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According to the Functional Medicine University, leaky gut syndrome accounts for at least 50% of chronic disease. There are several components that create this phenomenon. 


One aspect is the inflammation of the gut lining, which can alter the tight junctions in the gut wall. 


Another layer to this issue concerns the protective barrier the microbiome creates for the intestinal wall. This barrier aids in keeping undigested proteins and food particles within the digestive tract, during the process of digestion. 


However, damage to the microbiome breaks down this layer of protection, which in turn opens up the lining of the gut to become inflamed and alters the tight junctions, causing them to allow food particles and proteins to pass through into the rest of the body. 


This dysfunctional mechanism has been found to be a catalyst for many autoimmune diseases. 


But, research indicates there is another, lesser-known aspect of this process. 


Unfortunately, many have overlooked this vital link. 


According to a study in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Pathophysiology, “altered molecular signaling influences lymphatic function in organs of the GI system”. They also found that “Innate errors in lymphatic development frequently disturb GI functioning and physiology.” 


The study showed that there is a clear correlation between lymphatic function and the health of the GI tract. They found that the destruction or dysregulation of GI lymphatics appears to exacerbate GI disease. 


This is because, when the lymphatic system is not draining properly and is congested with undigested proteins, it can end up releasing these into the bloodstream, which would have the same effect as leaky gut.


There have also been research studies published in the journal Acta Neuropathologica showing lymphatic drainage to be essential for brain health


It was found that the lymphatic system provides a pathway for draining fluids and toxins from the brain that could cause damage if halted. This led to a possible connection between lymphatic health and brain disorders. 


Research is showing that if the lymphatic system becomes congested or damaged and cannot drain properly, this can create an unhealthy neurological environment, which can lead to problems such as multiple sclerosis, encephalomyelitis, and dementia.


To add to that, another study done by Dr. Edwin Deitch, concluded that “gut-derived factors contained primarily in the mesenteric lymph...contributed to distant organ injury”. Meaning “the mesenteric lymph, not the portal vein plasma... activates neutrophils, which increases endothelial cell monolayer permeability and can even cause endothelial cell death” according to the study. 


A further study published online in the World Journal of Gastroenterology found a correlation between endothelial cell dysfunction and inflammatory bowel disease. 


As you can see, science is continuing to discover a greater and greater correlation between gut health, lymphatic health, and the health of all the organs in the body. Considering that the lymphatic system is an integral component of various body systems, this makes perfect sense.


This is why gut renewal and lymphatic drainage are absolutely essential components for detoxifying the body’s systems and making sure your immune system is functioning properly. 


The more science uncovers the ways these systems within the body are intimately interconnected, the more we can see that we must address all of them together in order to produce truly great and revitalizing results.


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