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During our recent live Q&A session with Dr. Nuzum, I had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary woman. Not only was Dianna’s story inspiring, but she herself was an inspiration in how she persevered for decades to heal her debilitating diseases — the ones doctors told her were “incurable.”


Dianna’s chronic health issues began in 1988. After being on life support from Guillain-Barre syndrome, she woke up to find herself paralyzed. Miraculously, she managed to heal from that rare disorder but was left with another life-altering condition: narcolepsy.


Narcolepsy is a devastating neurological disorder that causes sufferers to suddenly, uncontrollably, without warning simply fall asleep — wherever they are, whatever they are doing at ANY time of day.


It took Dianna 10 years to get all her chronic ailments properly diagnosed. On top of the narcolepsy, doctors put her on anti-anxiety medications out of fear she would once again become paralyzed.


As if all that wasn’t enough, she was told she had:


  • A failing thyroid gland


  • Cataplexy — a condition that causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse while remaining fully conscious


  • And a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis!


Through it all, she knew she could find natural solutions to heal her body. She even prayed about it and feels she was guided towards becoming vegetarian. She’d be the first to tell you she was “told” to become vegetarian three times before she did!


That was a big change for her. In Dianna’s words, “I did it and I got off of seven medications, and I healed everything but the narcolepsy.


How amazing is that?! But there is more...


As so many of us do, she found herself going back to her old ways. Gradually, her unhealthy eating habits crept back in. The narcolepsy persisted.


Along the way, Dianna got married. Her husband’s health was not the greatest, either — he had psoriasis and bad acid reflux. Eventually, she decided they both needed to become vegetarians, and he agreed. His acid reflux disappeared right away! 


While Dianna was able to maintain her plant-based diet, her husband went back to eating meat and a lot of junk food. She believes this is what contributed to him later developing painful psoriatic arthritis, on top of his psoriasis. 


Her husband’s health had deteriorated so much that he had lesions all over his body — what Dianna described as awful, raw sores.


Plus, he was in a lot of pain. He found it hard to move, and his hands wouldn’t close —  devastating for a man who works with his hands.


On top of it all, neither of them was sleeping well. Their energy levels were very low.


The tipping point came when Dianna’s husband’s doctors decided to put him on extremely potent injections — with a long list of severe side effects.


They knew there had to be a better way.


What Dianna and her husband did next led to their remarkable health transformation...


They began by going fully vegan. That made an immediate difference for both her and her husband.


But this next step was the true game changer…


A month ago, Dianna purchased the Autoimmune Secrets program. She told me what a valuable, life-saving resource this was for them. They enjoyed the healthy, delicious recipes, fine-tuned their diet, and added as much healing nutrition as possible.  


Dianna’s husband was feeling better — his pain and lesions had diminished, and they were both sleeping better.


But Dianna knew there was a missing piece of the puzzle she had yet to find...


A week and a half before I met her, Dianna and her husband started using the Ultimate Detox Bundle, which includes three potent formulas: a powerful colon cleanse, detox formula, and a parasite eliminator.


She told me the results were REMARKABLE.


“We're just feeling amazing this last week. We're feeling very strong and got a lot of energy.”

Even better news…

“It's (psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis) just gone. And he's able to move his hands — his hands close. And he's just feeling super energetic, where our sleep has gotten better. He says he's slept the best he's ever slept in his life...”


Looking back, Dianna realized her husband may have been battling parasites his whole life. He grew up in Saint Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Carribean. She began to wonder if his mother and sisters had also been dealing with parasites, contributing to familiar health problems. 


It suddenly made sense to Dianna that there might also be toxins or un-expelled waste products in their intestines that were preventing them from fully ABSORBING the nutrients from all the healthy plant-based foods they were now consuming…

And stopping their bodies’ natural healing process. A “toxic barrier” if you will. 


You may remember that my wife, Lori, suffered from chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, depression, anxiety, rashes, brain fog, blood sugar and digestive issues (and more) for DECADES before she did a parasite cleanse and detox.


Lori experienced miraculous healing by ridding her body of toxins and parasites, and resetting her gut for optimal health... 


It warmed my heart greatly to hear Dianna’s experience directly. I was especially touched when she said, “I feel empowered to reclaim our health, definitely. And I think that we're on the right road. I want to continue to learn and I thank you for these products…” 


The real beauty of that statement for me is that word “empowered”. And that’s where Dianna deserves credit — through all her challenges she never lost hope that she could find a way to heal. She educated herself and took action, which is what I invite everyone reading this to do.


Her experience reminds us that we don’t have to rely on the information and medications given to us, and just passively live in continued pain and suffering.


Dianna didn’t know for sure they had parasites or toxins (testing is often unreliable and inconclusive)... 


But she knew it was possible, so she trusted her gut (so to speak) and took action. 


As a result, she was able to help herself and her beloved husband, in a VERY short time!


What about you?


Are you ready for a healing turnaround like Dianna’s? 


Dianna was inspired by Lori’s dramatic healing and took the same approach.


The three products in our Well of Life Ultimate Detox Bundle, the Colon Cleanse, ToxiBinder and ParaPurify are designed to restore gut health and digestive performance. 


The power of these doctor-formulated products comes from their potent natural ingredients that include:


  • Aloe vera leaf: Used for centuries to cleanse the colon and help relieve occasional constipation


  • Cascara sagrada bark: Well known as a digestive aid and tonic for constipation


  • Rhubarb root: Herb that promotes regular bowel movements


  • Gentian root: Ancient herb used as a digestive aid


  • Goldenseal root: Herbal remedy used for centuries. Contains berberine and other substances that support gastrointestinal health and provide relief of bloating, cramping, and constipation


  • Buckthorn bark: Contains compounds called anthraquinones, which help ease constipation


  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: Probiotic bacteria that promotes immune and gut health


  • Oat: Provides fiber to aid in digestion and helps cleanse the colon


  • Alfalfa leaf: Contains digestive enzymes that assist digestion and reduce gas.The potassium found in alfalfa helps relieve constipation.


  • Psyllium husk: A natural, soluble plant fiber that gives bulk to the stool.


  • Bentonite: A type of clay that helps remove toxins and accumulated fecal matter in the colon.


One ingredient in the ToxiBinder and ParaPurify stands out — fulvics (humic and fulvic acids).

These natural substances found in the earth help you detox your body from heavy metals, which come from a myriad of everyday sources.

Fulvics support the detox process by helping your body rid itself of free radicals. In fact, scientists call them “free radical scavengers” due to their powerful detoxifying enzymes called, superoxide dismutases.

Fulvics can also prevent and reverse free radical damage so often associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


AND… they help your body absorb nutrients, even telling your cells which minerals to absorb for cell balance.

Among the many other health benefits of fulvics — they help your body absorb silica, an essential trace mineral that is notoriously hard for your body to absorb. Fulvics dissolve silica, boosting your absorption.

In addition, fulvics support a healthy microbiome and prevent gut permeability.

Another standout ingredient in ParaPurify is Mimosa pudica...

This plant actually paralyzes parasites, so your body can purge them. In fact two separate studies concluded that mimosa pudica is as effective as the leading anti-parasite medication.

After considering their dietary options, Dianna and her husband chose a vegan diet. While we advocate a low to no animal protein diet, the best thing about the Ultimate Detox Bundle is that it is diet neutral.

That means that whatever healthy diet you choose, you can achieve great results.

The Colon Cleanse becomes especially important If you are choosing to eat animal protein…

One of its prime ingredients, aloe vera leaf, acts as an anti-inflammatory, promotes gut healing, helps curb overgrowth of fungi and bacteria, has laxative properties, increases intestinal water content (thereby supporting healthy elimination), offers antioxidant properties, and strengthens the immune system.


Yes, it’s a very powerful plant!

But it’s the combination of potent ingredients in the Ultimate Detox Bundle that helped Dianna and her husband heal their bodies naturally...after decades of suffering from numerous chronic and painful conditions...

And like Dianna, I know first hand how hard it can be to believe or even DREAM you CAN get better, especially if nothing is working, despite doing ‘everything right’.

If you are reading this, I’m confident you have become empowered to find the answers and healing solutions for yourself.

And we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Like Dianna, discover the Ultimate Detox Bundle and empower YOUR healing efforts by ridding YOUR body of toxins and parasites, and start restoring your colon and digestive health TODAY




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