I just had the chance to sit down for a chat with my friends Ty and Charlene Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer about their latest project.


If you’re not familiar with folks at The Truth About Cancer, they’ve made it their mission to help wipe out the pandemic of cancer in our modern world, which is responsible for about 1 in 6 deaths globally.


Ty and his team recently traveled through seven Asian countries in seven days to interview doctors and specialists in Eastern medicine about new and exciting natural methods they’re using to prevent, treat, and defeat cancer.


One of the doctors Ty interviewed was Osamu Mizukami, M.D., Ph.D., a leading pioneer in nutritionally-based medicine in Japan.


Dr. Mizukami, who is also an oncologist, shared with the team how propolis can be used as a natural cancer treatment.


Propolis is the “caulk” or “bee glue” honeybees use to seal up holes in their hives and defend against invaders. Bees also use propolis to disinfect the hive against bacteria and viruses.


Since ancient times, bee products — including propolis — have been used to treat dozens of health conditions. But now, research is confirming the ability of propolis to slow tumor growth by killing cancer cells.


According to a review in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, researchers believe propolis works by inducing apoptosis in certain cancer cells.


Apoptosis is a fancy word for a process of programmed cell death, in which abnormal or worn out cells can be destroyed without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area. Usually, the process of apoptosis is blocked in cancer cells, which helps explain why they’re able to proliferate the way they do.


The use of propolis in treating cancer is just one of many innovative natural treatments you will hear about in The Truth About Cancer’s upcoming new 7-episode documentary series Eastern Medicine: Journey through ASIA.


You’ll see interviews with dozens of cancer conquerors and be exposed to over 140 protocols for diagnosing and healing many types of cancer!


Make sure you watch the video below of my discussion with Ty and Charlene Bollinger about the new cancer treatments they found in Asia.


And don’t forget to reserve your spot to see their new docu-series, which begins on April 3rd. I’ll be watching it, and I hope you’ll join me for this epic event.


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