Recently, I was able to sit down for a fascinating talk with author, speaker, and “food revolutionary” Ocean Robbins along with leading medical experts.


On our plate (so to speak) was a great discussion of the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric.


People in India get a lot of turmeric in curry, a traditional staple of their diet. Not coincidentally, they also get a lot less Alzheimer’s.


In fact, researchers report in the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology that people in India aged 70 to 79 get 4.4X less Alzheimer’s disease than those the same age in the U.S.


However, there’s a major pitfall to using curcumin.


Make sure you watch the short video of my discussion with Ocean Robbins & our doctor experts to see the one essential substance you must eat together with curcumin if you want to enjoy the numerous health benefits of this miraculous spice.