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How can you tell if your body needs a detox?


Well, everybody – sick or well – needs to detoxify on a regular basis.


Just consider how you feel when you’ve been working hard for a long time. You feel mentally and physically worn down. Eventually, you come to a point where you know you need to take a mental and physical break (like a vacation). From time to time, we all need some time to relax, reset, and restore ourselves so we can go back and enjoy a normal, happy, energetic life again.


Your  body operates much the same way.


No matter how healthy your diet or lifestyle may be, your body is challenged every single day by an accumulation of toxins, waste products, and even parasites that bog down your liver and kidneys, and clog up our colon. If you give your organs a detoxification protocol on a regular basis, this takes the pressure off them, much like a vacation does.


But let’s break it down a bit more, and look at some specifics.


Here are 10 tell-tale signs your body is literally begging you for a detox:


1. You have an existing health issue. It could be a mood disorder like depression or anxiety, an autoimmune problem, joint pain, or any chronic disease fueled by unhealthy high levels of inflammation.


2. You’ve been following a health protocol for your issue, and you’re just not getting the recovery you expected. Oftentimes, this could mean you have a hidden parasitic infection that is holding back your recovery.


3. You feel fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking in energy.


4. You have skin breakouts, rashes, eczema, or a dull or blotchy complexion. (Did you realize your skin is actually an organ of detoxification?)


5. You seem to pick up colds or viruses easily.


6. You’re taking any kind of prescribed medication.


7. Your digestion is problematic, you have gas, heartburn, constipation, or other GI issues.


8. You are carrying around more weight than you should.


9. You tend to make unhealthy food choices, eat a lot of sugar, or need caffeine to get through the day.


10.  You get that foggy brain feeling, memory lapses, or a lack of mental clarity.


Once you’ve established the need for detoxification, how should you go about doing it?


Your body has multiple organs that work hard to support your natural detoxification processes, including your liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lymphatic system, and others.


And because we have multiple avenues of detoxification, we need a multi-pronged approach to achieve a successful detox. An effective detoxification program requires focusing on three key actions: removing toxins, eliminating parasites, and cleansing the colon.




Over time, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, toxic chemicals and heavy metals will accumulate in your organs and tissues.


Heavy metals include such things as mercury from fish and dental fillings, lead from pipes and paint, cadmium in furniture and household products, and many others. Additionally, we’re all exposed to herbicides, pesticides, air pollution, food additives, and chemicals in thousands of products we use.


It’s impossible to completely avoid these exposures, which can lead to many non-specific symptoms — brain fog, headaches, fatigue, mood changes, and others.

Fortunately, you can help reduce your body’s toxic overload by using nutrients that help remove these accumulated toxins and heavy metals.


Here are a few key supplements that detox experts recommend:


Silymarin. This powerful herb (actually the milk thistle plant) helps detoxify the liver. It’s also an antioxidant, so it helps scavenge free radicals that damage your cells and DNA.


Humic and Fulvic Acid Powder. Due to decades of soil nutrient depletion, we don’t get the minerals we need today. These bioactive compounds are deep earth or ancient mineral substances that help chelate or bond with toxins and heavy metals to remove them from the body.


Uva Ursi Leaf Powder. Also known as bearberry, this plant nutrient has been used traditionally to support liver and kidney health.


Cordyceps Mushroom. This medicinal mushroom has been used for centuries for its anti-aging and general health promotion benefits. When it comes to detox, cordyceps promotes the excretion of toxins via the kidneys. It also offers support for immune health.


Rhodiola Rosea. This is an adaptogenic herb used in traditional healing to detoxify the body, increase energy, and offer antioxidant protection. If you aren’t familiar with adaptogens, they are unique healing plants that help you respond to any type of stressor by bringing the body back to balance.




Even the government’s Centers for Disease Control admits that millions of Americans live with intestinal parasites and don’t even know it. That’s because symptoms of parasitic infection are often vague. They range from digestive problems to fatigue, from skin rashes or eczema to sleep problems.


There are a number of ways you can contract these nasty invaders: food, water, pets, soil, bug bites, and contact with infected people.


Once you contract them, they feed on the foods you eat, the supplements you take, and even your energy. Parasites release toxins into your bloodstream after they feed, as well as when they die.


Here are several supplements that can be useful  as part of an effective detox protocol to help you eliminate parasites from your body:


Mimosa pudica. This plant is well-known for its parasite-fighting properties. It works its way through your intestinal walls, pulling out parasites, toxins, heavy metals, biofilms, and other unwanted elements to provide immune and digestive support.


Black walnut hull powder. This nut has been used since ancient times for its health properties. Black walnut contains a compound called juglone, which has been shown to be effective at expelling parasites from the body.


Wormwood herb powder. This natural herb contains compounds such as artemisinin, that help cleanse the body of harmful organisms such as parasites. It also supports liver and digestive health.


Triphala powder. This staple of Ayurvedic healing nourishes the digestive tract, supports colon cleansing and detoxification, supports a healthy inflammatory response, and provides antioxidant benefits.


Neem leaf powder. This is another Ayurvedic healing nutrient that supports parasite removal, detoxification, immune function, gastrointestinal health, and liver and skin health.




No detox protocol is complete without ridding the body of all the wastes that clog the colon and cause constipation, bloating, and immune dysfunction.


According to the National Institutes of Health, constipation affects about 16% of Americans. And it gets worse. By age 60+, 33% of adults suffer from symptoms of constipation.


We’ve found a number of nutrients that help cleanse the colon of their accumulated wastes:


Goldenseal root. This herbal remedy contains berberine and other substances that support gastrointestinal health and provide relief of bloating, cramping, and constipation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Bentonite. This is a special type of clay that helps remove toxins and accumulated fecal matter in the colon.


Cascara sagrada bark. Its name translates to “sacred bark.” Cascara sagrada is a well-known digestive aid and tonic for constipation.


Aloe vera leaf. Aloe vera has been used for centuries to cleanse the colon and help relieve constipation. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.


Buckthorn bark. Buckthorn contains compounds called anthraquinones, which help ease constipation. It has been used traditionally as a digestive tonic.


Now you know some important facts about the effects of toxic overload: how you get it, and the 3 key steps you can take on a regular basis to take the pressure off your overworked organs of detoxification.


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