formula One is really powerful. The biotox is amazing too, but for sure, the Formula One and mimosa pudica. "Can you use the formulas with depression [00:59:00] and anxiety meds?" Yup, just keep two hours away from supplements. "What is the difference between using [inaudible 00:59:07] and coffee enemas?" I said that earlier. 

Jay: "Also, how do you know when your worms versus something that should pass. I've seen some crazy images." If you're passing them, it's a sign that your body wants to get rid of them. So that's a little bit more of a longer question because that's looking into biofilm. That's looking into rope worm. That's looking into [00:59:30] MALT, Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue. The thing I've noticed with the mimosa pudica seed is it's never stripped too much out of anybody. I haven't seen that at all in all the people that have used it. Sarah says, "What is the best way to test for heavy metals?" Answered that already. "My husband is going in doing ECT treatments for the second round at 11 in December, now going for 12. After listening to all the lectures, I feel it will not work, since he needs [01:00:00] to detox and remove inflammation. What do you think?" You gotta get to the source. You gotta get to the source. Chronic infection and toxicity, I would agree with that. JB, "Did you ever make a digital program for coffee enema? Is it ready to purchase?" Yes, it is, actually. Let's see. 

Jay: Maybe I can put this in the chat. It is ultimatecoffeeenema.com. So [01:00:30] ultimatecoffeeenema.com is a whole course on how to optimize and do coffee enemas while I'm in the kitchen, I'm in the bathroom. I have clothes on. But I'm showing you exactly how I set it up, why, all those things. So coffee enemas can be uncomfortable but can be very easy and super beneficial. As I'm going on I don't know even know how many hours today strong with all these different calls and meetings. So it's ultimatecoffeeenema.com [01:01:00] and it just went live actually recently just in the last week or two. "Do you recommend any physicians, homeopathic doctors to see one on one? If so, yes, from Wisconsin." Depends on what you're looking for, Sarah. The nice thing today now is for what you have going on individually, [01:01:30] and then also looking at your learning style and your personality, you can find the right person and a lot of practitioners work virtually where you can do it over the phone or over video and not just be limited by location. But as far as Wisconsin, it also depends on the area. Wisconsin's really big. 

Jay: Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, which is up more closer to the Minneapolis type side. So if you want to give me a little [01:02:00] more details there. "Biotox got rid of migraines," JB. Thanks for commenting on that giving feedback. So the bioactive carbon biotox is for mold, ammonia, fungus, candida, it really increases oxygenation. So it's great to hear that. We don't like anybody suffering from headaches and migraines. Heather, "What suggestions do you have to help left and right brain interaction?" Jumping [01:02:30] jacks. The lateral movement here, so everything that we do is the forward plane, right? Your walking and running and your moving. Very few things that we do are actually lateral. So I would recommend jumping jacks. "I have a son that has great left brain function. But interaction on the right is minimal." That is a great question. Yeah, jumping jacks. Love those. Heather, "Will Formula One be sufficient for all [01:03:00] parasite cleansing or do you need to add more formulas to get rid of them?" Mimosa pudica seed and Formula One are probably the best one two combination that I found clinically. Obviously, I'm bias as well too for that. 

Jay: But you can add other things in there, like diatomaceous earth. I do like rotating it up. But remember, some people need to parasite cleanse for a long time. They have so many critters within them and that's where ... The [01:03:30] more stuff you have, then the more you want to stay on it rotate. But the protocol is the best place to absolutely start. We've got a Formula Two that's gonna be coming out hopefully sooner than later that we've been working with behind the scenes for quite awhile and testing out and seeing some great things with that. Sarah, "Can you describe what burbur pinella does. I could only get the burbur and pinella in separate bottles. What ratio should [01:04:00] I use them?" Yeah, I always get them in separate bottles because not everybody actually test for both of them. So burbur clears lymph. Pinella clears brain and I just 10 drops and a little bit of water two to three times a day. So they're drainage tools by Nutramedix is the company. 

Jay: LGK10, "I just had stem cell injection in my knee this evening. My doctor told me not to take any NSAIDs or anything that could prevent an immune reaction. I'm doing the whole detox protocol and into 45 [01:04:30] days. Is there anything I shouldn't take at this time?" So that's something to run by your doctor. With stem cells, yeah, it becomes really tricky. You don't want to do a lot of stuff because you want your immune system to really run the show. Yeah, that's gotta be one you have to ask your doc about, as far as parasite cleansing. [01:05:00] So mimosa pudica seed, Formula One with the herbs would be immune. Bioactive carbon foundation with the viral, if there's any two to look at for immune system that might need to pause on for the stem cell, and it depends too. A lot of the stem cell, I hear, after you have them, it's pretty much six months with not much anything. [01:05:30] So it's quite a change with that. But bioactive carbon foundation and Formula One would maybe be the two that I would ask your doctor about. 

Jay: Jerry, "I got bounced out. If you answered this, I had fatty liver, taken liver cleanse and daily milk thistle for past year. I've gotten worse. Will the protocol resolve?" It will absolutely help for sure. Parasites and toxins helps fatty liver and then also [01:06:00] look into, Jerry, also look into for fatty liver fasting, whether it's block fasting, daily intermittent fasting. Fasting will also allow to help clear that fatty liver out. But I love the protocol for that.

Jay: Mickey, "Hello. Thank you for your efforts in natural health. I had gallbladder out one and a half years, a month later, a cell from my breast. So my body was weak. About a year later, [01:06:30] my mom died from her battle with cancer. Trying to prevent same thing. I cleanse body, blessed herb system three times and one and a half years, lost 50 pounds in process. I do as much research on natural health as I can always apply new things. I had fibromyalgia. My main concern is every time I eat, about 80% I get burning right where I had gallbladder surgery. In [01:07:00] no relation to what I eat, i otherwise feeling really good, exercising regularly, try to remove ... No heartburn. Antacid no help." Oh, no medicine. So a lot of the times the reason the gallbladder needs to be removed is parasite issues and then also toxins and just getting the gallbladder out doesn't mean that [01:07:30] any of the toxins leave and any of the parasites necessarily leave because it's kind of a side symptom. It's possible that there could be some surgical issue with the incision. So I mean, that is a possibility.

Jay: I would consider that. You're taking a lot of good stuff. If you haven't parasite cleansed, I would do that. Make sure when you're taking meals, [01:08:00] take the kidney, liver detox or you could just take some ox bile with your meals or you could take some tudca with your meals as well. So just a couple more questions here and then I gotta get going to bed. It's almost 11:00 my time. Julie, "My 21 year old daughter has been diagnosed with IC endometriosis, pelvic congestion syndrome and large cysts. She's struggling, but addressing issues [01:08:30] with diet. I want her to take a Lyme test. I've heard [inaudible 01:08:33] is the best. I want to rule out looking for functional medicine doctor in San Diego." Oh, wow. So IC and endometriosis parasites, Lyme could absolutely be part of it. I would recommend DNA Connections out of Colorado. It's not 100% though, but it's also a $500 test. So I do like working one on one with a practitioner. That's in our [01:09:00] wheel house. So you can work with either Dr. Nick or Dr. Scott on my team and they can guide you. 

Jay: I used to live in San Diego. I don't anymore. I don't know anybody in San Diego that I would recommend. Yeah, the IC, the interstitial cystitis, the pain there, parasites, parasites, parasites, pelvic [01:09:30] condition syndrome. But Lyme can be part of it. Remember, Lyme comes last, though. So parasites, heavy metals, then Lyme and the chronic infection. "Any ideas for very strong, salty taste in the mouth 24 hours a day, every day?" Hm, salty of the mouth. I just love these live Q&A's. So many questions and I don't [01:10:00] know the salty of the mouth. Salty in the mouth. I don't know. "What's the best way to detox Valium? Can you detox from mold at the same time?" Yup, so just take bioactive carbon metcam. That's the heavy metal chelator that'll pull out Valium and then for mold, bioactive carbon biotox. Make sure to parasite cleanse before though because mold spores live in parasites and heavy metals are stored in parasites. [01:10:30] I'm forgetting to mention people's names here. Nancy, "I'm focused on having my amalgams removed. Should I hold off?" 

Jay: Oh, I think I answered that earlier and in case I didn't, you want to do drainage at least 30 days before you have your amalgams removed, which means you want [01:11:00] to do phase one minimum 30 days before your amalgams removed. If you have amalgams removed, make sure it's a biological dentist that protects you. Basically, make you give at least 30 days into phase one and then anywhere between then and being into phase two, you can absolutely have those removed as really great timing. "What is the best way to open up the bile duct if you can't do a coffee enema?" The [01:11:30] kidney, liver detox is great. Tudca is a great tool. There's other bile softeners out there, like Stone Breaker from Herb Farm, physical pressure, massage of the abdomen, infrared heating pad over the liver bile duct, castor oil packing with the infrared heating pad. So there's lots of tools. I've got a couple of books on it kind of covering more drainage things. There's a lot, lot to it. But those are great, great things. [01:12:00] So let's do two more here. I apologize for not getting to every single question. 

Jay: I feel like I made it through a ton of them. But, "What do you think about weighted blankets?" I like those. I like them, Julien. Allison, "What are your thoughts on addictive personalities and parasites and/or pathogens?" So there's definitely just who you are as a person and tendencies. But we know that parasites [01:12:30] alter personalities and habits. So I believe that there is a big link with that. But it is ... I mean, people are just different in general. Zenya, all right, last question here. "I wake up with a bad headache every day. What can I do to support brain drainage?" So do the whole funnel, right? So do all phase one, colon, intestine remover, kidney, liver detox, liver bile duct and kidneys, lymphatic detox, the lymphatic system. All three of those have to be moving [01:13:00] for brain drainage. Then you want to optimize sleep, make sure you're getting deep sleep. That's where you can go after and get a melatonin type thing. You can do inclined bed therapy. You can put some frankincense on the temples forehead area. Frankincense is a great brain drainer. 

Jay: If you needed to, you could also take some pinella from Nutramedix, which somebody mentioned. Pinella is P-I-N-E-L-L-A by Nutramedix. That's a good brain drainer as well to push that and as always, appreciate everybody [01:13:30] for being on here. I was really excited to help support Jonathan Otto in this and I would imagine I'll be on another live Q&A [inaudible 01:13:39] doctors. Dr. Todd Watts is brilliant. If you didn't get your question answered, please jump on the future ones and post them in here. I know Jonathan's heart is huge. He just wants to help. So Jonathan, you have a great night as well. I'll stop the recording and we will see y'all.